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Interview with Ivonne Silva

Silva, Ivonne
Silva, Ivonne C.
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers; Childhood Adventures
Ivonne Silva recalls stories that her family has told to her and talks about enjoying reading.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Ivonne C. Silva interviews her daughter to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
CS (Ivonne C. Silva): Hi how are you?
IS (Ivonne Silva): Fine.
CS: What's your name?
IS: Ivonne Silva.
CS: How old are you Ivonne?
IS: Fourteen.
CS: Fourteen. Ivonne, I'll be asking you some questions. Uh, what stories do you remember family member telling you? Any family, family member.
IS: Uh, about their life, and like my grandmother used to tell me about when she lived in Colombia, South America and she used to go really early in the mornings with a group of people to church, with a group of older girls, and they would go on the bus and they would drink hot chocolate and bread every morning on Sundays. And then my dad told me about a time when he climbed up on the window and my grandmother came out and look at him and scared him and he fell down and rolled down the street because it was steep. And [pause] and, he talked about a time that he was trying to cut a tree or something and he cut his knee open.
CS: With what?
IS: Like an ax.
CS: Oh. [Long pause] Do you remember maybe your grandfather telling you stories?
IS: No. But I remember when my dad said he fell down and he hit his head in the, like a river because he dived in, and my grandmother dived in the same place and she hit herself there too.
CS: When she did that, when she was older?
IS: When she was young like teenager.
CS: And then later on in life her son did the same?
IS: Yeah. Yeah.
CS: In the same place?
IS: Yeah.
CS: Do you remember the name of that place?
IS: Poso Azul.
CS: Which means?
IS: Blue [pause] pond or something.
CS: Very good. Um, do you remember stories being told by other family member, maybe your mother?
IS: Yes. My mom told me stories. She would make up stories for us, my sister and I, at bedtime when we lived in Miami and she would tell us stories like, including like characters that were like us but we had different names and stuff, or we would be animals and they would have morals to them at the end and, or we would read books at night before going to bed.
CS: So this was in your bedroom?
IS: Yes.
CS: It was just your bedroom?
IS: Yes.
CS: Or somebody else's?
IS: No. Oh, oh it was my sister's and my room.
CS: Do you remember how it looked like? Can you describe it?
IS: Yes. It had a bed where you pull another bed out from under it and it had one of those [pause] like porch outside of it and it was a big room, and when you came in the front door to the apartment it would be down the left hallway. It would be the first door on the right.
CS: And do you remember stories about maybe somebody else in the family? Maybe that you can tell?
IS: [Long pause] Oh yeah. My sister when she was like four, she went into the walk-in closet in my parent's bedroom and she put baby powder all over herself and all over the clothes. And also in that same walk-in closet my sister and I, we would go in there and hide from my dad and when he got home from work and we would wait for him to come in and turn on the light and then when he walked in we'd scare him. Because we'd be hiding on the shoes and behind the clothes.
CS: Very good. Um. Do you like reading?
IS: Yes. I read a lot.
CS: What kind of books do you like to read?
IS: All type of books, but I have a collection. I collect um, Anne of Green Gables because I like it.
CS: Why, is there a favorite book? Or are those your favorite ones?
IS: I like those, yeah.
CS: [Pause] All right, um. [Pause] Do you like to tell stories?
IS: Yeah. I like writing stories and poems and I write them for school a lot and I'm part of a magazine to write stories and poems and we draw too, to put stories that students write in the magazine for school.
CS: Um. Do you have books now?
IS: We have a lot of books.
CS: At home?
IS: Yeah, we had a lot of different types of books and we have some books from when we were little too.
CS: Where do you keep them?
IS: Downstairs we have like a playroom is like a big TV room and we keep them down there on one half of it.
CS: What about your bedroom? Now do you share bedrooms with your sister?
IS: No, I have my own room and I have some books in there but not many because most of them are downstairs.
CS: Can you describe your bedroom?
IS: Yes. There is a bed, it's a full bed and it's got a desk and a dresser and a closet and a bunch of stuffed animals.
CS: \\ Oh. \\
IS: Because I like stuffed animals, and it has two windows, and when you walk in, the bed is to your left and so is the dresser and the desk is to your left and right. Like, like--.
CS: What things do you have on your desk?
IS: Uh, I have a bunch of things. I have pictures of my pets and my family and I have books and I have medals and stuffed animals.
CS: OK, um, anything else that you would like to tell us? Things you like to do?
IS: I like to play my flute in the band.
CS: Oh that is nice. OK, thank you very much.
IS: You're welcome. Bye.