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Interview with Angelina Feber

Feber, Angelina
Male voice
Kearse, Sarita
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Overcoming Obstacles
Angelina Feber talks about an incident at work when her boss wanted her to complete a report, but she didn't know how to complete the task.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Sarita Kearse interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
AF (Angelina Feber): Will it be loud enough?
SK (Sarita Kearse): Should be.
AF: So, Friday morning, right, I'm at work. I get a call, it's about 9:30 in the morning and I get a call from the partner, Bucky, the big man. And he's like talking all fast, he's on a cell phone.
SK: Uh-huh.
AF: "I need you to do something for me." Um, "You need to call Ramona at Concord," mind you she's at an office, actually she's in a client, all the way across town, we're in Monroe, she's in Concord. "You need to call Ramona. She can help you, she's done this for me before. There's some cash flow projections on my desk and, um, uh, it's for such and such Cutty," that's the client's name. "He's buying a new business and it's four million in inventory and 12 million in fixed assets and so, they can have 12 million in debt, and four million in equity," and mind you, I'm writing this down. He's like just, spitting everything out. And um, so I'm writing all this down, and he's like, "Ramona did such and such at the office, she did this for me, she did the same thing for me, she can tell you what you know, she can help you out," whatever. Hang up the phone with him. "I'll call you back in about an hour," he says. Hang up with him and I'm like, "Aw damn, all that information," you know, and I don't know if I remembered everything. I tried to jot everything down. So then I look up, I find out where Ramona's at, and I call her over there. She's like, "Well, I did that for him, like at least two years ago." And I'm like, "Damn, great." She's like, "But you need to look here, look here," she's gives me like three different places to look in the computer.
SK: Uh-huh.
AF: And um, it's different, like under each client, is all their files. Like whatever we've done for them, it's in there. So I have to go, she gave me like three or four clients to look up, and then under each one of those I have to like open up all like the Excel spreadsheets, and I don't even know what I'm looking for! I'm just trying to have an idea of what it kind of looks like. So it took me like, an hour to two hours just to find what I needed. Then I get it and I'm like great, "What do I do with it?" It's like one file with a whole bunch of tabs, of different, you know, each tab has like a different spreadsheet on it.
MV (Male Voice): What's up Angelina?
AF: We're talking about my [laugh].
MV: Recording me?
AF: Yeah it's recording.
MV: ( )
AF: ( ) [pause] So, finally I get the thing and it has like eight different parts to it, and I'm just there trying to figure how the thing goes together, how one number flows to another sheet and how that goes, you know. Everything is linked, and gosh, I don't even know how long. I was just there just trying to figure it out. Then I was spinning my wheel for about, I don't know, it seemed like all day that day. It wasn't till like 11:30 or 12:00 that I actually got to start on the on the project. And I um, I didn't know how much detail he wanted. I didn't know, you know, when he needed it by. He acted like, he needed it soon, but the way she had everything done, I would have had to, I would have had to start from the very beginning, and most of it was just like data entry to start off with. And then once you get everything entered you can go on from there. Well, the rest of the day I was just entering, entering, entering, entering information. It wasn't until like before 5:00 that I had finished entering something and I was able to look and see, "OK where do I go from here now that I have this done, where do these totals go to, on another sheet?" So I'm like, "OK he hasn't called back or anything," so I'm figuring I can do it on Monday. Well I get there this morning and um, I forget how, I think either I asked a question and he came in there or, whatever. Anyhow, he tells me, "Well I need it by today because such and such is coming, coming in and we need to take it to the bank." And I'm like, "Oh." I'm like, I know how far I've gotten. So anyhow, I call Ramona back because I had a question about, I was like, "All right, let me hurry up on with it," and I had a question about something I was doing. Well, she tells me, she's like, "That doesn't sound right." She was like, um, you know, because the company she gave me was different from the company that I had, there were little things different, slight different things with it, like, one didn't have the same kind of inventory as the other one. Little things like that made a big difference in what I was trying to do. So, she's like, "Well look, look up this in such and such company." And I did. Now what does that look like? And how about it looks like exactly what I'm trying to do. It's like more simplified, like the one that she had given me was all detailed and complicated and the second one is all simple. So here I am, now I have the thing that I'm supposed to have and he wants it today, and I wasted all that time on Friday, just wasted time, because I was doing the wrong thing. So now, here it is, he wants it today. I didn't have time to enter in all kinds of whatever. So I just had to take the totals and try and figure it like that. Well, I get to a certain point where I'm like confused. I don't have enough information. So, I go in there, and I haven't even told him yet that I had to start from the very beginning, because I was like, I didn't want to tell him! So and let me tell you I got to the point today where I was about to quit. I was like, "That's it. I'm getting up. I'm leaving," because when he had come in, it was like he was short with me and I'm asking him a question and he's not answering it and he's his final thing was, "Well I need it by such and such meeting," so, just telling me, "I don't give a damn that you're having trouble. I don't care how you get it done," he just wants it. Well, there's nobody there to help me. The girl that can help me is all the way across town. So, with that, I was, I was frustrated. I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out how I can make it work. If there was anything I could do. Lana came over and sat with me for a little bit, but she didn't know what to do, and um, you just get to the point where, you know, you're like, you know, you're slamming things down, and you're just, I was pissed, I was really upset, and um, got to the point where I just wanted to cry, and, but I didn't want to get that upset because, you know, if anybody came in there or I knew I had to tell him that I would I might not be able to finish it today, or, you know, I have to start from the beginning, but, then again, I didn't know how much detail, I still didn't know how much detail, you know, I talked to him early in the day it's like you talk to him, and it's like he completely avoided my questions. So anyhow, I think I spoke to Ramona again. No, it was just that one time in the morning, and she said that she was going to come back to the office. Well, I wasn't even thinking about that, but I was so frustrated, and, I ended up talking to him again. Again he didn't answer my question but at least I got a little bit out of him. He told me what exactly he needed and that he did need it by today. He didn't say a time again, so he just got me over there stressing out, and I really don't even know when it's needed. But I was like, forget it, I'm going to eat lunch I was hungry. Usually you feel like you have to work through, like you just have to keep working because he needs it even though it wasn't your fault that he gave it to you at the very last minute, you know, I was like ( ), and then Lana calls me in the kitchen telling me Ramona had gotten here and I didn't even know she was coming for sure. This time I wasn't even happy that she was there because I was so stressed out. I was like, "OK, well that's good," you know, like that. Well anyway, I went back to my, my desk. I ate real quick, as fast as I could and then she came in there and she ended up helping me with it. It was like a little bit close to five when she came in there, and um, I had two companies that I had to do the same thing for so once I was finished with the whole first company, then I had to do the second one and it was like 5:00 and he hadn't asked for it or anything so, um. I e-mailed him because he's always on the phone. And I asked him, you know, could I do it, um, "Do you need me to stay and do it tonight or I could have it done by lunchtime tomorrow, if that's OK." Well, what happens the client walks through the door that needs it. So I'm like, "Oh my gosh," and Ramona was standing there. She was still in there. I didn't ask him till after she left, but anyhow, um, um she told me that he had come in she basically, um, no that was after. Anyhow the man comes in. She had gone already and she told me just don't worry about it. She's like, "Don't worry about it, you know, just take your time." Whatever. Yeah, well, the guy's here. He e-mails me back. Bruce is here. I need it now. And I only had one of them done and I just kept on doing what I was doing because I heard them talking or whatever and I kept on doing what I was doing I don't know how he did it but he basically told him that he didn't have it right now or whatever. And then I heard him leave, so I'm still finishing what I had to do. And here I am thinking he's going come in there and be like, you know, just have it out with me, you know, just tell me off like how could I not have this done. Even though I don't see how he could have expected me to have it done. I already told him, I tried to explain to him that I was frustrated I didn't have all the information I needed. But he didn't care. I spoke to him twice that day and it was like. So anyway, um, he ended up coming in there and he was like, "How's it coming along?" And I was like, "I'm almost done." He was like, "All right, well I'm going go out and run some errands, and um, just put it up on my shelf, and um, if I have any review notes I'll give them to you in the morning. And I was like "OK," and that was it! So all that stressing and I mean, I had every reason to stress today, it was like, you're giving something you don't know how to do, and it's like here do it. I don't care how you do it. I don't care how you get it done. I don't care if you don't know anything about it. And it makes you feel just awful. Anyhow, so I finished came home at 6:30 today and that was my day. That was my messed up. Boss, he was like with split personality man. One minute he's banging on the desk, the next he's OK, have it on my desk, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. That's my story. I didn't talk long.
SK: Is it like that all the time?
AF: Yep whenever he there, um, which he's not there he's there most of the time but he is gone a lot but whenever he is there, and especially if he gives you something to do it's like you don't even want it because you know it's going to be that way and it's like other people hesitate to come through because they don't want to have said something wrong and then you go back to him well like, you know, such and such helped me and it's not like you're ratting anybody out you're just saying you know such and such helped me and that's how I got to this number but it's like people are hesitating basically and it's really frustrating.
SK: So what is it that they wanted you to do?
AF: We were doing, um [laugh], we were doing today it was, um projections it was financial statement like balance sheet and income statement projections for a company that, um, this guy was looking to buy, well he gave us the information that he had projected numbers for 2002-2003 and we had to put those numbers into financial statements, basically saying they are going to have this much, um, this many assets and liabilities at the end of 2002 going to have 2003 and then going to have so much income, and you know, like that.