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Conversation with Carrie Casper

Casper, Carrie
Female Voice
Lever, Sabrina
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Relationships with People and Places; Then and Now; Childhood Adventures
Carrie Casper talks about stories she read as a child and those her grandmother told her.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Sabrina Lever interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
SL (Sabrina Lever): This is Carrie Casper. Um, she's 19 years old, she's a resident of Mequon, Wisconsin, she's lived there her entire life. She hasn't lived there her entire life. Where were you from originally?
CC (Carrie Casper): Um, I lived in Milwaukee.
SL: Oh. Milwaukee is a little city, well not a little city. It's a bigger city that's just south of Mequon. OK, so what kind of stuff did you do in Milwaukee? Like, was it different from the schools in Mequon?
CC: Well, I actually went to school in Brown Deer.
SL: Oh.
CC: But I lived in Milwaukee and living in Milwaukee is really different from living in Mequon because, like we, well at the time it was a good neighborhood but, like, it got worse. I mean, we decided to move when we woke up and found cops in our backyard-.
SL: Oh, my God!
CC: -Looking for gun shells.
SL: Are you serious?
CC: Yeah.
SL: Wow!
CC: So we moved. And plus my mom and step dad had my little brother and we needed a bigger house. So we moved to Mequon.
SL: So, like, do you remember any kind of like stories that were told to you or like you have read, in school, at home, whatever?
CC: Um. I was a big fan of Clifford, the Big Red Dog [laugh].
SL: I love Clifford. I read all Clifford's books.
CC: I was reading something in a magazine. I think it was like Highlights, and they were talking about Clifford.
SL: Really?
CC: And I was like, I haven't seen him in the longest time.
SL: Do they still write Clifford books?
CC: I don't know. I don't read them anymore [laugh].
SL: [Laugh] What else, anything?
CC: Um, I don't know, my mom always bought like Disney books, like Cinderella and-.
SL: Those are classics.
CC: Berenstain Bears.
SL: Oh man, I love the Berenstain Bears! [Laughs] What was it? Was it like, the brother, the sister, and just the parents ( )?
CC: Yeah. And, um, Little Critters. \\ Did you ever read those? \\
SL: \\ I never read those. \\ Huh-uh.
CC: It was. I don't know what kind of animal they were but, they were some kind of animal and they were like, I don't remember, but it was cute! [Laughter] And they had like a pet spider and-.
SL: Nasty! A pet spider?
CC: It lived in a glass jar.
SL: Yuck!
CC: And he always, um, he would always get himself into trouble and his mom would always yell at him. So, you know-. [Laughter] Yeah.
SL: So what about like in your family? Did anyone, like my grandma was like, a huge storyteller in our family. Did anybody in your family-?
CC: No, they really didn't, no, they didn't read to us. It was like, "Read by yourself." [Laugh].
SL: What about like personal stories, or whatever, just like about your heritage, or whatnot?
CC: Um, my grandma's from Italy and, my great grandma's from Italy and, so they'd tell me stories from, like, when they were still in Italy and before they came over they came over here. So-.
SL: Any come to mind?
CC: Um, my grandma told me she lived on the street from where Christopher Columbus used to live.
SL: Really?
CC: Yeah. Now it's like, a museum. It's a historical site. So, I don't really remember. They didn't really talk, you know, go into great depth, about-.
SL: Yeah.
CC: So not many stories from, you know, the past. My grandparents, er, whatever but-.
SL: Do you ever tell yourself any kind of stories?
CC: [Laugh] Like what?
SL: Like, I don't know. Like, my dream is to marry a prince-.
CC: [Laugh]
SL: And live in a castle. I've got lots of guys I want to marry. Too bad I'll never meet them. [Laughter]
CC: That's OK.
SL: You never know, never know. [Break] So tell me about the guys that you want to marry.
CC: Well, movie stars and musicians. They're all famous.
SL: So you just don't think you'll ever meet them?
CC: You never know.
SL: Yeah, OK. I'm not going to meet them but that's OK [giggle]. I guess it's going to happen to me [giggle]. Well how about now? Like, do you do any storytelling and story reading now?
CC: I read to my little brother.
SL: Really?
CC: Yeah. Well, because you know how they say that reading to kids is good, and so, my parents don't have time, so I read to him.
SL: So what kind of stuff do you read to him?
CC: Um, well he has books that he has to read. He has to keep, like, a reading log.
[Interruption in recording] SL: Sorry about that. My roommate just walked in and she's going to join us now. Her name is Jessica Mathers she's, um, 19?
FV (Female Voice): Yeah.
SL: She's originally from New York and she's been living-.