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Interview with Amanda "Mandy" Buckley

Buckley, Amanda "Mandy"
Bozart, Bryna
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming obstacles; Relationships with people and places; Stories and storytellers; Then and now
Mandy Buckley talks about stories she read as a child; the story of her birth; and things she does with her niece and nephews.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Bryna Bozart interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
BB (Bryna Bozart): Right now I'm with Mandy Buckley who has lived in Charlotte all of her 21 years, and, uh, is a junior at college. Uh, Mandy how are you doing?
AB (Amanda Buckley): I'm fine, uh, thank you.
BB: Good, good, um, I'm going to ask you some stor-, I mean I'm going to ask [laugh] you some questions about stories and your childhood growing up.
AB: Um-hmm.
BB: The first thing I wanted to ask you was, um, as a child growing up, do you remember any stories that you read yourself or someone read to you?
AB: Well someone has, um, I remember being read The Velveteen Rabbit, growing up, um, story about, ah, a ra-, stuffed rabbit, uh, that had magical powers who could think and talk, and, um-. Oh, also like in fourth grade I remember being, um, having scheduled reading times in class. We, we'd read, we read Superfudge, and we would take turns reading, um, ah, two paragraphs at a time, each person in the class, um, it was a great story. Uh, I, I remember those days nice [laugh].
BB: Also, um, I know you come from a large family, you have, ah, eight siblings, and, um, growing up I know, I'm sure there's like certain family stories that stay in your family. What's one of them you remember?
AB: Major story that I remember is, um, my birth actually, the, uh, story of how I came into [laugh] this world. It, uh, I was born in my house that we still live in today on the, my grandmother's white sofa. And, uh my, my father had to deliver me and also hold back the other, uh, four, uh, four children that he had already. Um, I remember, uh, the story always comes around every Thanksgiving, and Christmas, every time we get together we tell it. And I was born and then a fireman came and re-, tur-, you know brought me to life and also resuscitated my mother, and took us to the hospital. So to this day on I always love firemen.
BB: And, um, also I know that you have, uh, two, two nephews and a niece. And do you read to them at all, and if you do what stories do you read to them?
AB: Um, my nephew and niece, one of, um, two of them live with us, so I, um, I usually read them the Walt Disney stories like Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, and 101 Dalmatians, stories that they like. Um, my nephew is five so he's really into the Power Rangers. So he, we get those. Also we, uh, we have coloring books and I read them and then they draw, um, color in the pictures, they like that. Um, that's really all, they like the funnies, uh, in the newspapers actually.
BB: Okay Mandy, that's all I was going to ask you. Thanks for your time.
AB: Oh, thank you.