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Interview with Kinard Barnett

Barnett, Kinard
Bowden, Ebony
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places; Childhood adventures
Kinard Barnett talks about sports and other activities he enjoys.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Ebony Bowden interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
EB (Ebony Bowden): Kinard, uh, how old are you?
KB (Kinard Barnett): 16.
EB: Where are you from?
KB: I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina.
EB: And what school do you go to?
KB: I go to a school called Richard Christian Center and, uh, Basketball Institution. [Background laughter]
EB: Can you tell me anything about your life or anything significant about your past?
KB: It all started back in 1986, uh, January 26th I came into this world. It was Super, Super Bowl day for the Chicago Bears. They were victorious and, um, from a youth, I've played the sport by the name of basketball. [Background laughter]
KB: And, uh, since then I've, if you will, say fell in love with the game and, uh, it's been my main objective in life to become a better basketball player.
EB: Hmm.
KB: I've had, uh, many problems in life that are, uh, associated with basketball. [Background laughter] There is various types, uh, including injuries including, uh, fights, not with other teammates. Most of the fights that I been involved with basketball have 99.9 percent been involved with, uh, siblings. Younger Kinard, uh, used to-. [Background laughter] -Used to fight his brother, his brother in basketball, but as his game became better he was able to defeat his sibling. [Laughter] He matured in that aspect. Kinard has a motto that he has set for his life and that is never be a good loser [laughter]. The reason why I set that motto in my life is because I don't want to be a good loser 'cause there's no such thing, people says that I'm a, I'm a sore loser. Well, maybe I am. Gee, but see the way I'm going to cope with that is, I win. If I win, I won't have to deal with losing. It may sound crazy but hey, I might be crazy. Ask me a question.
EB: Oh. Can you tell me anything else other than basketball that you enjoy doing, or participating in?
KB: Really no, but I'll try.
EB: What's something that you value in life?
KB: Uh. [Pause] I like, uh. [Long pause] [Laughter] Participating in, uh, drama related activities, uh, in 19, excuse me, 2002 I received a drama award. Due to that award, I've, uh, realized that maybe I do have some skill, if you will in, uh, drama. So, that's one thing I like, but other sports, um, just how many of the sports, I enjoy football, but I'm basically narrow-minded in, uh, the sport arena.
EB: Um, could you give me any memory from your childhood, anything that you'd like to share with us today?
KB: Well, there's a lot of memories from my childhood, if you know what I mean. [Background laughter]
EB: Anything that happened in school in particular you'd like to talk about? How are your teachers at school?
KB: Well, I have also another motto that I like to keep, uh, I don't like talking about school unless I'm at school. So I'm going to disregard that question. [Laughter] And I'll go back to the previous one about the childhood. Uh, as a child I had a older brother who I don't know if he had his head on straight, and, uh, he used to, he used to have me doing things that really I risked my life. And, uh-. [Background laughter] Uh, on one incident, uh, for some reason, some weird reason, uh, he wanted to take me on a roof. So we was on top of the house for, for the heck of it you know and we were just standing on the top of the house. [Laughter] And then it was time to go and so he jumped down from the house and, uh, I was about to proceed jumping from the house, but the guy wouldn't let me jump down, jump down from the house. So, if you know what a pine tree is, then you'll feel my agony. My brother, um, forced me to slide down a pine tree, had a couple a cuts and bruises and I began to weep.
EB: [Laughter]
KB: But all in all, all in all he, uh, instilled some good things into my life, which enabled me to, uh, deal with certain aspects if you will, of life.
EB: Thank you, uh, Mr. Kinard Barnett. Thanks.