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Monologue by Renato Nascimento

Nascimento, Renato
Abe, Noriko
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers
Renato Nascimento retells and Arthur story about Halloween.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Noriko Abe interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
RN (Renato Nascimento): Once upon a time, there were, uh, [pause] seven guys who were asking for the Halloween party, who were asking for candies. And their two brothers, the, their name were "Gabrito," who is a ( ) guy, and the other one is [pause] Arthur. Then, one of them found a, a very nice castle, well, it's a, a scaring castle, but it's very big. And, Gabrito goes there, went in there, and, but, she throw the, his bag, her bag, uh, in the floor. And her sis-, her brother, Arthur, was taking care of them. And then, the other guys [pause] were very scared about them because they leaving alone about this house. But, he went over there to the castle, and ( ) one of the guys thought that he, umm, wear, he was wrapped for a ancient woman. And then, the other guy thought that he was wrapped with like a scientific, uh, who's going to make, uh, experiments with somebody, their bodies. Another guy thought that they were wrapped and made, uh, like a slaves. But, when Arthur goes, went into the, the castle, he realize that the wom-, the woman, the ancient woman was very nice with them, and gave them cookies, and treat them very well. And then, when they go, went out the house, the other guys who were scared, sti-, still scared, saw that they were very nice, uh, they were very happy, [pause] and the end.