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Interview with Caroline Silva

Silva, Caroline
Silva, Ivonne
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Childhood Adventures
Caroline Silva recalls some family gatherings where stories were told and talks about enjoying reading.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Ivonne Silva interviews her daughter to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
IS (Ivonne Silva): Hi, how are you?
CS (Caroline Silva): Fine.
IS: What's your name?
CS: Caroline Silva.
IS: Caroline Silva, I'll be asking you some questions. Uh, what stories do you remember that your family members used to tell you?
CS: Um, stories about when they were little.
IS: Any that you remember?
CS: Not really because I was, I think I was too young when they told me that, I don't exactly remember. But, like my mother's mother, my grandmother she like told us about how when she was very young and her mother die, so she had to go and work and help her family.
IS: [Long pause] And from when you were little do you remember somebody telling stories, other stories?
CS: Um. [Pause] My mom used to tell us stories at night and they were sort of like be made up stories that she like made up sort of about the day so she used me and my sister's name in it and they'd be funny, because they weren't true but they had, like I was a character in them, and so was my sister [pause] and we can be anything from animals to humans. And it sort of told about what you did during the day and how you acted.
IS: Did you enjoy those stories?
CS: I did.
IS: Um, do you remember at what time she used to say that?
CS: Well, [pause] before we went to bed. But if it was, like too late already well, we didn't listen to them, we couldn't, she didn't tell them to us, because we had to go to bed, but whenever she had time she would tell us.
IS: Do you remember how your bedroom used to look when you were that, that young?
CS: No.
IS: Do you remem--.
CS: \\ But I shared it with my sister. I know that. \\
IS: Uh huh.
CS: I think we lived in an apartment. And--.
IS: What city?
CS: Miami, Florida.
IS: Uh huh. So you are from Miami?
CS: Yes. [Pause]
IS: What about books? Do you remember reading books when you were young?
CS: Um, in kindergarten at five, my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Thorpe started teaching us how to read, and the alphabet and so we used to have these um, little books that had like a sentence or less per page and it had like a really big, big picture on every single page. So if you didn't understand what it said you could sort of comprehend with the picture and that got me interested in reading more. So I started reading bigger books little by little.
IS: Do you remember the names of those little books?
CS: Um, like some of them were like called Sam I Am. They didn't have more that a title, probably like three words in it. [Laugh]
IS: Uh-hum. So you're saying you don't remember much about the house that you used to live?
CS: Yeah.
IS: Do you remember somebody telling you stories when you were little? When you were young?
CS: Yes. I don't remember exactly what the stories were but I know that like the grownups in the house, like during Christmas or reunions or whenever we saw each other, we would talk at the dinner table, and they like told about old times, and we'd laugh [pause] or any where, in the living room.
IS: But you don't remember any about yourself?
CS: Yes, um, like they used to tell me stories that went I was little I used to climb everywhere around the house. And one of them was that one time I wanted something on top of the bed that couldn't reach and so you said, my mom said to get, to find a way to get it, and so I don't remember what I grabbed, but I grabbed something and I climbed on top of the bed and I grabbed the thing that I wanted and I think they were like surprised because they didn't think that I would actually do it. Another one was when I think I was younger than that I was trying to climb up on a couch and my grandfather was like watching me behind me and he kept saying to everybody, "She's going to fall, she's going to fall, she's going to fall, she fell," because I did fall and everybody laughed and I think they took a picture of me when I was like climbing up the couch or whenever I was on that couch. But they sort of told me that from climbing all over the couches, I sort of ruined them.
IS: Uh-oh. Do you like to read?
CS: Yes.
IS: What kind of readings?
CS: Fictional books, mainly, like about the future, that like make me think and wonder, and, you know, grab my attention.
IS: Will you say that you're a good reader?
CS: Yes.
IS: Why?
CS: Well mainly almost everybody does and I think I do read like really good. And like usually, like my sister comes up to me and once I'm done reading a book she'll go like, "How can you read that fast?" You know.
IS: What you mean fast?
CS: Well I can probably get a thick book and finish it in a day. It depends how long I like stay on it. And so, [pause] I mean everyone is different. Like she can't read that fast, but I can read that fast and understand what's in the book and don't have to read it again. Um, so that's what I mean by like I can read fast.
IS: Do you have a collection of books or do you have a lot of books at your house?
CS: Um, I have a certain collection that's called Animorphs. It's like one of those fictional type of futuristic type books and I like to collect them. I mean they're really easy books. But I like them and the author is KA Applegate and they're new, I mean they've been out for a while, but they're new compared to other books that have been out.
IS: Do you like to tell stories? [Pause]
CS: Well--. [Pause]
IS: To make a story?
CS: Well, yeah. I mean, sometimes I'm in the mood for it, sometimes I'm not, but I do like it.
IS: You like to what?
CS: I do, um, like to tell stories.
IS: OK. Do you, can you describe your bedroom?
CS: Um. When you walk in the door and you look to your left you see a desk and on the same wall as the door is a closet that's um, two sliding doors that you open and then my bed is horizontal to the room against the wall were my desk is, to the left of the room. And then if you look straight ahead from the doorway there is this really big window by the other wall, in front. And um, my walls are green. My room is rectangular and on my desk I have my collection of books that I was telling you about and [pause] on the top of my desk I have like stuff that I have collected from where I've been. And then in the middle shelf of my desk I have my religious type of stuff. [Pause] I had my first communion type of stuff and then on the bottom shelf of my desk I have like my fun stuff, like my books I told you about and these statues that I have and pictures and stuff like that.
IS: Thank you very much.
CS: OK. Pleased.