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Monologue by Lorrie Jones

Jones, Lorrie
Moag, Chris
Date of Interview: 
Stories and storytellers
Lorrie Jones talks about books she likes and her hobbies.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Chris Moag interviewed Charlotte, NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
LJ (Lorrie Jones): Lorrie. 28226. Jacksonville, Florida. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. Lived there for about 13 years. We lived in Georgia for a year, I lived in Mississippi for a year, and now we finally live in Charlotte, which I call my home. Um, let's see. I have four brothers and sisters. I have two sisters and two brothers all of which are younger than I am. Let's see. Torrie, my youngest sister, she's married. She's only 20. Carolyn my, um, 22 year old sister is a pain in the behind. She's married or fixing to be married. Um, my youngest brother has a child. He is not married. James my little entrepreneur brother, yeah, um, he's doing pretty good for himself. Uh, let's see [pause] currently I work for a company by the name of United Mortgage where I work in the accounting department. Um, prior to that I worked for a company called Harris Teeter for about eight years. Um, I've, I own a home, um, I am married. Um, some of my hobbies are reading books preferably by Danielle Steele, um, I love TV, um, I like to swim, let's see, um, yeah, I read, I read, um, Vietnam, Letters From Vietnam which is most excellent um, about this father and, um, his daughter being separated and then getting back together. It was a tear-jerker. Um, let's see, I have, I can't even think of the titles that I have of her books, I have so many of them. Um, I'm collecting, uh, Walt Disney movies which I really appreciate those types of movies.