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Monologue by Eric Moag

Moag, Eric
Moag, Chris
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Eric Moag talks about moving around Florida, his new home and wife and dogs.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Chris Moag interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
EM (Eric Moag): Eric. 28226. Born in Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly after, I moved to Florida where I lived for 14 years, um, based on my father's job and different times of being transferred, we lived in, uh, several different cities within central Florida. Uh, Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, um, definitely visited, uh, Disney World, uh, several times while living there. Um, went to two private Christian schools during my first nine years of uh, grade school uh, then, went to public school shortly after that. Uh, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. While I was in Florida, I enjoyed different sports such swimming and soccer, uh, and I played soccer for two years on the um, Lakeland Sharks is what the name of the team was. Um, I guess for the most part there after, after Florida, uh, living in North Carolina worked, went to uh, South Mecklenburg High School. Halfway through my tenth year I, we did move from Florida to, uh, North Carolina midway in the school year. While at South Mecklenburg, I worked for Harris Teeter, um, for a number of years and even there after school while I went to, uh, CPCC community college. For a brief time I lived, uh, in Greensboro and then moved back to Charlotte, um, and then I started working for Microsoft Corporation which I've been there now for about five years. Um, I very much enjoy that. I've learned a lot. Every day is an education there. Um, I recently got married and bought a house, actually I have three dogs. Two miniature schnauzers [lapse in tape] and I have a five month old black lab. Um, currently, they're sleeping while I'm doing this. Um, the house I'm actually trying to sell right now. It's been kind of slow right now I think with the lower interest rates in competition with new homes, um, that's making that a little difficult but I'm anxious to, uh, sell this house so I can get into a little bigger house to accommodate the expansion of my family. I plan to have a child probably within the next year. Um, some of my interests and currently my interests are in home theater. I actually have quite a setup, um, consists of a 50 inch Pioneer Pro Vision TV. Excellent picture quality. DVD is the way of the, I guess, near future. Um, for those interested, definitely can't get a better picture than the DVD format at this time. Satellite dish definitely is a plus as far as picture quality, sound quality goes. Um, and of course, the surround sound, movie theater-like replication with, uh, Dolby Digital and DTS.