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Monologue by Jennifer Honeycutt

Honeycutt, Jennifer
Patel, Amit
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Relationships with People and Places; Childhood Adventures; Stories and Storytellers; Then and Now
Jennifer Honeycutt talks about family vacations and her fairytale wedding.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Amit Patel interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
JH (Honeycutt, Jennifer): Hi, my name is Jennifer Honeycutt and I was asked by my friend to tell a story about my childhood and my family. I was born in 1972 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I am one of four children. My grandfather was born in 1901in Mississippi, and he came to Charlotte in the mid 50s and started his own grocery company. As I get older, things in my past seem to get replaced with just the special and fun things that happened as I was growing up, one of the things that I have vivid memories of is, every Easter my parents would take myself and my siblings out to California for a week. It usually fell around our spring break and it was the only time that all of us could get together, but we all liked to enjoy the beautiful weather, and play golf and tennis and go swimming. So, um, in April, that was usually when we went out to California. And we would always dye Easter eggs and pretty much stay out at the pool all day long. Another thing we used to do was, in the summertime's, every Friday night we would go bowling, midnight bowling, as a matter of fact. My father would come home and we would all eat dinner and then we would, uh, get some rest, take a nap, and then leave the house, usually around 11 o'clock, to go and start, be ready to start bowling at about midnight and stay out until two o'clock or three o'clock. We would go bowling and then we would go to a place called Byerly's and we would get some ice cream and, or some breakfast and then come home and sleep half the day on Saturday and then get up and go about our business. But bowling, for everyone in my family, has always been of interest. I'm not quite sure why, but, uh, between basking in the sun out in the desert of California and bowling, that seems to be something that we all have in common and we all really liked to spend our time doing these activities. Another memory of my childhood, well actually my, um, adolescent years, my mother used to tell me fairytale stories, um, about the, the girl and the prince and the horse and carriage coming to whisk her away. Um, and a couple incidents, for instance, when I went to the prom, um, I didn't exactly have a horse and carriage, but my date for the prom, um, my 11th grade of high school, my date showed up to my house to pick me up, um, in a limousine, and I considered that my horse and carriage, even though I didn't know anything about it, I pretended, just like my mom told me about in the stories, that I was the princess and that he was the prince and that he came to get me in a horse, uh, drawn buggy, uh, carriage, which was the limousine. Um, but in all actuality, um, I have recently gotten married, and for my wedding, um, we got married outside here in Charlotte and, um, after, as we were leaving the church, we left the church in a horse-drawn carriage and, um, took a tour of downtown Charlotte. Took a tour in the horse-drawn carriage and then arrived at the country club and, um, it really was like a fairytale, it was exactly like my mom had told me about Cinderella being taken home, or to and from the ball in the carriage and it had always been, um, a story that my mom had told me that had always stayed with me. And so I, I decided that I would make that fantasy or dream a reality, um, and it all tied into when I got married and, uh, I am now living here in Charlotte with my husband of seven years. And [sigh] I am making new memories and, uh, lifetime special events, or star-, you know, starting to happen, but as I grow up and have my own family, I am making my own memories. But everything in my childhood, um, was quite eventful and, uh, like I said, we traveled quite a bit, but mostly out to California so, uh, we can bask in the desert and, uh, play golf and tennis. I still play golf and tennis, but with my husband, and he and I are still heavy travelers, we don't have any children, so that allows us to come and go a little more easily without, uh, having children to worry about, to take care of. But, eventually, we will have children, and, uh, we'll start making memories of our own with them and, um, our own family together. This concludes my family history and childhood memories.