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Interview with Vanessa Hernandez

Hernandez, Vanessa
Fredican, Nicole
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers
Vanessa Hernandez tells her own version of two stories, based on the pictures.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Nicole Fredican interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
VH (Vanessa Hernandez): I don't know how to read ( ).
NF (Nicole Fredican): It's OK, just tell me what you see in the picture.
VH: I see the boat, uh, uh, the bear. The little girl, want the bear.
NF: Can you speak louder for me? Can you-, can you say it louder for me?
VH: The little girl want the teddy bear, but the mom, but the mom say no. [Pause] She get up, and she go up to the stairs. [Pause] She say, go all the way up. She want to climb a bed. She was trying, to, get the button. She pull a lot, and it jump. [Cough in background] It was, it was ( ), up to there. She saw the little bear. She try the tiny bear, back. She want the teddy bear the little girl. Then she take it. She put cl-, clothes o-, on for me. The end.
NF: Do this one?
VH: Hmm? [Long pause] You have the little tiny babies. They were growing so bigger. One of them grow so bigger. She was on the, big, swing.
NF: Can you speak louder for me? Just say it louder.
VH: She was, she want to play with the dog. [Long pause] She get out into the tree. She had something in her mouth. She saw a puppy playing with a ball. Then the puppy, she see, a big dog. But the, puppy, go down, and get the ball. The big dog, she was helping him. To help him, and then, he say, thank you. She get him out. [Pause] They want falling in the house. She went home with the babies. The end.
NF: Thank you.