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Monologue by Neva L. Brody

Brody, Neva
Byrum, Jeannette
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Overcoming Obstacles
Neva Brody talks about some embarrassing incidents during the first few weeks of school.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jeannette Byrum interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
NB (Neva Brody): Hi, my name is Neva Brody and I'm a student and UNC Charlotte and I was asked by Jeanette Byrum to tell you a story about myself. Um, well there's actually a couple of stories I like to tell. The first one is my first day at UNC Charlotte. Um, it starts off walking around campus and I was trying to find the admissions building and some other buildings I had to go to, um, in order to get myself set for the semester. Well, as I'm walking around I came across some geese and I tried to walk around them because, um, I didn't know how they'd react with me around, so I walked, I was trying to walk around them and one was pretty close to me but I tried to walk around it. And it came after me and it, this is right near the, um, front entrance UNC Charlotte pond and I didn't know any better, I was a new student. But, um, [laugh] this geese, um, came up to me, walked towards me and it hissed at me and it tried to tell me to go away and, um, and I, so I started walking away [laugh] faster but the geese kept on coming towards me and it attacked me and I'm sitting there waving my arms up in the air [laugh], yelling and screaming 'cause I didn't know what was going to happen. So finally, the geese went away and, um, and it was really funny because by the time I got away, I looked around me and there was a couple students there [laugh] just sitting there watching and laughing 'cause [laugh] they didn't know what in world was going on, but it was really funny. Um, so that was one story, um, it was pretty embarrassing, so, uh, um. Another funny story, this is another campus story, uh, it was probably about two weeks after school had started, and, uh, I was walking out of one of my classes and, um, I was trying to catch up with some people that had just gotten out of my class, and two guys I usually walk home with, and they were walking a ways in front of me so I tried to catch up with them and, um, and so I yelled for them and it was right near a street too. It was down a little hill and, um, and I put my arm up in the air, tried to wave to them and I said, "Hey guys wait up!" And, um, the guys turned around, and there as they saw me with my hand up the air yelling at them I fell right on my face down the hill. And it was it was one the most embarrassing moments ever, um, anyways [laugh] the guys came over and asked me if I was OK and everything and then, the, there was a road right near to where I had, um, fallen and some guys in a car had asked me if I was OK so it was really embarrassing but it was really funny, um.