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Monologue by Toura Honda

Honda, Touru
Abe, Noriko
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers
Touru Honda retells an Arthur story about Halloween.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Noriko Abe interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
TH (Touru Honda): It's a Halloween night tonight. And Arthur and his sister and some of his friends, or, or whoever, are on their way to the Halloween trick and treat. And, they are wondering, "Ah, if we should go to that kind of a scary house or not." And Arthur and his sister, ah, were kind of appointed to go there to check if this house, that house is, ah, good for trick and treat. And Arthur's sister, ah, went ahead, all by herself. And Arthur was kind of, ah, reluctant to go into that big, huge house. Arthur finally, ah, arrive to the entrance of that old, big, scary house. And he is still wondering, ah, if he can go, but anyway, he has to follow his sister. And the other friends who are still outside of the house, ah, were looking at Arthur and Arthur's sister, and wondering, ah, if they will be OK or not. And one of his friends, ah, imagine, ah, are thinking they might be trapped. Ah, there might be a old, old [pause] nan-te iundesita-kke? Old, old, etto, majyo [pause] ( ) old witch are living in the house and she might trap Arthur and Arthur's sister. And the, the other friend is thinking they might be trapped and they might be, ah, put on the electric bed. I don't know the English for it. Ah, and they might be killed. And the other friend, ah, one of the other friends is, is thinking, ah, they might be trapped, ah, with a huge, ah, iron ball on their, ah, who then they might be trapped in, in the basement of the house. So everybody thought, ah, they might not be able to come back. So everybody was scared. Ah, Arthur is now finally in the house, walking in the house. But inside of the house looks kind of scary. All of the chairs are covered by clothes, and nobody's inside. But still, ah, he's on the way. Ah, anyway, he doesn't still find his, ah, sister. Arthur opened one door, and he was surprised to see inside. There are lots of, ah, cats. And also his sister, ah, is already sitting, ah, on the chair, and was eating doughnuts or something. And also ah, there is a, ah, old lady who is welcoming Arthur. Ah, "Trick and treat. Welcome to, ah, my home." And, yeah, Arthur and Arthur's sister, ah, were, ah, given some trick and treat stuff, and also, ah, saying, "Good-bye," to his, to that old lady, even, ah, giving hug each other. And his friends are watching, ah, from the outside. But it's ended up, anyway, a happy story. That's it [laugh].