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Interview with Ronald Key

Key, Ronald
Key, Rebecca
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Childhood Adventures
Ronald Key talks about different Pokemon characters and the Pokemon game.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Rebecca Key interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
RO (Ronald Key): This is called Pokemon and I'll give an interview about it. In Pokemon you have to catch Pokemon and have battles with them. And there are eight badges. The, I'll give you the trainers' name if you need them. The first one is Brock, second Misty, third Lt. Surge, fourth Erika, fifth Koga, sixth Sabrina, seventh Blane, eighth Giovanni. After you beat the elite four you have to, not the elite four, but, uh, the, um, [technical noise] the Pokemon, the Pokemon gem you. And you get all the badges you go to the, uh, Pokemon league and beat the elite four and that'll be the end of the game. [Pause] I have 79 Pokemon and over 100 seen.
RE (Rebecca Keys): Uh-huh.
RO: [Pause] And [pause] my best Pokemon is Butterfree, which is not a girl. My favorite Pokemon is Hipmonlee [pause]. Um [pause], they have yellow version, red version, blue version and the new ones are gold and silver version. Gold and silver have the new Pokemon. Red, blue, and yellow have the ones from the old ones. [Long pause] I know that there are over 150 or more Pokemon and the rarest and strongest is Mew, which is like a little pink thing that floats in the air in a bubble. And he goes like this, "Mew, Mew." And your character is Ash Ketchum, your rival is Gary Oak. The person that gives you your first Pokemon is Professor Oak and your mother is just named, "Mom." And [pause], um, there's Manga, which is Japanese art, and the bad guys are Team Rocket. [Technical noise] I've gotten to the Elite Four. I, I cannot beat it. Three years, I've been playing the game for three years. [Pause] My other favorite Game Boy games are Zelda and Dragon Warrior III[pause] because they fight. They're my favorite because they have fighting in them and they kill people.
RE: [Pause] ( )
RO: Dragon Ball Z is brutal. [Pause] And my favorite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
RE: Favorite book?
RO: Because it is exciting and scary and I am eating now [technical noise].
RE: Tell me more about Pokemon [technical noise].
RO: ( ) red version and the new ones are gold and silver versions. The gold and silver are the new Pokemon. And, uh, and in some of the versions there's a type of Pokemon, there's a Pokemon that you cannot find unless somebody gives it to you. In mine, you cannot find Charmander, but I've gotten him because somebody gave it to me. And probably in like red or gold vers-, red or blue version you can catch him. And that's about all I know about Pokemon [technical noise].
RE: Why do you like them?
RO: ( ) Because they're Japanese. ( ) Um, because it's fun.