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Conversation with Robert M. Hopkins

Hopkins, Robert M.
Hopkins, Thomas H.
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places; Then and now; Cultural identification
Robert Hopkins talks about an exchange student his family hosted and family vacations they took.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Thomas H. Hopkins interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
TH (Thomas H. Hopkins): Conversation one, Robert Hopkins. Now Mr. Hopkins do you have any interesting stories to tell about your experience in the Charlotte area or any other area?
RH (Robert Hopkins): How about, uh, do you remember when we went to [clears throat] Kiawah with Xavier, our foreign exchange student, we all got those t-shirts?
TH: And we all had to wear them that one day.
RH: Yeah, I remember the t-shirts.
RECORDING PAUSED THEN RESUMED RH: "There is nothing happening," is what he says. The waves weren't big enough for him to, to challenge him.
TH: I think that surfers in general would say that about the South Carolina ocean.
RH: About the Atlantic Ocean, even in Florida, you think?
TH: Yeah.
RH: They're better in California, Hawaii. He was very interested in, um, I don't know that he had ever seen an alligator before then either. They don't have too many alligators in the north of France where he was from.
TH: We were walking on the golf course and we saw one one time.
RH: Yeah, we saw them on the lake. Remember seeing them at that park?
TH: I remember there being a jungle gym or something.
RH: Well there was a lake there, too and there were alligators in that lake. Our condo didn't back up to the lake like that but next time we go down there we'll have to play golf now that you've got some golf clubs.
TH: Yeah.
RH: We couldn't play golf when you were seven and eight years old.
TH: Yeah, well I'm not much better now.
RH: Well, you just started playing golf.
TH: Yeah. I'm getting better now.
RH: It's OK.
TH: Um, I haven't been down there since then I don't think.
RH: Catherine Wright went again I think and, um, Liza had Stella.
TH: Yeah.
RH: Stella went with Liza.
TH: Sounds like DeBordieu or something like that.
RH: Um, no we've only been to DeBordieu once that I know of-.
TH: Yeah.
RH: -That, I've only been to DeBordieu only once. I remember Stella and Liza propped up in bed watching the, uh, uh, New Year's Eve shows and they got a tablespoon of champagne. It tasted terrible to them and they wouldn't finish it. Not that Liza would leave anything in the glass now.
TH: [Laugh].
RH: But that's the last time I think that I've been there and we stayed in ( ).
TH: But, um, have you talked to Xavier since then?
RH: Um, I talked to him once or twice and he got married. They live in Byrne.
TH: What was it that he did, how old was he when he stayed with us?
RH: He was about 20.
TH: That was about 10 years ago, so he's 30 now.