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Interview with Brian Jett

Jett, Brian
Bayman, Jennifer
Date of Interview: 
Cultural idenitification; Relationships with people and places
Brian Jett talks about the government; history; and guns
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jennifer Bayman interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JB (Jennifer Bayman): Happy 4/20.
BJ (Brian Jett): [Laughs] Like I was saying, these are the facts that, that I know. And you have the government hide shit and the media blow shit up. The way that I understood, and the way that it really happened, actually, uh, to the best of my knowledge the government should have made an apology for thinking they could, they should have made an apology but after you hear the story, it was too late. The father and son out in the woods, both of them, dogs out there, right? Um, I guess they were hunting or just out there. Bottom line is, backwoods, you don't go out without a gun. My father and I hunting, or not hunting, we just didn't, snakes or just // whatever. //
JB: // [Laugh] Like what? // Are you going to shoot a snake?
BJ: Well, no, no, no. No look, absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Um, one of the main reason is that if you split off in the woods, there's very, "Where are you?" "I don't know." A gun shot in the air or three shots in the air [snap, snap, snap] is location. You know, it's like, 'come running' kind of deal. Anyway. So the fact that they were on this, that they were on their own property, they were allowed to walk around with fucking guns all they wanted to, period. Dog starts barking. ATF freaks out because the dogs are giving their location away. All the young men. ( ) I believe like I said, 14 years old, young kid sees a man in black pop out and start whacking his dog. [Makes gun shot noises] What the fuck are you going to do? You are, you are on my property, you are not wearing anything that, you know what I'm saying? I, I, I don't know who the fuck you are. You're, you're on my property and shooting my dog down? Kid picked up and stared firing, right? Father started firing. A whole fire fight breaks out. This is, this is, this is the fucked up part. The mother comes to the back door window with her baby in her arms, just literally carrying her baby, and this is the part that the government. ( ) Baby in her arms, walks through the door [pause] ATF or, or FBI, I kind of forget which one it was, freaks out and thinks that because she's, she's packing some shit, blows her head off. Blows her fucking head off with her baby in her arms. Uh, the son was shot and killed. The mother was shot and killed. The father walked, they, he was, he was acquitted of all charges. You know, every little warrant, every little thing that they thought they had on him, they didn't. His wife is dead, and his son is dead [pause] because they jumped the gun.
JB: Why were they there anyway?
BJ: It was some, ah, like I, I don't know enough about it to be preaching like I am, so I'm, I'm hesitant, 'cause I don't want to talk about and preach the things that I don't totally know. I used to know a little more but, ah, I'm drunk and I forget.
JB: [Laughs] But, um, [pause] like the government, I've got a lot of guns. Very few of them that I. ( ) You have more than one?
BJ: Oh, I have tons.
JB: Of guns?
BJ: I've got a fucking arsenal. One gun that I own, the one that I carry with me, is the only gun loaded. That's it. Um, but like I said, let's say, you go to a gun show, buy a couple of guns, whatever, whatever. ( )
JB: Keeping track, keeping track.
BJ: And then those old red flags pop up. Whether I'm a red flag person or not. I'm not. I'm not one of these paranoid militia mother fuckers that just, to know history the way that I know history. History is made up of events that people do not expect to happen, unquote. ( )
JB: [Laughs]
BJ: But it really is true. If you expect it to happen and you know it's coming, that kind of thing, then it's not really a big historical event. Then it's, it's the, then suddenly [pause] Dallas explodes from a nu-, nuclear blast. That's, you know, that's history. It's made up of events that you do not expect to happen. So, to be sitting here comfortably in Charlotte, North Carolina, enjoying ourselves, we're, um, just as snug as a bug in a rug.
JB: What time is it?
BJ: For all intents and purposes I don't know. But the more secure and safe we feel, the less our guard goes down. Do you know what I // mean? //
JB: Yeah.
BJ: // I, // I, I don't ever want to be caught with my pants down. It's like I feel very safe, all the time. You know, I don't really ever, you know, but I'm, I'm always very aware of my surroundings. You know what I'm saying? When // I'm-. //
JB: // ( ) //
BJ: -When I'm walking out to my car at night, I'm making sure there is not somebody walking behind me. Why? Because the nanosecond that, that you fail to do that, you leave yourself susceptible for an accident-.
JB: I know.
BJ: -You know, and, and it's the same thing with everything else. Like China scares the shit out of me. They have more, they have more men in their infantry than we have human beings in the Unites States right now.
JB: Don't you have to go in the military? Once you get out of school, don't you have to go into the military or something?
BJ: I think, I don't, // uh, uh, yeah. //
JB: // But // you have to go in the military though.
BJ: Well, they are a lot like the reason that people don't screw with the, uh, the Swiss, you know everybody jokes about the Swiss, they are a bunch of candy asses, they are neutral, da, da, da, da, da. I kid you not, every home in Switzerland they have fully automatic assault rifles. Every man and woman at a certain age has to go through military service. Ah, all assault weapons, fully automatic, are legal. They have zero crime, and like I said, they are neutral, they don't, they didn't take a stand on World War II. I mean come on, Italy, Alps, and whatever the fuck is above Switzerland, I mean-.
JB: Germany.
BJ: -Germany, yeah, right in the fucking middle of it. Nobody, the Vatican, the Swiss guard the Pope. The Swiss guard the Pope. I mean the Swiss are bad. They are like, "We're ready. We'll make chocolate, watches, and knives."
JB: It's a little tiny country, too.
BJ: Yeah, I mean it's like, "Don't, don't mess with us. But if you do, we are, we are prepared." And they were so prepared that Hitler didn't mess with them, and nobody messes with them today. It's because they are constantly ready. Little stocky little mother fucker that is quiet, sitting in a bar that's by himself, you know. That's just all big and buff and nobody wants to fuck with.