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Interview with Meersa Muhamedagic

Muhamedagic, Meersa
Lambert, Anne
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with People and Places; Overcoming Obstacles
Meersa Muhamedagic talks about the happiest time in her life, which was her graduation from the University of Croatia.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Lambert interviewed Charlotte residents to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
AL (Anne Lambert): This is Meersa who's going to tell her story this morning.
MM (Meersa Muhamedagic): I'm going to tell you about a happy time in my life. I'm going to tell it was before 25 years when I finish my college, my university and get my Bachelor's degree from sociology. Yeah, and this time was a happy time in my life. There were a lot of reasons why this was my happy time. First of all, the promotion was something special and this promotion was in a comfortable classroom of the university, and all students who graduate--. Graduate? This time were there with their parents their friends or both of them and also there was the faculty staff. They are also there, especially the dean of the university, the dean. Promotion started with standing ovation. All, all people, faculty staff and parents, friends, our friends stand for us and clap their hands. At the beginning, the dean he call, we, the students, all students who graduate one by one and he had given us the diploma also one by one, one by one, yes [pause] and I was happy because my closest relatives were there also. It was according to the university traditions. Flowers [pause] there with flowers from relatives and friends. Also the university was giving us flowers. It was part of the university tradition, flowers. Also we got flowers from relatives, friends. Then the dean begin talk about the Bachelor degree, the students, their future, their attitude, their tasks, and so on. And after that, all students gave the dean the standing ovation also. After that, we call father, mother up and gave diplomas them. Reason why it was my best time, because number first, I was independent [pause] because I became bachelor and then I could start to work by myself. It that OK? By myself?
AL: Yes.
MM: And second reason why I was happy is I could help to myself, also I could help my younger sister who continued school but she was younger, she was younger than me. All and all it was really a happy time in my life.