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Monologue by Jackie Bryley

Bryley, Jackie
Hasbini, Majida Lynn
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming obstacles; Relationships with people and places; Stories and storytellers
Jackie Bryley talks about occurences of shoplifting at Dillard's Department Store.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Majida Lynn Hasbini interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
JB (Jackie Bryley): OK. Hello, my name is Jackie Bryley. B-R-Y-L-E-Y. I am 24 years old. Uh, I am doing this as a favor to a co-worker here at Dillard's. I am a police officer with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. Um I've been employed with them for two years and eight months. Um, I was asked to tell about my first bust. I cannot remember that if my life depended on it. Um, so I will tell you about my first fight that I got into at Dillard's since that's about what I can remember right now, off hand. Um, it was a day working at Dillard's off-duty. I work off-duty here and I was in plain clothes, which means you couldn't tell I was a police officer. So, I was walking around in the men's denim section, and, I saw a black male about mid-thirties walking around with a Dillard's, uh, bag. One of the clear bags that they give away for free or whatever. And, I saw him take three pairs of Tommy pants and shove them in the bag, and he did it right in front of me. And he didn't realize I was a police officer, of course 'cause you, when I'm a out of my uniform you can't tell I'm a police officer. So, I, let's see. Oh, OK. So after he shoved the pants in the bag, he walked through the store on the bottom level and he was going out through the cosmetics section. And I went up to him and I showed him my badge and my I.D. And I was like, "Can you come back here and talk to me for a minute?" And as we were walking back I put the cuffs on him just real quick. And we were walking back and I said, "Do you have a receipt for those pants?" And he was like, "Yeah." So I was like, "Well, when we get back here to the office you can show it to me and you'll be on your way." Well, we get about half way to the office and he starts asking questions and start fidgeting around, starts getting real hinky on me. So, I, we get into the main area of the office and he immediately like kicks back, like bucks me back and I like fall into like a cleaning cart and a ladder and some other stuff and he's handcuffed still behind his back. So I jump up, and I grabbed the handcuffs, and I grabbed the back of his head and I kinda slam his head into the wall because this guy is about twice my size. By the way I'm, [coughs] excuse me, I'm only 5'2", about a 150-something pounds. So he was about twice my size and so I grabbed him, I jumped on his back and slammed his head into the wall. And, uh, the employee that was working here, uh, I think her name was Olga, uh, she was, she was, uh, trying to help me, and I was like, "No just move out the way." I was like, "Go ahead and call Mall Security. Tell them I'm fighting somebody." All this at the same time while I'm wrestling with this guy. So, I finally wrestle him around, wrestle him to the ground, I get him up and, uh, we go into the office, and I discover that he is high on crack, he had a crack pipe in his pocket, and he was coming down off his high and he was stealing the jeans to, uh, go I guess sell, uh, the jeans so he could buy some more crack. Um, if I would've had my pepper spray I would have sprayed him, but I had to use, you know, hand-to-hand combat. And that was my first day at Dillard's uh, last year November something. Uh, since then, I have only, I have been in two, two? One? Two? Two altercations. One where I actually had to pepper spray a Hispanic male because he was, he came in here to steal a coat and when I stopped him I chased him all over the store, and I caught up to him and, he was wrestling around with me, so I sprayed him with my pepper spray and, uh, let's see, I sprayed him with my pepper spray then I wrestled around to the ground some more. Meanwhile, all the male associates were standing around watching not helping. Um, then the other fight I got into here at Dillard's was when, uh, two black females were in here stealing and I was in plain clothes of course, still. And, uh, they stole some stuff out of children's. So I went, stopped them, I started wrestling around with one black female and her friend jumped in and started grabbing on me and low and behold, uh, Rhonda Kline, the other police officer where she'd had just be happen to coming through the store at the time to do some other stuff in the mall and she helped and we wrestled them down and all this other good stuff. Um, but that's about it now I wear my uniform, uh, because I get tired of fighting people here over clothes. And the managers don't care if I get hurt or whatever. So I just come here and I walk around I be visible so hopefully nobody will steal. Um, I don't, uh, wear plain clothes anymore because it's too much work. Uh, that's about it. I hope this was eight minutes long. Uh, all right. Thank you.