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Interview with Josey E. Porter

Porter, Josey E.
Bayman, Jennifer
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Josey Porter talks about her parents divorce and her grandmother
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jennifer Bayman interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JB (Jennifer Bayman): All right, you want to start?
JP (Josey Porter): Yeah, OK, my name is Josey Porter and I live in Charlotte, and I've lived here for half of my life, on and off. My parents were divorced when I was two, and I grew up half the time here and half the time in Asheville, I moved here when I was a sophomore in high school. [Laugh]
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // Yes. // I went to Myers Park High School, which was really different from Asheville High, because everybody was so cliquey and so kind of snobby and seedy. But I met some really cool people and-.
JB: Thanks.
JP: -[Laughs] I had a really bitchy stepmother at the time and I lived with my dad and my brother and my step brother, who is now in the Air Force. But, um, my stepmom and I didn't really get along, and I was grounded pretty much my whole high school career.
JB: [Laughter]
JP: I guess I was a pretty bad student at the time too, I skipped school almost every day with my friend Jennifer. [Laughter]
JB: // Who is that? [Laughs] //
JP: // [Laughs] // And, and we went and did nothing, but, um, so I was pretty much grounded, I missed out on my hi-, my senior year spring break because my stepmom was a real bitch. But they got divorced about two years after I moved out of the house. Um, I graduated from high school and moved to Asheville for, for half a year. Came back. Went out with this big asshole. Um, went to school for about two years, decided that wasn't for me and, I then, I have a really cool job working for Cross Automasen, blah-. [Laughter] -Cross Automation, being a credit coordinator which is pretty boring too, but. [Laughter] Oh, my God.
JB: [Laughs]
JP: I can just tell any story?
JB: Anything you want ( ) your voice.
JP: So, does anyone else have to hear my voice?
JB: Huh-uh. // ( ) //
JP: // Oh, // OK. So you can add things too if I sound really stupid? Because I know I am right now. But tonight I went out to eat with my grandmother, and we went to eat fish that she really loves to go eat all the time. // ( ) //
JB: // Did // you go eat at a fish camp or something?
JP: Yeah, where she goes, not, we don't go there all the time, but we went to this place out Independence that she likes to go to. But, um, and I was talking to her about my recent breakup with my boyfriend and she [Laugh] told me that boys only want one thing-. [Laughter] -And [laughs], and that to do the right thing and to wait until I'm married because they will, her words were, "They will stick their thing in anything." [Laughter] She said so I should, you know, wait until I'm married because she dated my grandfather for five years before they did anything and, they got us, all guys want so-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // -And // I was telling her how I am having a really hard time with my breakup but, um, she said, [Laugh] she said, "Just date like five other guys." [Laughter] She wants me to date, like, so many other people, um, at the same time, which is really funny // to me. //
JB: // That's just // more chance for sex grandma.
JP: Yeah.
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // And // I was telling her that I met this new guy that I really like and how he's really sweet and she told me not to get serious with anybody else because I get too wrapped up into it, she thinks that I get like way too wrapped up in everything which is probably true.
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // But // um, it was just funny talking to my grandma and her advice is pretty good, I mean it's not realistic for me but-.
JB: // Not realistic for anybody. //
JP: // -Not realistic for // anybody anymore but she's like, and I thought she knew I wasn't a virgin because when I got busted for having sex-.
JB: At your // dad's? //
JP: // -With // Boone, at my dad's house when Becky threw him out and said, "Don't come back until you talk to her dad." They told my grandmother, I guess she forgot or something. [Laughter] She still thinks I'm a virgin [Laughs] I was like, "Nanny, I don't sleep around. I would not do that."
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // I was like, // "I don't go around sleeping with all different guys." I really don't. But OK.
JB: [Laughs]
JP: [Laugh] What can I talk about? Um.
JB: Just // talk about-. //
JP: // So. //
JB: -What ya'll talked about together.
JP: Well, all she said, I told you what she said, I just started laughing at her. I was just laughing the whole time, because she can't like talk about things like, in depth or whatever, so she'll just blurt out some stuff and get all like, antsy-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
JP: // -Or // whatever. And I'm like, "Nanny, calm down." She's so funny and, but she's real sweet. Oh, and the reason why. [Phone rings]
JP: We'll be right back.
JB: All right, now I'm going to record Josey talking on the phone.
JP: Hey. Good what are you doing? [Laughs] I was talking for Jennifer for this thing that she has to do for her class but I'm not, she's now recording me talking on the phone. I had to like tell some bullshit story and I don't really know what to tell [Laughs] like for 15 minutes. That's a long time just to sit, like, talk about nothing. [Pause] Oh, my God. Cassidy is really cutting up already in Asheville, David. She moved back there you know, she moved back last week or whatever, a week before last, yeah, it's really ghetto, mom's like, "Oh, we're going to work everything out, it'll be so great, I'm painting the room," la-la-la, and, [pause] I know, and, OK, so day before yesterday, I don't know if you've ever heard us talk about this girl but she's really a woman and she's like 29.
JB: [Laughs] She is // ( ). //
JP: // She's // Cassidy's friend, well kind of friend or whatever. But um, her name's Rochelle. Have we ever talked, have you ever heard of her? She's ghetto. But, um, yeah they live together and she's really struggling and she has like a kid, she doesn't even take care of her kid, she all, she called my mom's house the other day and uh, mom answered the phone. She was talking to my mom and she was like, uh, "You know what? I am planning on moving to Asheville. Do you know anywhere that," you know, "Do you know any one who wants to rent a room out?" knowing my mom is like trying to rent a room out from her house. And so my mom is like, "No Rochelle. I sure don't." You know like, she kind of got set up. She felt like Cassidy had said something or whatever. And Rochelle had said that, and she was like, "No, I don't know anybody," whatever. And I don't know ( ) but then, the other day, Mom comes home, Sunday, or Monday, and Rochelle was there at her house with all her shit. [Pause] I know. [Laughs] I know, and so my mom was like, "What the hell are you fucking doing here? You know I told you Rochelle, point blank, that no, I can't even help barely myself then help anybody else besides my kids, you know." And so she's like, "Sorry Rochelle. You need to get your shit and go somewhere else. You can go to a fucking homeless shelter. You can go wherever you want," she's like, "Because you are homeless right now." It's so ghetto, too because her mom brought her up there and dropped her off at my mom's. No, at my mom's [pause] Um, Rochelle's mom brought her to Asheville.