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Interview with Puvanai Nattaradol

Nattaradol, Puvanai
Nattaradol, Jessica
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Puvanai Nattaradol talks about buying a car in Ohio.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jessica Nattaradol interviewed Charlotte, NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JN (Jessica Nattaradol): How long have you lived in Charlotte?
PN (Puvanai Nattaradol): For two years.
JN: Um, do you like it?
PN: Uh-huh, yeah.
JN: Do you miss home?
PN: Not that much but ( ).
JN: Sometimes. [Laugh] Um, what else do I have to ask you? I guess you're going to tell us a story right?
PN: 26 of ( ).
JN: Twenty-sixth that's your birthday.
PN: June 13 ( ).
JN: Did you forget for a second [laugh]? OK hold on. OK you want to tell us a story?
PN: Uh-huh.
JN: All right.
PN: ( ) [Laugh]
JN: I know but you have to.
PN: OK. A story about buying a car. First we used to have two cars and then the one that I have the Subaru Legacy um, 1993. It's a stick shift. It's old ( ) get a new car [laugh] so I sold that one to one of my friend from Thailand. For ( ) 1600 [laugh].
JN: That's how much you sold it to her for?
PN: Uh-huh. And then I looked for a car in the Internet ( ) have a car for sale. Not a dealer but the one that cause ( ).
JN: Like Ebay?
PN: Ebay. Cars dot com Auto Trader. The Auto Trader yeah that one is the best. ( ) like we can. You can saw the tires of the car the mileage ( ) show how far the seller ( ) to the distance you can choose like a hundred miles ( ) and I look everyday one or two hours [laugh] my wife thought that I obsess with the car.
JN: Wonder why? [Laugh] OK.
PN: I looked for station wagon, uh, SUV big car for family as we expecting a baby.
JN: Ooh, when?
PN: Uh, in December.
JN: Ah, OK. Beginning of December or end of December?
PN: Beginning.
JN: Oh, a Christmas baby.
PN: So I looked for the station wagon a ( ) the Volvo but a 1995 to, to ( ).
JN: That's expensive though, right?
PN: I can put how much I going to spend ( ) the car ( ) and put like what I feel is that 10,000.
JN: So you wanted to spend 10,000?
PN: Not that. [Laugh] Into 5000 if I can find ( ).
JN: Yeah, right. OK.
PN: I look for the Japanese car. Um, Subaru one that we have a Toyota Honda. That's is Mitsubishi Isuzu. Yeah, I look for the Isuzu Rodeo that a good price, too. You can get new one '98, '99 at that price. Mitsubishi ( ).
JN: Yeah.
PN: Uh, 10,000 um ( ) thousand for the Montero Sport but for the Montero, the big one old one, '55, '56 can get much cheaper. One day we found on the web site on Ebay ( ) we call [laugh] we call he call back and said cannot, cannot give out the price that we want. We didn't know. We will we were not sure about that ( ) price maybe up to 8000 so ( ) 6000 [laugh] uh-.
JN: So what happened? Did you miss, miss the bid?
PN: I didn't bid for that.
JN: Oh, OK. [Cough]
PN: ( )
JN: [Laugh] OK. Then what did you-, did you buy a car?
PN: Uh-huh. I bought already. One day I found a Subaru for less than I look for Subaru everyday [laugh] but uh, Outback but it is expensive. Even '96, '97 it's more than 10,000. ( )
JN: Yeah.
PN: ( ) Then the Forester is cheaper. Uh-.
JN: Cute, too.
PN: ( ) [Laugh]
JN: I like those cars.
PN: I put at least 10 ( ) more than 300 miles so I found one. Cheaper than anyone around here. A Subaru Forester 1999 uh, and it was in Ohio.
JN: Where in Ohio?
PN: Uh-
JN: Cincinnati? Toledo? Columbus? Cleveland?
PN: Yeah, Cleveland. [Laugh] OK. Yes in Cleveland. Yes. So I decided it's the price good so I want to see the car so he called a guy who's a want to sell and he said he already sold that one but he have another one [laugh] um, can make it for the same price. The color is white the mileage is around 72, 70K, miles.
JN: 70,000 miles?
PN: 70,000. The price around 8500 and so we, we decided to go on the weekend.
JN: On the weekend?
PN: Uh-huh.
JN: From here?
PN: Yeah. [Laugh]
JN: You flew?
PN: No. We drove there. [Laugh] Very quick. It take us two day to decide OK let's go. [Laugh] Then we pack and oh, it take one day, yes one day, only one day. We decide on Friday evening ( ) this one. Yeah, we want to see it. So I called a the rental car company. The Enterprise and a reservation for the car because we don't want to drove, we didn't want to drive the car to-, my other car to Ohio.
JN: The other car?
PN: Like 500 miles.
JN: [Laugh] That's a long way. Is it 500 miles there or 500 miles both ways so it would be like 1000?
PN: No, one way. ( )
JN: I'm from there you'd think I'd know that.
PN: [Laugh] And then we went to the rental car company in the morning, on Saturday morning rent the cheapest one. [Laugh] It's like, it's like Saturn. Not big only the radio. [Laugh] It's an OK one. I drive 10 that car keep go to the Ohio and back two days without any problem. [Laugh] Even though it the so its engine was on [laugh].
JN: It was really?
PN: Check the oil.
JN: Oh.
PN: We drove there from eight hours we got lost somehow cause the map that we got from Yahoo dot com didn't work. It was OK during the, during the, during the-.
JN: Most of the trip or-?
PN: Uh-huh, yeah but at the end of the trips it's like mess up some exits [laugh] so we couldn't find the place. You have to call the guy. He didn't give that much, [laugh] didn't give that much detail so after the exit and he said ( ) you can see what is the name of the place. We didn't know any difference. I was upset. [Laugh] ( ) We drove for a long time and he just OK ( ) be there and, and when we arrive there we saw the car. It was very nice very clean. The engine not that big like powerful. Just 25, no 2.5-liter and we drive the car very nice for doesn't have any problem. Then we decided to buy it. So, so I paid uh, I paid him, uh, 89 thousand.
JN: 89,000?
PN: No, no I mean 8,900. 8,900. [Laugh]
JN: Wow you can live in it [laugh] and then you get to drive it home.
PN: Uh-huh. After we got the car we uh, look for something to eat so we went to a Texas restaurant steak uh, uh we stayed all the [laugh] ( ).
JN: Peanut.
PN: Uh-huh. The peanut outside. Uh-.
JN: The shell.
PN: The peanut shell all over the place. They didn't clean for a long time.
JN: [Laugh] Some restaurants do that, though.
PN: People keep eating the peanut at the table [laugh] and put the nutshell under the table on the floor. Very dirty.
JN: Then you eat off the floor.
PN: [Laugh] So we drove back. My wife was seven month pregnant. [Laugh]
JN: So she's crazy.
PN: Some ( ) because I mean in the on the trip we drove from Charlotte to Cleveland. I drove most of the most of the ( ) she drove only from Charlotte to Virginia. And after that I drove from Virginia to Ohio. And we drove two cars back. She said we're going to drove for like four hours tonight and then we find some hotel to stay in tomorrow we don't have to drive that much. So we drove around half and hour [laugh] and got a got a hotel [laugh] and stay there. Very old one. ( )
JN: Uh-huh. ( )
PN: Usually it's newer one but this one very old but it's OK. So we woke up the morning ate some left over from dinner [laugh] and drove back.
JN: For breakfast?
PN: Uh-huh.
JN: That's nice.
PN: We switched the car. I drove new one for two hour, change with my wife because the, the Saturn was very low very tiring from driving that new one is better.
JN: So ( ) that's your story.
PN: Uh-huh.
JN: Thank you.