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Monologue by Kim Faulkner

Faulkner, Kim
Collins, Kim
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Childhood adventures; Relationships with people and places; Stories and storytellers; Then and now
Kim Faulkner talks about childhood events, including a story about cows, Christmastime, and a ski trip.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Kim Collins interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
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KC (Kim Faulkner): My name is Kim Faulkner. [Laugh] I, um, um, I'm from Indian Trail and I have lived here for 25 years, and my mother grew up in Tabor City, North Carolina. My dad is from Charlotte, North Carolina. Some things I remember from my childhood, um, are, um, one time my dad, we were on our way up to the mountains and he had, um, we were talking about cows on the mountain and he told me that one of the cow's legs were longer than the other so that, that they could stay on the mountain all the time, they could walk up and down the mountain. And he told me that when I was probably seven or eight years old and, um, then when I was, I think around the age of 20, I was going to the mountains with my fiancé and we started talking about cows and it wasn't till I was 20 years old that I realized that the cow mount-, that cows in the mountains only have, have, that all their legs were the same. Another thing I remember most about my, Christmas time around my house, um, I think probably one of my most memorable Christmases was, um, um, we, um, well first of all, me and my two brothers I have two younger brothers, one's, um, well now he's, one's 21 and one's 17. But we would always get up in the middle of the night, it was always between two and three, and go see what Santa Claus had gotten us and, um, one year we went down there and there, and, um, there was two little dogs and a white cat and, um, I, for some reason I'll never forget that Christmas, and we sat there and played with the dogs and they pooped everywhere because we got them out of the little cages. [Laugh] And, um, then, um, and my mom would always, um, buy us each a, um, an ornament each year with our name and a, um, the year on it, and now that I do have kids I have bought, um, mine one each year with their name and date on it, kind of carry on that little tradition. Um, Christmas time around our house was real special. I, ah, one of my goals is to try to make my kids feel the way my parents made us feel at Christmas time, try to keep the meaning in it but at the same time, um, try to focus everything around the kids. Oh my goodness. OK, we had gone to the mountains, skiing, and, um, with, with a group of friends, and there was one, Meliah, she, um, it took her forever to get ready. She went in there and did her makeup and put curlers in her hair and all the, a, it, there, and we were having a blizzard while we were down there. It was snowing, snowing, snowing. So everybody knew that we, we were not going to look pretty once they got up to the top of the mountain and came down one time. And, um we, we waited on her forever to get ready. When she came out, she looked like, um, Betty Chapstick, all dressed up with lipstick [laugh] on, had her hair all poofed up on top, and hairspray, everything. And, um, we got to the mountain-, to the ski, ski lodge everybody got on their skis and went out and, um, came down the mountain a few times and Meliah had been standing down there in the same place the whole time had not moved and she was standing, uh, right under a snow blower and, um, each time I came down the mountain she had a little bit more hair ice on her head. I came down one time and, finally, I went over there to see what she was doing 'cause she still hadn't moved. She was like, "I just," she said, "I'm just not going to go skiing." I'm like, "Well why don't you move." I said, "Because your," you know, "your hair's ice." And she said, "What?" And her hair was frozen, it was literally frozen and you could like thump it and it wouldn't move 'cause the snow blower, I mean I'm talking for a good 45 minutes, this snow blower had blew snow, and on top of the snow coming down. And it had gotten all over her like her coat had frozen because she hadn't moved in so long and everything had just kind of frozen on her coat. And so, um, after that we all went in to, um, we took her inside and she was frozen and we had only been skiing for like 45 minutes of that time and we had to all take off all our stuff, take her back to get in the truck and the cottage, she was so cold and frozen.