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Interview with Crystal Holguin

Holguin, Crystal
Valladares, Evelyn
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Crystal Holguin talks about snow and her courisn in Mexico and her mom's soup and school.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Evelyn Valladares interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
EV (Evelyn Valladares): This is Evelyn Valladares. Today is the, uh, fifth of April of 2004. It's six-fifty-four in the afternoon and I am \\ interviewing-. \\
CH (Crystal Holguin): \\ All ready? \\
EV: -Crystal-.
CH: Who is it?
EV: -Crystal, Tony's sister, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Well, Crystal. How are you?
CH: Fine.
EV: Well, sweetie, you already know what I will ask you, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: What is your full name?
CH: Uhm, it's Colina-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -Colina-.
EV: Crystal, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: What it your last name?
CH: My last name, my last name?
EV: Your last name.
CH: Last name? It's Holguin.
EV: Uh, Holguin, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Do you remember your date of birth?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: When were you born?
CH: Uh, uh, [pause], my mother knows.
EV: Your mother knows? Do you know how old you are? Do you remember your age?
CH: [Indicating "six" with her fingers]
EV: Six years old, OK, OK. Where were you born, Crystal?
CH: I was born in North Carolina.
EV: OK. OK. Have you lived in other countries? Have you lived, for example, in Mexico, or just here in the United States?
CH: In the United States.
EV: OK. And you have been here ever since you were born, right? Ever \\ since-. \\
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: -You were born.
CH: The thing is that my father does not take me to Mexico anymore-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -To Mexico, and, uh, my mom says that tomorrow we will leave-.
EV: \\ Ohhh. \\
CH: \\ -North \\ Carolina.
EV: Oh, well, sweetie, what language did you learn to speak first, English or Spanish?
CH: English.
EV: OK. So you also speak Spanish, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: And you speak it very nicely. What grade are you in?
CH: Kindergarten.
EV: OK. OK. Well, Crystal, tell me, Crystal, what do you like about the United States? School? What do you like?
CH: I like that, that [pause].
EV: Do you like the weather in the United States, the fact that we have snow?
CH: Uh, we have snow and I make snow-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -And I make a, a snow man-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -And I make, I, I make a little ball and I throw it at people.
EV: Oh. You throw snow at people?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Uh-huh. And people get mad?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: They do?
CH: And they talk with us.
EV: What do they say to you? What do they day to you?
CH: And, and then we make a snow angel-.
EV: Oh. A snow angel, opening your arms like this, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Laying on the snow.
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: And do you have snow in Mexico?
CH: No.
EV: Oh, so when you go to Mexico, what do you do there, what do you play with?
CH: I play with my cousins-.
EV: \\ Uh-huh. \\
CH: \\ -And \\ Yalo takes me to my cousins's house-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -And Yalo fixes me food at, at, at, at my cousins's house.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: Do you want me to tell you my cousins's names?
EV: Well, if you want, I will write them down in here, you can go ahead and tell me, right?
CH: Her name is uh, Arlis-.
EV: Arlis, uh-huh.
CH: -Arlis, Erika-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -Jorge-.
EV: Jorge, uh-huh.
CH: -um, Juan Luis-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -Pedrito.
EV: Pedrito. About how many cousins do you have in Mexico?
CH: [Indicating "three" with her fingers]
EV: Three?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: And are they all about your age?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Oh.
CH: No, but they have, my, my cousin ( ) had, she is, um, two years old.
EV: Two years.
CH: Uh-huh. I, I forgot.
EV: You forgot? It doesn't matter, sweetie. And what, you want, would you like for them to live here with you?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: At your house, everybody together?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: And when you tell them to come here, what do they say to you? They say they can't come here?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: Why can't they come?
CH: Because they need to be, uh, at their house.
EV: Hmmm. Do you think their parents want to come here?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: And, and when do you think they might be able to do so? Do you think they will come here some day?
CH: Yes.
EV: But you don't know when exactly, right?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Oh, well. Well, Crystal, tell me, you know, um, do you know how to cook any Mexican food, like tacos? You told me that you like soup, right? What kind of Mexican soup do you like?
CH: Um, soup?
EV: Chicken soup, beef soup, which one do you like?
CH: The ones with little stars.
EV: Little stars? How is the soup with little stars? How do you prepare it?
CH: You put, uh, you pour water-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -Then, you add the soup-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -And then when it is ready, you serve it on a plate and that's it.
EV: Hmmm. You don't add chicken, vegetables, none of those things?
CH: No.
EV: You don't?
CH: Just the little stars.
EV: Little stars, like pasta.
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Ohhh. Well, and then you add, uh, the ingredients that come inside a small bag, right?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: Ohhh, do you also eat that soup in Mexico?
CH: [Indicating "no" with her head]
EV: You don't? Well, what about a soup that people prepare in Mexico? Do you know how to prepare it? Have you seen your mother prepare it?
CH: \\ I have seen-. \\
EV: \\ Like what? \\
CH: -My mother prepare it.
EV: And what does your mother prepare the soup with? Chicken, fish? What does she put in it?
CH: Chicken.
EV: Hmmm. And how does she prepare it? Do you remember?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: What does she use? Well, she pours water, right? And after that, what does she put?
CH: Everything, all of the things-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: -She puts, she puts everything-.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: I want to look through the window.
EV: Well, sweetie, can I keep asking you questions while you look through the window?
CH: \\ Uh-huh. \\
EV: \\ All right? \\ Well Crystal, tell me, what do you like about your school?
CH: ( ) is by herself.
EV: She is by herself? Well, we will be with her shortly, all right?
EV: Well, tell me, Crystal, what do you like about your school?
CH: Uh, I like, uh, the toys.
EV: The toys, uh-huh. Do they teach you the letters and the numbers?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Uh, and what else do you learn at school?
CH: I have the, my ABC.
EV: The alphabet, uh-huh. And, does the teacher tell you stories?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: She does?
CH: I have a teacher who speaks to me in English and in Spanish.
EV: Oh. She talks to you in English and in Spanish? Oh, that's cool, right?
CH: But the other teacher who speaks English, she, she doesn't know how to speak Spanish.
EV: And do you teach them a few words? Do they want to learn?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: They do? What do they ask you? Do they ask you, for example, "Crystal, how do you say, uh, 'pencil' in Spanish?" And then you tell them?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: Oh. Do they ask you how you say another word, for example, "How do you say 'libro'?" And then you tell them?
CH: Book.
EV: Oh. Book. You really know.
CH: \\ Yes. \\
EV: \\ And they \\ learn? They learn, the teachers?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: Yes. Oh, well. \\ Well. \\
CH: \\ But \\ they still don't learn.
EV: They don't learn because they have, they still need to learn many words, \\ right? \\
CH: \\ Uh-huh. \\
EV: Many words. Are there children in your school, uh, who don't speak English, just Spanish?
CH: One girl speaks Spanish and another girl speaks Spanish.
EV: And how do they understand the teachers, the teachers who don't \\ speak-? \\
CH: \\ I \\ have a teacher whose name is Colon and another one whose name is Miss Stanley.
EV: Uh-huh. Does Miss Colon, uh, speak Spanish to those girls?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: She does? Ohh, that's good. And what do your friends at school do \\ when-? \\
CH: \\ I \\ have a computer at school.
EV: You have a computer? How many do you have in your classroom?
CH: [Indicating "two" with her fingers]
EV: \\ Two? \\
CH: \\ Two. \\ The other one is not good.
EV: It doesn't work?
CH: Uh-huh.
EV: So, how can everybody use just one computer? Do they have to make a line?
CH: [Indicating "yes" with her head]
EV: Ohhh. And how long, for how long do they \\ use it? \\
CH: \\ And, \\ she only punishes one girl.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: And she makes her ( ).
EV: Uh-huh. And what do you do with the computer? Do you play, do you learn?
CH: Yes, and after a while, they play something.
EV: Uh-huh.
CH: And they play it.
EV: Uh-huh. Do you learn a lot with the computer?
CH: [Indicating "no" with her head]
EV: You don't learn that much? Hmmm.
CH: No, I cannot hear what they say in English.
EV: Oh. You cannot listen to what they say in English-.
CH: Uh, \\ uh. \\
EV: \\ -The \\ instructions? You can tell the teacher, "Teacher, I cannot hear what the computer is saying," right? So that the teacher can turn up the volume, right?
CH: No, I cannot hear her voice.
EV: Why can't you hear her voice?
CH: Because I don't know what they are saying.
EV: Ohhh. Then you have to tell the teacher, right? So that you can understand better. Crystal, I want to thank you for being here with me. When your mother comes back I will ask her what your birthdate is, right? OK, bye.
CH: Is it this one?
EV: Uh-huh.