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Interview with Monique Nguyen

Nguyen, Monique
Saunders, Anne
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with People and Places; Childhood Adventures; Stories and Storytellers
Monique Nguyen talks about music class, her favorite story, and her favorite colors.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Saunders interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
AS (Anne Saunders): All right. What kind of work are you doing in school, Monique? Tell me a little, tell me a little bit about you first. Tell me your name. Can you talk? Can you just turn your mouth? Turn your mouth so you're talking right, right about, right about here. I think it'll be fine. You have to get real close. That's good! Right there! Tell me, tell me your, tell me your name. [Pause] It can be just your first name if you want.
MN (Monique Nguyen): OK. [Pause] Monique.
AS: Very good! Monique, tell me how old you are.
MN: Five.
AS: You're five. Do you know when your birthday is?
MN: November the 25th.
AS: November 25th, good for you! That's great! OK. Um, where did I just get, um, ( )November the 25th. OK. What activity were you doing before I came to get you? Tell me about where you were.
MN: Music.
AS: OK. What were you doing in music?
MN: Singing.
AS: Singing what?
MN: Snake, snake, snakeskin song.
AS: Ooh! Uh, how, do like learning new songs? Do you like to sing?
MN: Not at all.
AS: You don't like singing?
MN: Not anymore.
AS: You don't like to sing anymore? Oh. I thought you told me you liked singing a little bit, liked music. Hmm?
MN: But I don't like singing at all.
AS: Hmm?
MN: I don't like singing at all.
AS: No you don't? But I bet you, I bet you're a good singer. Tell, tell me a, can you think of a favorite story that you have? What's your most favorite story?
MN: Umm [pause]
AS: Think of a, can you think of a story that Mom or Dad likes to tell you or has told you? [Long pause] Hmm? Is the microphone making you nervous a little bit? Is it? Huh?
MN: Umm-.
AS: Try to relax. Just think of anything. Can you tell me anything? Can you tell me a story that you like to tell? [Long pause]
MN: A dog that talks.
AS: A story about a dog that talks? Tell me about the dog that talks. [Pause] Hmm? Where'd you see this? Was it a story? A book that was read to you? Hmm?
MN: And I forgot ( ) I forgot the words.
AS: You forgot the words? Tell, tell me in your own words what it is. [Long pause] Can you remember the dog's name that talked, like th-, that liked to talk? [Long pause] Hmm? Was it Clifford? Have you heard the story about Clifford the Big Red Dog? Tell me about Clifford. Do you know about Clifford? You haven't heard about Clifford? You haven't?
MN: 'Cause I forgot the words. A, and I don't know how to read too.
AS: In kindergarten, tell me about some things you're getting ready to do or that you're doing to get ready to learn how to read. [Pause] How about that? [Long pause] Hmm? [Long pause] Can't think of anything? Tell me what you were doing in, in, this morning in, in schola-, in school. [Pause] Did you color? Did you color a picture? What colors did you use? Tell me about some colors.
MN: Um, blue, red-.
AS: Uh-huh.
MN: Green.
AS: Uh-huh.
MN: Brown.
AS: OK. What's your favorite color?
MN: Um, blue.
AS: It is? You like blue the most?
MN: And I like pink and green the most.
AS: You like pink and green the most? Great! Have you got, I bet you, tell me about the colors you've got in your, in your little outfit!
MN: Umm-.
AS: You've got, have you got, I bet you've, you've got your favorite colors there in your outfit, don't you?
MN: Green-.
AS: Uh-huh. [Pause] Is pink in there? Kind of pink and red? Pink and reddish?
MN: Pink-.
AS: Uh-huh. [Pause] What other color? What other color do you see in your pretty little outfit?
MN: Umm, [pause] pink-.
AS: Uh-huh.
MN: Green.
AS: Uh-huh.
MN: Yellow.
AS: Uh-huh.
MN: White.
AS: Good! You sure do! Good for you! OK, Miss Monique!