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Interview with Simon Philbeck

Philbeck, Simon
Philbeck, Amanda
Date of Interview: 
relationships with people and places; childhood adventures; then and now
Simon Philbeck talks about his father's boot, his future ambitions, and a sci-fi book series he likes.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Amanda Philbeck interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
SP (Simon Philbeck): I'm in fifth.
AP (Amanda Philbeck): State your name.
SP: My name is Simon.
AP: Simon?
SP: Simon Philbeck.
AP: And what grade are you in?
SP: I'm in fifth.
AP: And where do you go to school?
SP: Mallard Creek Elementary.
AP: Tell me what you did in school today?
SP: [Sigh] Let's see- [sigh].
AP: I dropped you off and-?
SP: And for the rest of the [laugh], for the rest of the day I did-, for my, for my first block I had science. And then we had our special, which was art today. And [pause], then I had language where we, we wrote about a sandwich. How it would feel to be eaten. And then we had our-.
AP: What kind of sandwich were you?
SP: I wasn't a sandwich, I'm a human [pause].
AP: ( ).
SP: And then I had second, second block. Do you want to say something, sir? Ah, ah, and, um [pause], and after that we, um, we went to lunch and-.
AP: What was for lunch today?
SP: Um, some nasty hamburger and tater tots.
AP: And after lunch?
SP: After lunch we, um, we we-, um, I went to second block. And then after second block we went to recess.
AP: What's second block?
SP: Math. And after recess, um, I went to my third block, which is social studies. And we talked about our, projects that we, we, that we were supposed to have due in and I've got an A-plus and my mom's very proud of me.
AP: Tell me a funny story. What do you, do you remember, what memories sticks out in your mind? What funny memories do you have?
SP: The time I peed on my dad's boot.
AP: ( ).
SP: Yes. I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I was playing with my little green soldiers. I h-, then I had to go to the bathroom, really, really bad. And my dad was in the bathroom. So I ran into the closet [giggles] and all that I saw was his big old black boot so I decided it was a potty. And I peed in it.
AP: Do you remember how old you were?
SP: I was four, I think? And my dad came, came walking by. And he looked at me. And then he shook his head and he walked away.
AP: Tell us what you like to do whenever, you like, tell me something you like, like soccer.
SP: I like playing soccer because people say I'm pretty good but I think I need to work, work on my defense.
AP: Why do you like soccer?
SP: 'Cause I think it's a fun sport.
AP: How do you like living here in Charlotte?
SP: It's OK [pause].
AP: Um, tell me what you want to do when you grow up.
SP: Well, when I grow up, first I'm going to go into the military. Then after I go into the military or army and get my college fund-, Air Force and get my college fund, I'll, um, go t-, I'll go to college and get to be able to go to the police force. Mmm, and that's it.
AP: What do you like to do, when you're home and you have time to ( ).
SP: Read my Animorphs books.
AP: Tell me about the Animorphs.
SP: The Animorphs are really cool because it's about shape-changing teens. They're trying to save the world from evil Yeerk pa-, slugs.
AP: Tell me about, what's a Yeerk?
SP: A Yeerk is a slimy alien slug that crawls in, into your ear, through your ear canal and makes you a controller. A controller is somebody who is under a Yeerk influence. Which they cannot-, you want to turn your eye one way but the Yeerk won't let you. You want to move your leg, the Yeerk won't let you. The Ye-, the Yeerk controls your every movement.
AP: Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite Animorph?
SP: I do not have a favorite Animorph. I like all of them, except for David.
AP: [Pause] Tell me something funny about a character.
SP: He thinks he's a little kid in a fur suit.
AP: Who?
SP: Neelix.
AP: ( ).
SP: Me.
AP: How do you like school? What do you think of school?
SP: It's fun, but today Miss, Mr. Holloman had laryngitis.
AP: And Mr. Holloman is?
SP: A very cool science teacher.
AP: [Pause] Tell me about something about the chores you do around here?
SP: Well, some of the chores I do is, clean my room, take care of the litter box, and sometimes take Tonya out, while I go feed and water the rabbits. And sometimes I sweep and vacuum [pause] my room [pause] and-.
AP: ( ).
SP: I feed my face.
AP: Tell me about, um-, tell me about one of your friends.
SP: One of my friends is, um, Justin Davis. He's, he's the leader of our Animorphs. He's Jake, and Jake is con-, is supposed to be a prince to Ax. And Ax is an Andalite that was separated from the dome ship.
AP: ( ).
SP: I'm not an Andalite. I'm a Chi.
AP: And your name is?
SP: Eric.
AP: You like doing, or you like doing, helping me like?
SP: Yeah.