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Monologue by Erick Serrano

Serrano, Erick
Abe, Noriko
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers
Erick Serrano explains the events that happen in an Arthur book about Halloween.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Noriko Abe interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
ES (Erick Serrano): OK this is a group's fun, and I think, uh, they are trying to get candies from the people, especially neighbor. And now they are, they have a kind of, kind of a meeting, and they are trying to go to a house, and, everybody is just kind of together. Alright the next page. Arthur and his sister, uh, they are going to a big house, and I'll show you, this house looks kind of a scary, scary house. And at the beginning, just his sister is trying to get into the house 'cause Arthur, he has some troubles with the candy bag. And then, and the next page, uh, Arthur's sister, she is already inside the house, and the door is already open. So Arthur is trying to get in there to get some candies. And [pause] the rest of, of his friends, they are so scare. They are petrify, the, kind of boo. They don't want to go to the house because it looks so scare. And each of them, they are kind of imagine what happen to them inside the house. So, um, one, one of the friends, uh, maybe she thought that there was a wizard inside the house and she was trying to eat them or doing something wrong to them. And, uh, the other guy, uh, I don't know his name, but he al-, he was also thinking about that, that maybe she is trying to, the, kind of experiment with their body, try to kill them or prey them. And the last man, he is thinking about, maybe, they are just, uh, ( ) jail, kind of jail. Uh, after that, uh, Arthur is coming to try the house, just walking. And he is finding each door open, and he looks kind of scary, just walking. And then, finally he got into a room, and he found a very friendly old woman. And she already have served some food for Arthur's, uh, sister. And she is just eating cookies and getting some, uh, maybe, I don't know, it's kind of juice or something. And she has many cats. So she is a lovely, lovely woman. And, at the end, their, uh, their friends are just kind of watching what's going on. And Arthur is so happy. And also his sister just giving a hug to the grandmoth-, uh, maybe grandmother or somebody. I think this is the end. Everybody's happy.