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Interview with Raymond Hyde Borel, III

Borel, Raymond Hyde III
Fahy, Shannon
Date of Interview: 
Childhood adventures; Stories and storytellers
Raymond Borel, III talks about experiences in first grade and about his Christmas list.
Charlotte, NC; Belmont, NC,1991-1999
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Shannon Fahy interviewed current NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
SF (Shannon Fahy): State. What's your name?
B3 (Raymond Hyde Borel III): Raymond Hyde Borel the third.
SF: And how old are you?
B3: Seven.
SF: And do you know when you were born?
B3: September the 20th.
SF: December.
B3: December the 20th.
SF: Right. And you were born in Presbyterian Hospital. And you where do you live now?
B3: Gaston County.
SF: Gaston. In Belmont.
B3: In Belmont.
SF: Right. Do you have any, do you have any sisters or brothers?
B3: I have two sisters.
SF: And how old are they?
B3: My big sister is ten and my little sister is four.
SF: Four, right. Now you're in, in what grade?
B3: First.
SF: First Grade. And what school do you go to?
B3: Christian Academy.
SF: Right. And do you read a lot? Do you read yet? Are you reading things?
B3: Yes.
SF: What kind of stories do you read?
B3: I read. I read my books from K-five and I read my books from first grade.
SF: What kind of stories?
B3: Oh no.
SF: You don't know. Like Dr. Seuss. Do you read Dr. Seuss?
B3: Uh-hum.
SF: No. How about does um, your dad read any stories to you?
B3: He, he used to.
SF: When was that?
B3: When we were in the yellow house.
SF: In the yellow house?
B3: Um-huh.
SF: Um-huh. Do you remember what kind of stories they were?
B3: There was a big book that has a lot of stories in it. [laughter]
SF: Um-huh. Now you watch a lot of television don't you?
B3: Uh-huh!
SF: Yeah, what's your favorite television shows?
B3: [pause] Batman.
SF: The cartoon.
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: Tell me about Batman. What does Batman look like?
B3: He has horns on his head on his mask and he has a cape and he wears a black suit and a orange belt.
SF: Is he your favorite superhero?
B3: Um-huh.
SF: Do you ever watch Spider Man?
B3: No, no.
SF: No. What other kinds of cartoons do you watch?
B3: Batman Beyond and [pause] I don't know.
SF: Do you watch um, what is that new thing that everyone that all the kids are watching? Pokemon? Do you watch that?
B3: Sometimes.
SF: Sometimes. [pause] What kind of, do you ever tell stories to your little sister?
B3: No.
SF: No. [pause] What kind of things do you learn in school?
B3: Reading, spelling, doing phonics.
SF: Phonics?
B3: Uh-huh. And counting tens and hundreds to 200.
SF: Really?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: What, what's phonics? What do you do for that?
B3: I think we talk. The tea, we read, we do numbers real fast.
SF: You do numbers real fast?
B3: Like one, two, three, four.
SF: OK. How about um, what you do for recess? Do you have a playtime at school?
B3: Yes.
SF: What do you do then?
B3: We play outside on the equipment. And then when it's story day we bring in all kind of toys.
SF: Really? What's your favorite toy?
B3: My football.
SF: Do you play football a lot?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: With who?
B3: My daddy or my friends at school.
SF: How about on your, do you have a playground at school?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: What kind of playground equipment do you have?
B3: Like slides, monkey bars. On the monkey bars I used to swing up and get on top of it.
SF: Really?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: You used to?
B3: Uh-huh, and I still do.
SF: You still do. Yeah, have you ever gotten hurt on the playground before?
B3: Mmm. Nothing I can remember that I got hurt.
SF: Mmm. How about do you have a bike?
B3: Yes.
SF: What how often. Do you like riding your bike a lot?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: Up and down the street?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: Tell me about your bike. What color is it?
B3: It's red, silver and I got another bike that's all silver.
SF: That's all silver.
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: [long pause] Do you ever, do you have any stories that, do you remember any stories that Daddy used to tell you or that Daddytells you?
B3: Sometimes I, I remember one story he told me in the yellow house.
SF: What was that?
B3: He told me that there was a ghost in it. [laughter]
SF: He did? [laughter] Did you ever see the ghost?
B3: Ugh-ugh.
SF: No. Did he ever tell you any other stories?
B3: A book he said he read. The little pigs, The Three Little Pigs.
SF: The Three Little Pigs.
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: Does Daddy do voices when he does Three Little Pigs?
B3: Yeah.
SF: Yeah. [pause] How about I used to read you stories a lot. Do you remember that?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: Do you remember what kind of stories they were?
B3: Mmm, uh-huh.
SF: I think, I think your favorite was do you remember Maurice Sendak and we would read the about Pierre and the lion.
B3: Yeah that's one that I like.
SF: Do you remember little Pierre? What did Pierre always say? Do you remember?
B3: Ugh-Ugh.
SF: You don't?
B3: Pierre. [laughter]
SF: Pierrehe would always say, "I don't care."
B3: Pierre, Pierre, "I don't care." [laughter]
SF: Uh-huh. [laughter]
B3: And the lion ate him. [laughter]
SF: Yeah he did, didn't he? And they had to take him to a hospital right.
B3: Yeah and the lion gave him a ride back home.
SF: Um-huh. That's right. Um, Christmas is coming up pretty soon huh? I heard that you were writing a Christmas list.
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: What kind of things are on your list?
B3: I don't know. [laughter]
SF: [laughter] You wrote this out all by yourself. Look at this. What? This is in cursive.
B3: I know.
SF: Did you write this?
B3: Um-huh.
SF: That's really impressive. I don't know if I can really read any of this though. Space, space? What is this?
B3: Bazooka.
SF: What is that? What's a space bazooka?
B3: It's this toy bazooka?
SF: Is it like a gun?
B3: Yeah, but it's not real.
SF: It's not real. Does it shoot things?
B3: No. It just goes boom, boom.
SF: Oh, that sounds like fun. What else is on this list here? A snowboard--
B3: Um-huh.
SF: For North Carolina?
B3: [laughter] They say we're going up in the mountains to find some snow.
SF: Really?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: When are you going to that?
B3: I think at Christmas and I'm getting a knife set. [laughter]
SF: A knife set?
B3: Uh-huh.
SF: That sounds dangerous.
B3: But I'm never going to take the knives out.
SF: Oh, OK. That sounds like a good idea.
B3: There's a survival kit that I'm getting.
SF: Really.
B3: Uh-huh. And. I got, get me a microscope that goes to the TV and it hooks up to the TV so you can put a bug under there and you can see it and big.
SF: Um-huh.
B3: You can put a ladybug and see a ladybug about that big on the television.
SF: Wow. That sounds like fun. Are you going to get gifts for anyone this year? Are you going to buy any gifts for people or make anything?
B3: Maybe.
SF: Maybe.
B3: But I do got a 100 dollars.
SF: You do! [laughter] Are you sure you want to be telling people that?
B3: No. [laughter]
SF: How about does Mommy ever tell you any stories?
B3: I think so.
SF: What kind of stories does she tell you?
B3: Red Riding Hood I think.
SF: Little Red Riding Hood. How does that story go?
B3: The big bad wolf ate the grandma then she, then the big bad wolf tried to, eat red ridinghood.
SF: Really. Did the wolf ever eat her?
B3: Nope.
SF: No. Any other stories that you can remember?
B3: Uh-um.
SF: No. Daddy's, Daddy's a builder right?
B3: Uh-huh. A carpenter.
SF: A carpenter. Have you ever helped your dad?
B3: Uh-huh. That's how I got them hundred dollars.
SF: Oh really, what kind of jobs do you do for your, your dad?
B3: I work with him like carry boards and do, and hammer boards--
SF: Do you do gopher work? [laughter] Does he ever let you hammer things in?
B3: Um-huh.
SF: Yeah. Does he ever let you drive the car?
B3: He let me back down the car once.
SF: Really? Down the driveway?
B3: Um-huh.
SF: Did you hit anything?
B3: The crate.
SF: Hmm?
B3: The big crate.
SF: The big?
B3: Crate.
SF: Crate.
B3: Uh-huh. I didn't hit nothing.
SF: Wow. That's good. What other kind of things do you do for your dad?
B3: Help him work and I help, help him clean up the big crate inside it.
SF: Is that the big van?
B3: Yeah, the one out there.
SF: Oh, OK. Well thank you so much for letting me interview you. You did a really good job.
B3: Thank you! [laughter]