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Monologue by Darnell Edwards

Edwards, Darnell
Cowan, Jessica
Date of Interview: 
Childhood Adventures; Stories and Storytellers
Darnell Edwards talks about an explosion he caused while his parents were not home.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jessica Cowan interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
DE: (Darnell Edwards): Well, what happened was, when I was a younger child, my sister and I were at home. My sister decided to clean up the room and iron clothes at the same time. I thought it was silly for her to do that. Anyway, she was cleaning up and throwing trash into the hallway. My mother and father had a fireplace in the front room. And what I did is, as she was throwing trash out in the hallway, I would take and throw the trash into the front, into the fireplace. Now one thing she did do, she made the mistake of throwing the spray starch can out in the hallway. And what I did is, being clever, I took the can, picked up the can, she saw me with the can and she took the can back from me. OK, then when she wasn't looking and she was talking on the phone, she was not supposed to be on the phone, I took the spray starch can and went into the front room and stuck it in the fireplace. I had on my gray Sun-, brand-new Sunday shoes my mother and father just purchased for me. So I was dancing and tapping in front of the fireplace and then suddenly there was a big explosion in the front room! Lord, I ran around that corner so fast my hair was sticking up on my beed, beedy-bald little head! Anyway, we didn't end up getting in trouble. What I did is, my mother and father ( ) was just now coming down, down to the house. Well, since they were coming home my sister told me to run into my room, get under the covers and don't say nothing.