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Interview with Shannon Humphries

Humphries, Shannon
McMinn, Brianna
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers; childhood adventures
Shannon Humphries talks about stories she has read and about the things she enjoys doing.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Brianna McMinn interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
BM (Brianna McMinn): This is Shannon Humphries. What kind of stories have you been reading, since you've been growing up?
SH (Shannon Humphries): Well, I've read, um, chapter books and [clears throat] um, Dr. Seuss books and Golden Books.
BM: What kind of Dr. Seuss books?
SH: Like Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.
BM: Tell me about those stories.
SH: [Clears throat] Cat in the, Cat in the-, Cat In The Hat was about, the Green Eggs and Ham was this guy was-, said he didn't-, he said he didn't like green eggs and ham and Sam kept asking him to try it, try it and he kept saying no and then finally he tried it.
BM: Did he like it?
SH: Um-hmm.
BM: Yeah. What other stories have you been reading in school?
SH: A to Z Mystery Books.
BM: What is-, what are those about?
SH: [Clears throat] One of them was about an auth-, an author that wrote a letter to Dink and, um [pause], he, he said, um, "Well, anyway I can't come if, if I get kidnapped, kidnapped." So they-, and when they went to the book nut, he didn't show up so when-, so they started to, um, look for him. When they finally found him, found him, they thought it was a man but it wasn't it was a girl-.
BM: Um-hmm.
SH: But Wyles Wallace was the author's name and [clears throat] she said that she just-, she, um [pause] al-, always dresses up with Margaret Green, Margaret Green in public.
BM: You said something about Golden Books. What kind of books are those that you've been reading?
SH: Um, um, Little Mermaid and, [clears throat] and Snow White and-.
BM: Tell me about Snow White. Do you know that story well enough?
SH: Uh, I forgot it, kind of.
BM: OK. What's Little Mermaid?
SH: It's about this girl that, um [pause], saves this man from, from a boat, he was getting ready to drown, 'cause he fell off the boat and, uh, and she liked him and her father wouldn't let her, um, and-.
BM: So what did she do?
SH: Uh, I can't remember that [laugh].
BM: [Laugh] OK, hold on. What kind of funny stories does your mom tell you, about when she was growing up, or about you when you were little?
SH: One funny thing was, when I was a baby I was like a car seat kind of thing and I was sitting on a leather couch and my mom sat down real hard and I flew up in the air and hit my head.
BM: [Laugh] That wasn't very nice, was it?
SH: No, it was funny [laugh].
BM: [Laugh] Do you remember any other kind of stories growing up?
SH: No.
BM: No? What kind of funny things do you know about your family? Anything?
SH: Not really.
BM: No? [Laugh] Do you like school?
SH: Uh-huh.
BM: Yeah? Are you learning a lot?
SH: Yeah.
BM: What kind of things are you learning?
SH: Multiplication and fractions, um, and, um-.
BM: What's your favorite subject?
SH: [Pause] Um, reading as a class.
BM: Why?
SH: Uh, because I like the books.
BM: What kind of books?
SH: The A-, A to Z Mystery Books, and now we're reading the capt-, The Commander Frog.
BM: What's that about?
SH: ( ) It's about, [clears throat], it's a really funny book. It's about, uh, toads that go out into space, and their ship is called, um, Star Warts [laugh], and their names are, are like the ones from Star Wars.
BM: Oh, and you like that book?
SH: Uh-huh.
BM: Yeah? Have you finished it yet or, just still reading it?
SH: Still reading it.
BM: Yeah? What other fun things do you do at school?
SH: Play outside.
BM: With who? You've got friends and stuff that you play with?
SH: Uh-huh.
BM: What do you do when you go outside?
SH: I, um, well first I have to run laps, outside and [sigh] I walk across the balance beam and I play on the bars.
BM: Oh. How long is your, um, P.E.? Outside time?
SH: I don't know.
BM: Is it a long time or not?
SH: Not really.
BM: No? OK.