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Conversation with Jessica Smith

Smith, Jessica
Dawes, Yolanda
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Jessica Smith gives her opinions about the latest war in the Middle East and the difference between men and women.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Yolanda Dawes interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
YD (Yolanda Dawes): No, the date is four, 22, '03, and the interviewer, is Yolanda Dawes, and the interviewee, is Jessica Smith. And she's just going to tell us a little about herself. Like where she's from, and that, proximity, to Charlotte. And, how long she's been living in Charlotte, and then she's going to tell us something about herself.
JS (Jessica Smith): I am from Winston-Salem, but, um, I've been living in Charlotte for the past 17 years. Um, Winston is about an hour and a half away from Charlotte, um, I guess I'm just going to talk to you about, war, and, whatever else comes to mind. Um [clears throat], I don't think we should have been at war, I think it was a very stupid thing to do. I think that the President didn't acknowledge the people, here at home, his, quote un-quote "fellow Americans." He didn't acknowledge them. Well, those of them who are against the war, he never did acknowledge them, he just [clears throat], um, excuse me, he just did what he wanted to do, and I don't think that's fair, and I think it came off as him being selfish, and, him just, finishing off what happened between Saddam and his father, and I don't think that's fair [clears throat]. And I am very anti-war, because, I read a few pages about an essay or so, from the book, um, called Men, Women and Rape, and I forgot who it's by, but, I vividly remember, a passage saying that, [sigh] in times of war, the instances of rape, increase. And that can be because the soldiers of the, country that is defeated, take the wives and daughters, of the town, or country or whatever. Or, it's just out of desperation. The soldiers haven't seen a woman, in a long time. Or, they learn to hate women, because they feel as if they are protecting the women back home who aren't in danger at all. So they have a misogynistic feeling towards women, all women [clears throat]. And, I guess you could say I am a bit of a feminist, because, I mean that does stick out to me. And that's just, I guess why I'm against war. Um [clicks tongue], what else can I talk about, for 15 minutes?
YD: ( )
JS: [Clears throat] Um, let's see. [Clears throat]
YD: Romance life? [Background noise]
JS: I don't have a romance life.
YD: Can you answer the phone?
JS: Put it on off?
YD: Yeah.
JS: I have no romantic life, um, let's see. We'll talk about men, I can talk about men for, oh-ho [laugh], // a long time. //
YD: // I know // [laugh].
JS: Men are-.
YD: ( ).
JS: // OK. //
YD: // No. //
JS: OK, I'm going to try not to make this ugly, but, um, men just, I don't understand them, I don't know what they're thinking.
YD: They're men, aren't they?
JS: I think they're very primitive creatures. I really don't think they're as developed as, as women are, and, I don't know, men just do so much grimy, underhanded mess, mess, for lack of a better word, or the word I would like to use, since I'm being recorded. Um [clears throat], you know, men complain about the way the world is today, but, they neglect to remember that they're always the ones in control, so, who else do they have to blame but themselves? They start the wars. They rape the women. They're in con-, they're in control of the churches [clears throat], they're in control of the government, corporate America, they're at the top. There's a few women who've broken through the glass ceiling, but, you know, if the world isn't the way they've planned it, then, I mean, whose fault is it? And then they say, they have the audacity to say that women can't pull things together and conquer things, or operate things, the way that a man would. Of course not, we do it better, um [clears throat], we would, and I'm just solely against people, who think, for instance, that women shouldn't be preachers. That ticks me off, 'cause God made man and women equal, and, you know women were the ones who were at the tomb of Jesus when He rose again. And they stayed, and they were faithful to Him, and, you know, like whenever people think about women in religion they think about Jezebel, or [clears throat] Delilah, or Eve, it's always the fall of mankind, it's because of woman. That's bull. I mean that's just awful, and I don't respect that at all, and, what else about men? Men cheat. That's a big one. They do, they do. Yolanda's nodding because, she knows they do, we all know men cheat, and that's because they think with-.
YD: Penis.
JS: [Laugh]
YD: Their penis.
JS: I'm trying to be a lady. They think, with their libido [snap], ah-ha, they think with their libido. And, I mean, I don't know what goes through their heads, I mean they have, they have to have self-control, but they just don't have any standards. I've seen men cheat on beautiful women, beautiful women, intelligent, smart, women who don't use them for money, who don't, who treat them right, who cook for them, who have children for them. And I've seen men neglect these women in order to be with some horrible looking wretch of a woman, who has nothing going for her, and who's only using the man for his money or for what she can get from him at the present moment [clears throat], and that's bull. I think when women cheat, most of the time, unless they're gold diggers, I think women cheat, when they feel neglected. Women cheat not to obtain material things, but to obtain things that their man should be giving them.
YD: ( )
JS: Oh, I'm done? It's been my 15 minutes?
YD: You talked for about 10, but if you need to vent, could you vent? // ( ) //
JS: // [Laugh] // I think I'm venting, I'm venting, I'm venting. Like, where was I? Like, I think women cheat.
YD: Are you going to have a fight with him?
JS: OK. I think women cheat [clears throat] to, fill a void of, either romance, or passion, or good sex, or acknowledgement, or love. I mean, that's why women cheat. I think men cheat because, they can get it. If they can get it, they're going to take it. And, I guess I'm done venting now. That's all good.
YD: OK [laugh].
JS: Don't share this with people.
JS: OK [laugh], all right [laugh]. Well, nice talking to you, whoever you are. And, bye-bye.