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Interview with Isabel Biggs

Biggs, Isabel
Biggs, Emily
Cloniger, Catherine
Date of Interview: 
Childhood adventures; Stories and storytellers; Relationships with people and places
Isabel Biggs talks about life as a two and a half year old.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Catherine Cloniger interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
EB (Emily Biggs): Isabel? Where's your sandwich?
IB (Isabel Biggs): I ate it.
EB: What story are you going to tell Catherine?
IB: The beach story.
CC (Catherine Cloniger): OK.
IB: The, story.
CC: Which one? How about telling me the beach story first?
IB: I was at the condo.
CC: Uh-huh.
IB: And I was feeding the turtles, and they took the bread.
CC: You did?
EB: They took the bread?
IB: Yeah.
CC: Then what happened?
IB: We throwed the bread down in the pond.
CC: What, what did they, what did the turtles do?
IB: They ate it.
CC: Did they eat it all?
IB: Yeah [pause].
CC: Then what happened?
IB: Then we go get some more bread, more bread, more bread, and more bread, and more bread. After the beach, we went to the beach. And there was a salamander on the door handle, and Mrs. Gentry jumped up on the desk.
CC: Oh my goodness. At the beach?
IB: No. At Ba's office.
CC: At Ba's office. So now we're on the salamander story. What happened when the salamander was on the desk?
IB: No, on the door nab.
CC: On the?
IB: Door nab.
EB: Door handle?
IB: Door handle.
CC: And what happened?
IB: And Ba had to get the trash can, and then they had to scoop it up.
EB: Where'd they take it?
IB: Out, and they threw it in the bushes.
CC: Then what happened?
IB: Then they lived with their mommy and daddy.
CC: And then what? [Pause] Isabel, what about the crab story? I love that crab story.
IB: Once upon a time we was looking for crabs at the beach. And we can't find any, and it was dark. It had to get dark
CC: So what did you do? How did you see them?
IB: We couldn't see.
CC: You couldn't see them?
IB: No, 'cause the sun wasn't up.
CC: So what happened? Come sit back with me on the couch.
EB: And tell her what happened. [Pause] There you go. All better.
CC: Why did she go, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?"
IB: At the crab.
CC: So she did see one?
IB: Yeah.
CC: \\ What did they-? \\
EB: \\ How did we \\ find them? What did we walk across?
IB: The bridge [pause].
CC: And then what happened?
CC: And what did you do?
IB: Said, I wanted my daddy.
CC: You wanted your daddy?
IB: Yeah.
EB: Why don't you tell Catherine the fire truck story?
CC: Huh, what's the fire truck story?
IB: Everything was burning up.
CC: Everything was burning up?
IB: Yeah. So the firemen had to come, and they could play in it, play and play in it.
CC: Spray and spray?
IB: No play in it.
EB: Play in it?
CC: Play?
IB: Yeah. That what Ba told me.
EB: Oh, she told you she'd take you to see a fire truck so you could play in it. ( )
CC: [Laugh]
IB: So I could play in it.
EB: You know what other story she might like is the Bo story. You just told us that this morning.
CC: What is that? What's the Bo story?
IB: When Daddy was little [pause].
CC: When Daddy was little, what?
IB: He had a Bo, he, and Bo was big and fluffy, just like Jake.
CC: Big and fluffy like Jake?
IB: Yeah.
CC: What happened?
IB: Then he would jump up in bed, and he would sneak up under the covers.
CC: He did?
IB: Yeah.
CC: And then what happened? [Pause] Then what happened?
IB: Then Grandma Biggs couldn't find Bo.
CC: Grandma Biggs couldn't find Bo?
IB: No, you have to write down they-.
CC: We are going to write down your stories, and we're going to listen to this. In just a minute, you can hear yourself, and we're going to write your stories down. Can you tell me anything else about Bo? Can you tell me about when you went to Grandma and Grandpa Biggs' house and rode on the horse? [Long pause] What is that?
IB: Green lipstick.
CC: Green lipstick?
IB: Yeah.
CC: Does it make your lips look green?
IB: No.
CC: No? Why not?
IB: 'Cause it's so I won't pick at they.
CC: Oh. Where did you get that green lipstick?
IB: At Target.
CC: At Target?
IB: Yeah.
CC: What else did you do while you were at Target?
IB: Some of my friends was there, Ethan.
EB: Ethan.
CC: Ethan, your friend, was at Target?
IB: Yeah.
CC: What was Ethan doing?
IB: Shopping.
CC: Shopping?
IB: Yes.
EB: What'd you get at Target? Tell Catherine what you got at Target.
IB: Diapers.
EB: You didn't get diapers.
IB: Yeah.
EB: A new toy, remember?
IB: New toy? What?
EB: A new toy. Remember what we played with last night?
IB: Yeah. My new gooey.
CC: Your new gooey.
IB: Yeah.
CC: What color?
IB: Pink.
CC: Pink gooey?
IB: And, and green.
CC: And green gooey?
EB: Please put that chapstick up. Isabel [pause]?
CC: Isabel, will you tell me one more story?
IB: I smashed it.
EB: OK. Tell Catherine, she wants to hear one more story. Maybe you can tell her about the fire truck at Daddy's work. [Pause] Isabel?
CC: Do you want to sing a song?
IB: No, 'cause I have smoshed it.
CC: You smushed it?
IB: Yeah.
EB: Why don't you sing Deep and Wide? You can sing Deep and Wide now.
IB: In between my toes.
CC: What is in between your toes?
IB: Jelly.
CC: Jelly. Oh, she's stepped on her sandwich.
EB: Oh, yuck. Sit right there, please.
IB: Jelly in my toes. [Laughter]
CC: Are your toes going to stick together?
EB: Tell Catherine what you saw at Discovery Place.
CC: What did you do at Discovery Place?
EB: It really is in between her toes, [laugh] and peanut butter, too.
IB: Not that one.
EB: Tell Catherine what you saw at Discovery Place.
IB: Movie.
CC: What movie, what was the movie about?
IB: Dolphins.
CC: Dolphins? What were they doing in the movie?
IB: They were, the people was throwing the ball.
CC: Throwing the ball to the dolphins? What were the dolphins doing?