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Monologue by Suzy Farley

Farley, Suzy
Farley, Cindy
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stories and storytellers
Suzy Farley tells the story of when "Curious George" breaks his bike.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
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Cindy Farley interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
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SF (Suzy Farley): This is a story I heard when I was a kid in Maryland, um, in about the 1980s. Um, it's Curious George and the time that he breaks his bike. Um, in this story, Curious George wakes up in the morning and, um, his friend, Jim, tells him that he's been there for a year now since he came there from the jungle and so he has a big surprise waiting for him in the driveway. So Curious George goes outside and he sees a big crate sitting in the driveway and Jim helps him open it up and inside there's a big, shiny bicycle that's just made for George. Georgeis really happy because he's wanted a bike for a long time. So Jim tells George that he has to go to work, but that he's going to come back in the night and he's going to take George to the circus for his birthday and he tells Georgenot to get in any trouble with his bike. Then Jim leaves and George decides that he just wants to ride his bike a little bit. So he starts riding his bike and then a paper boy sees him. So the paperboy asks him if he wants to help him deliver papers. And George says yes, so the paperboy gives him his bag and his whole bunch of newspapers and tells George where to give them out. Um, so George takes the bag and he starts going down one side of the street and he gives a paper to everyone and then at the end of the street there's a little bridge. And he decides to go over the bridge and he sees a big lake. And there's lots of people playing at the lake and there's some little kids that have boats. And Georgedecides that he wishes that he had a boat he could play with. So he takes one of his newspapers and he folds it up and makes a boat and puts it on the lake. And he likes it a lot, so he decides to make more. So he keeps making more boats and more boats and finally he's used up all of his newspapers and there's whole bunches of boats on the lake. And there's ducks and frogs and little animals riding in the boats, and George has a good time watching all the boats. But then he realizes that he doesn't have any newspapers to give the people on the other side of the street. So when he starts riding back down the street people are mad at him. So George is sad and he's not looking where's he's going on his bike. So then he rides over a rock and it bends his, um, wheel and it pops a tire so he thinks he can't ride his bike anymore. But then he remembers seeing some kids that used to ride on one wheel. So George starts riding a wheelie all the way home. And then a man from the circus drives by and see George riding his bike on one wheel and he thinks that George would make a great act for the circus that night which is where, um, George's friend is, was going to take him. Um, so the man asks George if he wants to be in the circus and George says, "Yes." So he put the bike on the back of the truck and George rides up front with the circus man. The man tells George that he'll have to be, do a little bit more than just ride his bike in the circus and he says he'll give him a trumpet and a little uniform and he can play the trumpet and ride his bike and wear his new little suit. So George is excited and they get to the circus and the man gives George the trumpet and tells him to sit down on the bench and not move. And he says, "No matter what you do, don't go near the ostrich." But George is curious and after the man leaves, he goes near the ostrich with his horn. And the ostrich reaches out to see the horn and George wonders if the ostrich would be able to blow the horn. So he holds up the horn for the ostrich to play, but the ostrich sucks it in and gets caught in his throat and everyone hears this horn blowing from the ostrich trying to get it out and they come running and they know that George gave the ostrich the horn and he's in big trouble. So the circus man takes away his horn and his little uniform and tells him just to sit on the bench and wait. But then, when George is sitting there waiting, the ostrich pokes his head out of the cage again and he pulls a little string that opens the door to the baby bear's cage. And the baby bear gets out and he runs and he climbs up a tree and he's stuck in the top of the tree because he can't climb down. But George saw the whole thing, so George runs and gets his horn and he blows the horn so everyone will know that the baby bear is stuck. And then George climbs up the tree with his newspaper bag, then he puts the baby bear in the bag and he climbs back down and saves the bear. So all the circus people see it and they're very glad that George saves the bear. So they tell him he can be back in the circus again. So they give him back his hat and his horn and his bike and, um, they fix up his bike so it's broken anymore, And then he gets to ride in the circus and his friend, Jim, comes to the circus 'cause he's been looking for him and he can't find him and he sees George riding in the circus. And so he claps for George and everyone loves George and then George leaves the circus and he goes home with his friend, Jim. And that's the end of the story.