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Monologue by Hannah E. Paschal

Paschal, Hannah E.
Male voice
Means, Jamila
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Overcoming Obstacles; Relationships with People and Places; Cultural Identification
Hannah Paschal talks about joining the church because her brother did and because she wanted to escape the boredom of home. The fulfillment Hannah finds through the church and helping people moves her to tears.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jamila Means interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
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HP(Hannah E. Paschal): OK. Um, this is a, um, experiences first begin, going back to, uh, my country Guyana, South America. And, um, uh, I was born in a, in a very, um, small town almost in, um, in the country area, uh, called, um, Freedom Hoop, which is a country area, in my country and, um, with my parents, my mother and my father. Um, they were, my mother was a homemaker. My father worked at, with, um, a company that, uh, at that, at that time a British company because in my country we were ruled by England, and so my father worked with a company, a British company. So, uh, my life growing up was, um, very, very boring. Um, though my father worked miles away, I, you know, I would see him like twice a month, usually. Sometimes, um, three times a month and my mother stayed home, um, so, I really didn't have such a exciting life, um, being my father away and my mother always kept us at home all the time. But, um, so in my, um, in an effort to, I guess to get out from my home because, you know, if it's not school, it's home. No activity going.
MV (Male voice): Good Morning.
HP: Good morning. Uh, my uh, my uh, brother, uh, he found out, um, uh, he just joined the church and I decided, just to get out of my mother's house 'cause it was so boring, I would go with him and, uh, be a part of the church. And so, uh, this was, uh, when I was, uh, at age 15. So I, I, in an effort, uh, just not being home, and, you know, such a nothing going on in my house, I would go to this church and just be with the people there. And that's how my life started as a, a, you know, just helping to the activities in the church, just going with them to visit people, to help older people, going with them to help orphans, you know. So, uh, I started that at just age 15. I started just visiting people, helping people, and, um, then I, then I, you know, I began to see the world because I, in my mother's house, my mother raised us, we didn't we didn't see the world. So my working with this church, you know, I moved around and I saw, you know, you know, people on different, different sides, those who are hungry, you know children who were just abandoned, and then I started to feel like I should do something to help them. So my life in a, in a missionary sense started at a young age and, um, I always tell, I always like to tell young people that, um, serving God doesn't mean you have to wait until you get older to do it. Um, you can serve God from a very young age because at that age, uh, 15 years old, I saw children like myself who were already pregnant, who were abused and, you know, and, you know, just being with them and just, uh, working with them and helping them, sometimes even feeding them, you know, taking meals to them they saw that there's some hope, you know. A child like themselves can do some, something good. So, uh, at that age, uh, the church started to tour different countries. We started to do mission, you know, help around our country, and then branched out and we went to neighboring countries. So, um, that I experienced too, you know, I saw a lot of places because, a lot of countries I traveled and, uh, I saw a lot of people just helping reaching out on a Christian level you know, and, uh, and, uh, and a lot of people I've, uh, I've, uh, seen lives turn around from, you know, from despair or no hope to, you know, there is, there is, you know, hope. So, um, [clears throat] I've always said that since then, you know, I would like to do more in terms of helping people, and because I've seen a lot in my, you know, starting from very young, and in an effort, you know, sometimes I, you know I, I, I give my testimony as, you know, we, we may think one way we, we, um, we try to fulfill our desires in one way because I didn't want to, uh, stay home but God used me somewhere else. So, um, so, sometimes we, you know, we think from selfish point of view how we want to, how we want to live our, our lives in one way but, but we never know how God can steer that, steer that, you know, self desire into open ways to for His, to work for His, [pause]. So this is a sad, you know, I'm sorry I get so emotional but I, I've, um, I've seen a lot and I've, um, I have many times seen, you know, things, people suffering and you can't do anything in terms of really getting them at the moment help. But there's hope that, you know, hopefully that you can, you know, however you can help, you can help. And so, uh, I always think that's my life, my calling is to go out and, uh, whatever I can do and, uh, so that's basically it. I don't know if it's a story or it's, uh, maybe a testimony um, um, um, and so I really didn't have a life growing up like, uh, some, some teenagers would say they have a life of dating because, um, because the best years of my life were spent in helping people. So that's it.