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Conversation with Troy Canterbury

Canterbury, Troy
Harrison, Heather
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Relationships with People and Places; Then and Now
Troy Canterbury talks about ghosts and urban legends.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Heather Harrison interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
TC (Troy Canterbury): I guess this one would be classified under an urban legend but it's a ghost story, one of my favorites, and I'm sure everybody has heard it by now. But it is about a guy that goes out one night and he's looking to meet somebody, you know. Uh, he got off work that day and he got home and took him a shower and put on his best clubbing clothes. I got, I got to kind of update the story for current times [laugh], you know what I'm saying? I think this motherfucker went to a sock hop, all right? This is this is the 2001 version, all right? [Laughter] This, he, he got out his rave clothes, you know, and, uh, uh, and I'm, I'm also changing the guy's sexual orientation simply because I want to spice it up a little more, OK?
HH (Heather Harrison): [Laugh]
TC: Well, his name was Johnny. Like I said, this story is like from back in the 50s and shit. Um, so Johnny got home from work and he got dressed up in his best raving clothes, you know, clubbing. Hey, Raven!
HH: [Laugh]
TC: Anyway, uh, that's, that's Miranda's baby's, baby girl name. Anyway, OK, um, then he got dressed up in his best clothes and he hopped in his car. Um, this guy, he actually lives on my block and drives an IROC. He's a teenage dirt bag.
HH: [Laugh]
TC: OK. Anyway, I'm just kidding. All right so he, so he's driving to the club and everything, you know what I'm saying? He's getting his macdaddy groove on, kind of like Heather when she's walking up Myrtle Beach trying to, trying to be all by herself and stuff so she can pick up some men.
HH: [Laugh]
TC: Anyway, well he's driving along.
HH: Um-hmm.
TC: So he gets to the club, right? He gets out of his car and he walks to the door, they take his ID they "X" his hands, and they give him one of those wristbands because, I guess like, he was under 21. Anyway, he's in the club and he's standing there and this guy was kind a standing over there and, uh, every time he would look over there the guy would look away. You know, I mean, that's what happens when you go to a club, that's how people flirt. They play mind games with each other and they look at each other to see if the other one is watching. He turned around to go to the bar to get a drink and there was the guy, there's the guy standing right there at the bar. So they started talking, to Johnny he says, "Hey, my name is Brian." Well, um, you know, they continue to talk for a little while. You know, just small talk. How, how bad the club sucked on that, that evening, um, you know how, how there was like, how the DJ really sucked and he needed to go jump off a fucking cliff because he was playing like some really played out music and like there were like no hot guys in the club that night except for Brian and Johnny. So anyway, they were going to hook up, right? They hooked up and they went out and they got in, um, Brian got in Johnny's car. So they're driving along, you know, and they kind of get to that, that big question of the evening, "Your place or mine?" So they get to Johnny's place, and you know, going pretty hard now and, uh, see Johnny couldn't get it up so, because he was rolling [laugh]. So they just laid there and kind of kissed all night. And then the next morning, no actually, no not the next morning, it was, it was later on that morning because they didn't get out of the club until like, you know, two in the morning. So Johnny is taking Brian home and he dropped him off at home. Well, the next day Johnny walks out to his car and noticed that Brian left his jacket in the front seat. Well, he's like, "Damn! I need to go take this back to Brian's house." You know he pulls up in the driveway, he knocks on the door, and this old woman answers the door. "Hey. Is Brian here?" And the lady said, "What kind of sick joke is this?" He's like, "Um, doesn't a guy named Brian live here? Uh, I just, I dropped him off last night. He left his jacket in my car. I thought he might want it back." She looked at him and she said, "Brian died 20 years ago." [Pause] All right.
HH: Here we go.
TC: Um, OK. This story is about a couple, um. Um, this guy, actually, his name was David. He worked in a bowling alley. He had just got this job here at the bowling alley, right? But-.
HH: Who told you this story?
TC: A friend of-. Well, I don't know, somebody. I don't remember who told me this story. It just kind of stuck.
HH: All right.
TC: Well anyway, this guy he had gotten, and like I guess he, he had amnesia or something. He couldn't remember where he was from, what, what his real name was, you know, what he was doing there, you know he, he, just because this girl, I mean like he, this girl came along one day and found him laying on the sidewalk. You know, knocked out cold and she you know, she picked him up, um, and took him home. She was a really strong girl. She worked out. Anyway, um, so they were like friends. I think she was a dyke too. There you go, Miranda. Anyway, [laugh] anyway, anyway so but this isn't the couple I was talking about. This is just the girl who found him knocked out on the sidewalk. So she took him home and when he got better you know, um, you know he, he didn't know where he was. She was like, "You must have amnesia." You know, "You can stay here with me and I'll let you get a job and you can be my roommate and then you can figure it out." So he goes and he stays with her for a little while. She said, you know, she was, she was nice enough to take him in until he got back on his feet. So she got him a little job helping out at the bowling alley. And, um, one day he was at work and he opened his locker and there was a ring inside. There was, it was a, it was a class ring and it said 'Rick' on it. So he picked it up and he put it on his finger but then he couldn't get it off. The second he put it on his finger he was in another place in time. He was still in the bowling alley but there were things in there that weren't there before and things in there you know, that, that certain things were missing, you know? It was like and then there was a real big crowd outside but then when he put the ring on it was very quiet and this guy walks back there and asks, "Are you about done back here?" And he's like, "Who are you?" And he's like, he just looks at him all weird. You know, uh, "I'm so and so and I work with you." You know, he's like, "Oh, OK. Yeah, I'm about done." So he's, he's trying to get the ring off, you know, and that guy left and then this girl walks through there and she's like she's real mysterious looking but he, he feels like he knows her from somewhere. He's having a prem-, it's like he's having a flashback of who he really is but only when he puts on the ring. And he's like he, he feels, he feels like really connected to this girl. She's not saying anything. She's just standing there looking at him. She's wearing a letter jacket like probably a football player had, like, you know, her boyfriend was probably a football player and she had on this, you know, letter jacket. Well, he pulled the ring off and she disappeared. Like he, it was like he woke up, you know, and he, he was back in, you know, current times. Well anyway, so he goes home and he tells his friends like, "The weirdest thing happened. I put on this ring and, you know, the bowling alley was different. It was like I was in another place and time and, you know, I saw this girl and she really looked familiar." And he said, um, "I think she could be my girlfriend. I think I was having a, having a memory." She's like, "Oh, that's cool." So, um, he put the ring on again and there were his friends, you know, all [CD skips]. Turns out this guy actually died and, no wait a minute, he didn't die, he-. Oh, I fucked the story // up again! //
HH: // A past life? //
TC: No it wasn't a past life. No it wasn't a past life. He wasn't even dead. It was like he had, he had amnesia, right? But he was, he was from, he was like, damnit! I'm, uh, I can't remember the story right. Anyway this girl was trying to give him, this girl was trying to give him back the ring, you know?
HH: Uh-huh.
TC: He had seen, he had seen her a lot before he had found the ring in his locker. OK. Just rewind the fucking tape. I'm going to retell the fucking story again, OK?
HH: No just keep on.
TC: OK. Anyway, well let me go back and correct myself. Whenever he looked in the locker and saw the ring sitting there, somebody had actually put it there and when he turned around and put the ring on he saw that girl again but he had seen her several times before that. She had been trying to give him the ring. Turns out this girl was his girlfriend and they were driving along and they were out on a date one night and the car stalled on the train tracks. The train came. You know, the train started coming and they both got out of the car and the girl realized that she forgot his ring in the car so she ran to the car to get the ring and she thought she could make it before the train got there but it was too late. The train hit the car and killed the girl. And she was coming back and he went, he went to save her. Actually yeah, he did die. He went to save her and, um, the train hit him, too. And he's actually the ghost and her ghost came to get him to take him back off with her to their place in heaven or whatever, to be together. Like she went to heaven but he stayed on earth when they got killed and she was coming back to get him and he was his like his soul was put into another body, you know what I'm saying? ( )