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Interview with Stephanie Benston

Benston, Stephanie
Sinnett, Julia
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Relationships with People and Places; Childhood Adventures; Stories and Storytellers
Stephanie Benston talks about a time when she was a child with a virus and the family goats broke into the kitchen while her mother was cooking her mashed potatoes.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Julia Sinnett interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
SB (Stephanie Benston): Hi. I'm Stephanie Benston and I grew up in Honea Path, South Carolina, way out in the country. And, uh, we always had a lot of animals when I was growing up, and at one point we had two baby goats. And, uh, my mother liked to let them into the house, which she did a lot with wild animals and animals that shouldn't have been in the house. And, so she would let them in the back door and they would come into our, uh, back porch, and she had shut the back door at one point so they were just locked onto the back porch. And, at this point in time I had had some sort of horrible stomach virus where I had all sorts of intestinal troubles, and I was probably about 10, or so, 10 years old. And, uh, the only thing that I could keep down was mashed potatoes. And, my mother had to give me my pill in my mashed potatoes because I also was completely unable to swallow a pill whole, so she would take it apart and mash it up in my food. And, we lived so far out in the country that you couldn't just go to the grocery store if you didn't have any food, so we had to make do with what we had because she didn't want to leave me there to go get food. So all we had was one potato and she knew that this was all I could eat so, she makes me this potato, she's cooking it on the stove, she has it all mashed up and ready to eat and I was starving because I had been so sick that there was nothing in my stomach and all I could think of was this food. And, she has it all ready, and she opens the back door to get something, and the goats come flying in the house, and, I should tell you that they were named Jack and Jill because they would climb on anything and they could leap from, from ground to the top of something in two seconds flat. So they come barreling through the house, these tiny little goats, and they leap up on the counter, and they run across the counter and they step right, well one of them stepped on the burner and burned his foot and the other one stepped in my mashed potatoes.
JS (Julia Sinnett): [Laughs]
SB: So my mother is flying around the house chasing these goats and she's all upset because one of them had burned his foot which was why he was like, running around the house like a maniac and she was chasing him, and she was going "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" So she catches the goats, she puts them back outside and she makes sure they're OK, and she comes back in and she says that I was, like, collapsed on the floor just sobbing, just crying, just heartbroken, and she was going "What's the matter? What's happened? Are you hurt?" And I was going, "My mashed potatoes! That's all I had to eat, was just my mashed potatoes!" She said I was just, I was just, so upset and, and she felt really bad and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it except leave so I didn't, I don't think I even ate that night until later because she had to go to the store to get more food cause that was all I could keep down.
JS: [Laughs]
SB: Isn't that sad?
JS: That's so pitiful. It's very pitiful.