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Interview with Neydi Garcia

Garcia, Neydi
Saunders, Anne
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with People and Places; Childhood Adventures
Neydi Garcia talks about the chores she does and seeing the movie 101 Dalmations.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Saunders interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
AS (Anne Saunders): This is Neydi. She is in kindergarten. She is a student at North Rowan Middle Schoo-, North Rowan Elementary School. And she's going to tell us a story that her dad tells her. The story that your dad has told you? Huh? Tell, tell me about the story.
NG (Neydi Garcia): Um, my daddy told me to clean the mess. And I cleaned it.
AS: OK. What, what made the mess?
NG: Um, toys.
AS: OK. Tell me about, tell me about the toys. What kind of toys?
NG: Um, things like see on TB.
AS: OK. You saw on the TV? Toy, toys that you saw on the TV? OK. Uh, can you tell me what kind of toys?
NG: [Pause] Uh, little.
AS: Little toys? Tell me about, tell me about that, tell me what's on your shirt. Tell me about the, the doggie on your shirt.
NG: Dalmatian.
AS: He's a dalmatian. OK. Uh, he was in a, did you get to see the movie? Do you remember the name of the movie? Don't remember the name of the movie? Huh?
NG: No.
AS: Was it, was it a 101 Dalmatians? Hmm? Can you tell me a little bit about it? Do you remember what happened in the movie? Tell me about the movie.
NG: They got friends.
AS: What kind of friends?
NG: Little horses.
AS: Uh-huh. They got to be friends and, was there a mommy and daddy dog in there? And they all, and they had puppies? Was there a mean lady in it? OK. Tell me about the mean lady. What did she look like?
NG: Um, he hair's white and black.
AS: OK. What else can you tell me about her? What did she like to wear?
NG: She liked the puppies.
AS: OK. Do you know, why did she like the puppies?
NG: Um, because [pause] um, [long pause] because they are little puppies.
AS: Um-hum, um-hum. And what did the puppies have on them?
NG: Um-. [pause]
AS: What did the puppies look like? Can you tell me what the puppies looked like?
NG: White, and, dots.
AS: OK. White and what color dots?
NG: Black.
AS: Black dots! Good for you, Neydi! Good for you! OK. Uh, how many, how many, how many dots do they have on them?
NG: Uh, [pause] I think five or six, \\ seven.\\
AS: \\ Five or six dots? \\ Seven dots? Yeah!
NG: Seven.
AS: Uh, go, go back to what you said about your dad and cleaning up your toys. How, how did Dad feel when you, when you finished cleaning up the toys?
NG: She feel, she feel happy.
AS: He was happy you did! All right. How did, how do you think you felt after you had cleaned up the toys?
NG: Happy.
AS: Uh-huh. You were happy, too, weren't you? Huh? OK. All right. Do you like to help Mom and Dad clean up at home? OK. Tell me, tell me about some other things you do to help around the house.
NG: Um, I clean the table.
AS: OK. Good.
NG: I clean, everything.
AS: You clean everything? Tell me a little bit more about 'everything.'
NG: I clean my mom rooms and my, and my sister rooms and my room and my sister's.
AS: Oh! That's great for somebody so, so little! You do a lot!
NG: I got, I got a little sister.
AS: You have a sister? Uh-huh. How old is your little sister?
NG: One is three, one is four.
AS: Ooh! Great! OK! Well, this is great! So you've got two little sisters? OK. And I'll bet you're a big help to Mom and Dad. Tell me about when you wipe, clear off the table. Do you help take the dishes, into the kitchen? [Laugh] OK, OK. I see I'm having a lot of head-nodding here! And, unfortunately, when you nod your head, that doesn't pick up on the tape. But you are doing a terrific job! That's wonderful! OK, let's see.