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Interview with Rosalinda Cordero

Cordero, Rosalinda
Kichefski, Helen
Date of Interview: 
Storytellers and stories
Rosalinda Cordero tells Mexican ghost stories
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Helen Kichefski interviewed a variety of people currently residing in North Carolina for a class project at UNCC.
Interview Audio: 
RC (Rosalinda Cordero): OK. Um. This is a story that my dad told me when I was small, a long time ago that, there was a girl that, she was very young, she was going to go visit her parents. And she was like driving on a curve. And she was, she was going very, too fast, and she crashed and then she, um, [pause] she goes there, um, every year she comes out at night and then one time a guy passed through that curve and saw her and he stopped there and picked her up and she told him that if she can, if he can take her home to her parents house. And he goes, "Yeah, sure, I'll take you." And then he took her, and she told him that was her house right there, so he left her there. And two days later, he came and visit her and then he knocked on the door and asked for her, and his, her, his mom, her mom told her, told him that she, she wasn't here, because she was dead for a long time and he goes, "How can it be?" But, that he brought her two days later and that's what happened. And every year she comes out at night and asks people for rides home because she never get, she never got a chance to go visit her, her parents.
HK (Helen Kichefski): Before she died. Oh.
RC: Before she died and she crashed on that curve.
HK: Oh, can you think of any other stories?
RC: Not really, that's all.
HK: Not really? Any stories from your grandpa, aunt, uncle?
RC: Na, that's the only one they told me.
HK: Is there a favorite story or storybook or anything that you had when you were little that somebody read to you?
RC: No, they didn't, no, just that one.
RC: Enough?