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Interview with Jazmin Morales

Morales, Jazmin
Carlson, Jennifer
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming Obstacles; Relationships with People and Places; Stories and Storytellers; Then and Now; Cultural Identification; Tolerance and Respect
Jazmin Morales talks about how she came to live in the US.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jennifer Carlson interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
JC (Jennifer Carlson): What country are you from?
JM (Jazmin Morales): Mexico.
JC: How long have you been here in the United States?
JM: I think I'm going to have two years.
JC: You're going to have two years? Is some of family still there?
JM: Where?
JC: In Mexico.
JM: Yeah.
JC: Who?
JM: My cousins and all my family.
JC: All your family OK? Where in Mexico where you, did you live?
JM: Uh, Acapulco.
JC: That's by the beach isn't it?
JM: Yes.
JC: Did you like to swim in the ocean?
JM: Yeah.
JC: What do you remember about Acapulco?
JM: The beach.
JC: What about the weather?
JM: Hot [laugh].
JC: Did you go to school there?
JM: Yes.
JC: What did you learn in school?
JM: Um, my, my multiplication table.
JC: Oh, you did? Did you learn how to read?
JM: Yes.
JC: In English?
JM: No. Spanish.
JC: Spanish, oh. Do you like the fifth grade?
JM: Yeah.
JC: How is it different from the fourth grade?
JM: 'Cause it's more harder.
JC: Um. What is your best memory of school?
JM: Games.
JC: What games?
JM: Monopoly.
JC: Monopoly?
JM: Yeah.
JC: Where did you play Monopoly?
JM: In fourth grade.
JC: In whose room?
JM: Miss Sylvia.
JC: Oh. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
JM: I have two sisters. I just have two sisters.
JC: What are their names?
JM: Svenya and Kenya.
JC: How old are they?
JM: Um, eight. No, yeah, eight.
JC: They're both eight?
JM: Yeah.
JC: How are they both eight?
JM: Because they're twins.
JC: Oh they're twins do they look the same?
JM: Not for me.
JC: But for other people?
JM: Yeah.
JC: Oh. Do you guys play?
JM: Yes.
JC: What do you like to play?
JM: Hide-and-go-seek.
JC: Oh do you have any brothers?
JM: No.
JC: Jazmin, how did you come to this country? Can you tell me a story?
JM: Yes. I came to this country, uh, by, by an airplane. First, I ask, I landed on Mexico, then I landed on California. My, my mom's, my dad's friend were there to ( ) stay their house so they weren't, they needed, my dad and my mom needed to pay. My mom or my dad pay, um, the, um, money to the person that was going to take me with another name, with another person's name to um, the, um, to the United States. I was, I was just looking just like her, but then we went past here. My dad and me have to stay there and my sister Svenya. Me and Kenya were, um, were, um, we were already in a-, in another house. Close to, um, to America. So then, when, uh, when we were, when we, um, um, were in that house ( ) they were saying my dad and my sister Svenya but that women that were going to, supposed to take us to America were mean. When she say, "We're just kicking the seat," because she needed to do pee, so she did in the car because they were mean to her, so she, uh, so she, she had a blanket next to her so she, um, she, uh, she covered the pee with the blanket. But then we got, um, when we got, um, when we staying, um, in another house my, my, my sister, Svenya, and my dad came there so, um, then we came to, uh, America to, uh, United States so ( ), um-.
JC: Wait, were you, did you stay in the house in California?
JM: No.
JC: This was before California.
JM: Uh-huh.
JM: So then we, um, we stayed in California, so when we got to California, my mom, my sister Svenya and my dad were, um, um, came down the next day because my sister, uh, my sister, uh, Svenya did to go like us but they, she needed to stay in the house that were there, um, that woman so when we got to California my dad and mom she's not there so like we needed to stay there for three days so, um, then my daddy paid, um, I mean the woman my mom, my dad's friends took us to that, um, that, what is it called, here that was airplane park.
JC: Airport.
JM: Yeah, the airport. We took out, um, an airplane to here. We slept all night, like for 24 hours so then when we got here my, uh, we went to the other airport that airport at, uh, for, uh, Charlotte so we found my mother and that's all.
JC: Good.