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Monologue by Johnny O Gorman Casteila

Casteila, Johnny O Gorman
Abe, Noriko
Date of Interview: 
stories and stortellers
Johnny Casteila retells and Arthur story about Halloween
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Noriko Abe interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
JC (Johnny Casteila): ( ) This is [pause] Halloween 2000. ( ) This is Superman, and the Devil, the Zombie, the Angel, the Apple, the Princess, and the Crown. They, they're going out to get some candies at Halloween so they going to do some trick or treats. ( ) So, they're walking down the street getting some candies and they see this old house, "The haunted mansion," they call it. And Superman's sister, the Devil, climbs up the stairs. And Superman was a little scary. "No, don't go up the stairs. Don't go." And she was going, "It's OK." She grab all the candies and all the trick or treats ( ). Superman's picking up the candies. In the meantime she's going up the stairs, to the haunted mansion. So Superman goes in very quietly, scary, in the door, looking like that. I don't know what's in there. Very scary. And the friends, they're looking from the fence. They're looking, "Oh, what's going on? I'm, what's so scary?" The, the Angel, and the Crown, and the Zombie, they're all scary, say, "Oh, what's going on in there?" They're thinking, "Oh, maybe they going to put them in the pantry and eat them. Or maybe they think they going to change their minds, change swit-, swit-, switch minds, minds. Or maybe they're going to be put in a jail forever and ever. Oooh, I'm scary." And then the meantime Superman's walking down the hallway. As he listens, the little cats they meow, meow, "Oh, I'm so scared." And he still walking and walking down the stairs. He opens the door. He finds the old lady. Ooh, and her sister, the Devil, oh, sh-, they're eating cookies and drinking apple juice. And they see all these little cats on the floor, they, "Meow-meow-meow." "Oh, it's not bad, it's not so bad." So, they go the away with a full bag of cookies. Say "Bye-bye and time is to go, lady." His friends, they're looking for, to, far away from the fence. And they, "Oh, what's going over there? What's going on?" And, they run, they go away. And that's it, th-, that's the end of the story.