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Interview with Kristen Delanty

Delanty, Kristen
Wilson, Wendi
Date of Interview: 
Childhood Adventures
Kristen Delanty talks about being injured while swimming when she was younger.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Wendi Wilson interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
WW (Wendi Wilson): This is my project. I'm interviewing Kristen Delanty. Um, and I'm going to start now. How are you doing Kristen?
KD (Kristen Delanty): I'm good, thank you.
WW: OK. And Kristen's going to tell a story about how long she's lived in Charlotte and just basically give us a story from her childhood.
KD: Well, I was actually born in Charlotte, which a lot of people can't say anymore. Um, I was born in '78 at, um, what I guess is still Presbyterian Hospital. Um, my family is from here, my parents are from here, their parents are from Charlotte, so we have a long history of being from here. Um, I remember when I was little I used to go to my grandmother's house. She lived at the time, um, really near where the city line ended, but it's actually, now right in the middle of Dilworth. Um, so she had a little bitty house, it was a mill house, and we used to go there every Sunday after church for lunch, and it was one of those typically southern lunches. She had fried chicken, green beans, homemade macaroni and cheese. It was great. At the time I didn't realize how wonderful it was but, um, Sunday lunch was always a lot of fun when I was little. Um, I lived with my aunt and uncle, um, several different places. The one that I remember the most is probably an apartment that we had, um, in next to where I went to school. And I remember everyday I would go to school, and, um, when I'd come home my aunt would pick me up from after school daycare, and then we would go swimming every single day in the summer. It was crazy how much I swam. Um, and one time, I remember this but they also tell the story about how I got kicked in the face at the pool and almost drowned. It was kind of embarrassing. Apparently the story goes, I was swimming around, um, like the little fish that I was in the water, and this big kid came and tried to dive over my head and ended up kicking me in the face. So, I kind of got disorientated and I tried to swim to the bottom of the pool instead of the top, to try to come back up for air. And got a little confused as to where I was, and they had to jump in and get me and it was very embarrassing and I had a black eye. It was very awkward. Um, that's one that my family loves to tell and does so all the time.