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Interview with Barbara Stacey

Stacey, Barbara
Cummings, Zakia
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming obstacles; Relationships with people and places; Then and now; Tolerance and respect
Barbara Stacey talks about her life relating to self esteem; Education; Fears; Security; Health; Social activities and arts/culture.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Zakia Cummings interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
ZC (Zakia Cummings): First question is, what are some of your biggest fears? Can you think of it? What are some of your biggest fears?
BS (Barbara Stacey): Like what? Like.
ZC: Like some of people are scared of insects. Some people are scared of animals. Some people are scared of being shot or dying. Some people are scared of driving, you know, what is, what is your biggest fear?
BS: Um, house break-in.
ZC: House break-in? OK. And, and why is that one of your fears?
BS: Because if they break in, they coming for something. And it mostly if somebody's there, they'll probably hurt them.
ZC: Uh-huh. They probably hurt them?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: OK. Name of some of the times within this month that you felt fear, that you were scared. It could be any incident.
BS: No.
ZC: None? Within this month?
BS: No.
ZC: OK. What about in, within this past year? [Pause]
BS: None.
ZC: None?
BS: No.
ZC: OK. Um, have you or your friend ever had anything stolen from you?
BS: No, // no. //
ZC: // You, // you never had anything stolen from you?
BS: No.
ZC: Who, what about your friend, a friend of yours? One that you could think of.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. What's the next one? OK, your security. That's physiological bodily needs that's just things you need for your body to, you know, keep on working.
BS: OK, I'll take this one.
ZC: OK. You want to take that one? All right. What is your favorite meal served here?
BS: My favorite is cabbage and, um, hmm, cube steak.
ZC: OK. Cabbage and cube steak?
BS: And candied yams.
ZC: And candied yams? [Laugh]
BS: Cornbread.
ZC: Cornbread? So, OK. It's the meal that's served here.
BS: // Uh-huh. //
ZC: // You // like when they cook that?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. What is your least favorite meal?
BS: Hmm, something, um, oh, let me see, so, um, stew beef and noodles.
ZC: Stewed beef and noodles? What about as far as vegetables?
BS: Um, uh, broccoli.
ZC: And what about desert?
BS: I like all of it.
ZC: You like all dessert? OK [laugh] All right. Um, what advice would you give the cooking staff here?
BS: Learn how to cook.
ZC: Learn how to cook? [Laughter] What do you mean by that?
BS: Learn how to cook, 'cause some of the things like, um, some of them is, um, don't, the cabbage don't be done, and then, the chicken don't be baked.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, humph, and, um, cream potatoes they don't have any butter or milk in it, it's just but water.
ZC: Just water?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: So you would, you would teach them how to cook? Anything else you can think of? What would you tell them?
BS: Learn how to cook.
ZC: Learn how to cook. [Laughter] OK. Um, now we're talk a little bit about fashion. What do you think about the new hairstyles that are going around, that the girls wear, and the guys?
BS: No.
ZC: You don't like them?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Why?
BS: 'Cause it don't look nice on them.
ZC: It don't look nice?
BS: No.
ZC: What would you suggest for them to wear?
BS: A haircut.
ZC: A haircut?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: The boys or the girls?
BS: The boys.
ZC: The // boys. //
BS: // And // the girls that their hair if they want, just wash and straighten and just curl it.
ZC: Curl it?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Uh-huh. And the boys cut?
BS: Cut, // yeah. //
ZC: // [Laugh] // Instead of all the braids.
BS: Right.
ZC: OK, OK, um, let me see, all right. We're finished about, um, this one. What's the next one you want to talk about? Got health, health? OK. What medications do you take on a daily basis, if any?
BS: None.
ZC: You don't take any medications? OK, OK, um, oh, what ill-, illnesses have you been diagnosed with?
BS: High blood.
ZC: High blood pressure?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Do you take medicine for that?
BS: No, it stopped.
ZC: It stopped? // Oh. //
BS: // The // blood pressure medicine.
ZC: OK. OK. When you when they told you had, you had high blood pressure, um, how did your life change since then, when they told you had that?
BS: Terrible, 'cause I couldn't eat what I wanted.
ZC: Terrible cause you can't eat. // [Laugh] //
BS: // Yep. // Can't eat no pork. Uh-huh.
ZC: How, how did your life change? Like, uh, so you couldn't eat certain // things? //
BS: // No. //
ZC: How else did, did it did change?
BS: That's about all.
ZC: That's about all?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: What else, uh, so what could, what could you eat and what couldn't you eat?
BS: No pork and, um, that's about all. No, too much sweets and, um, no, spicy food.
ZC: No spicy food?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Um, how do you feel on a daily basis?
BS: Sometime I feel good and sometime I be dizzy.
ZC: You're dizzy?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Do you know why you feel dizzy?
BS: Blood went up.
ZC: Oh, the blood went up. OK, OK, uh, would you say most of the time you feel good or?
BS: Most of the time I do.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Um, think you are, are you, do you think you are in good health or how would you rate your health?
BS: Well, in between.
ZC: In between?
BS: I believe, it couldn't be good if I got high blood.
ZC: OK. All right, all right. What's the next one?
[Tape interruption] ZC: OK, all right. So you say you believe you have 'in between' health.
BS: Like, uh, well, I don't think if I have high blood, 'cause it, it goes up. You know, 'cause the doctor stopped me from working, stopped me from driving, stopped me from cooking.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: So, it couldn't be good, you know.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK, so you think it's in between. All right, um, anything else you wanted to add? Don't take any medicines, you don't have any illnesses except for high blood pressure. OK. And you said your life changed after you found out you had hypertension.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: 'Cause you couldn't eat like, things that you want like pork. // [Laugh] //
BS: // Uh-huh. //
ZC: Or sweets. [Laugh] Just making sure. OK, so what's the next thing you want to talk about? What's the next topic? Arts and culture, OK. Um, OK what, what, what race are you?
BS: I am, negro.
ZC: You're African American? OK. Are you proud of being an African American?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: You are?
BS: Huh?
ZC: And what makes you proud about being an African American? [Laughs]
BS: I don't know.
ZC: You don't know? [Laughter] What do you, what are you most proud of, about being an African American?
BS: [Pause] I don't know.
ZC: You don't know? You can't think of anything? Think about it for a little while.
BS: Um.
ZC: What are you most proud of? What makes you like being an African American? [Pause] Anything at all. [Pause]
BS: I can't think of any.
ZC: You can't think of anything?
BS: No.
ZC: Well, OK, if, if during this interview you think of anything, let me know. OK?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Um, what kinds of music do you like?
BS: Christian.
ZC: Christian music? And why do you like Christian music?
BS: Because it's, because it's about Christ.
ZC: Uh-huh. It's about // Christ. //
BS: // Yeah // and it, and it keeps you in a good mood.
ZC: Uh-huh. Keeps you in a good mood.
BS: Yeah.
ZC: OK. What's your favorite song?
BS: My favorite song?
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Oh, I can't remember it.
ZC: Do you know how it goes? [Pause]
BS: I don't know.
ZC: You don't know, you don't know?
BS: I can't remember, it's by Shirley Caesar.
ZC: It's by Shirley Caesar?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: I know she sings a lot of // songs. //
BS: // I know, // and the Williams Brothers.
ZC: The Williams Brothers? OK.
BS: But I can't remember.
ZC: Do you like any other music?
BS: I like, um, blues.
ZC: You like blues? Who, who do you like that sings the blues?
BS: I like, um, what's his name? [Pause] I like Gladys Knight.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And I like, um, oomph, oomph, I forget his name. You know, he was real stout and then he lose weight.
ZC: Luther // Vandross? //
BS: // Luther // Vandross, that's him.
ZC: You love Luther // Vandross. [Laughter]
BS: Yes, honey.
ZC: OK. All right. Um, what, what other types of art do you like now? Art can consist of painting-.
BS: // Uh-huh. //
ZC: // -Plays, // uh, acting, cooking, singing, games, // drawing. //
BS: // I like // cooking.
ZC: You like cooking? Is that's your favorite art?
BS: Oh, yes.
ZC: What do you like to cook?
BS: I love to cook, um, upside-down pineapple cake and I like to cook, chicken and I like to cook meatloaf and I like carrots and I like cabbage and I like okra-.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: -And cornbread and yeast rolls.
ZC: And yeast rolls?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: [Laugh] OK.
BS: And, uh, I love chitterlings and I love pig feet.
ZC: You love pig // feet. //
BS: // And // I can't eat none.
ZC: Can't eat pig?
BS: Oh, no.
ZC: Because your, uh, blood pressure?
BS: Yeah. But I slip one time and ate some ribs here and I prayed to the Lord, "Don't let nothing happen."
ZC: What did you eat? What did you sneak and eat?
BS: I, I didn't, I did but God stopped me, though. Um, barbecue ribs.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: But, uh, she said that she had cooked them in a lot of vinegar, so they wouldn't hurt me. So I'm not supposed to eat it, but I had to.
ZC: // [Laugh] //
BS: // And // I thanked the Lord it didn't bother me.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Now my blood was up a little bit but it wasn't nothing to worry about 'cause that's the way it's been.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Up a little bit.
ZC: OK. Any other types of art besides cooking do you like?
BS: Um, // no. //
ZC: // Do // you like to sing?
BS: Um, I did but I don't now.
ZC: You, you did but you don't?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Do you like to draw?
BS: No.
ZC: Do you like to paint?
BS: No.
ZC: Do you like to watch movies?
BS: Oh, yeah. Not no art movies.
ZC: Not no, not no, I didn't hear you.
BS: Not art movies.
ZC: Not art movies?
BS: About art.
ZC: Uh-huh. But any type of movies?
BS: Oh, yeah.
ZC: What movies do you like? Um, this, this can't record that though, right? [Laugh] That's all right.
BS: Let me see.
ZC: Movies?
BS: I like scary movies. And I like just ordinary movies like soap operas.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK. Do you like plays?
BS: Not, no.
ZC: No?
BS: No.
ZC: OK, what about concerts?
BS: Oh, yes, uh-huh.
ZC: You like concerts?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK, all right. Um, OK, we're finished with arts and culture. Is that the next one you want to // do? //
BS: // Uh-huh. //
ZC: Quality of life. OK. Um, what do you think makes a person happy in life?
BS: When they have, when they get they want.
ZC: When they, like what?
BS: Whatever they want.
ZC: They that makes them happy?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: So what are the characteristics of a good life?
BS: You being happy and healthy and Christian.
ZC: Uh-huh. Being a Christian?
BS: Having a job, yeah.
ZC: Having a job?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: What makes you happy as a person?
BS: My health, // and-. //
ZC: // Your // health or your help?
BS: Health.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, going to church.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, having a good job.
ZC: Why does it matter, // why does? //
BS: // I enjoy // working on my job.
ZC: Oh, you enjoy // working? //
BS: // You're // around people, yeah. And.
ZC: Why does, uh, why does church make you happy?
BS: Because it's hope and you pray to God.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: And why does going to work make you happy?
BS: 'Cause you make money to pay your bills and get what you want.
ZC: Get what you want?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Anything else that you can think that makes you happy as a person?
BS: My family.
ZC: Your family? Uh-huh, why?
BS: Because I can always go to them.
ZC: You can always go to // them? //
BS: // Talk // to them. Uh-huh.
ZC: Do they visit you?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Do they visit you often?
BS: Um, not too often but they call all the time.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: That's why I was in my room.
ZC: [Laugh] 'Cause they called you?
BS: Yeah, no not yet. If they had, no I don't think so. It'll probably be later.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK, all right, we've finished with quality with life. Recreation, recreation, OK. What is your favorite thing to do?
BS: Sitting with the TV.
ZC: Sitting with the TV. What do you like to watch?
BS: Soap operas.
ZC: Soap operas? Which one?
BS: All of them.
ZC: All of them // [laugh] //
BS: // From // twelve-thirty to four.
ZC: Twelve-thirty to four.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Uh, what is your least favorite thing to do?
BS: [Pause] Um, um.
ZC: What did you, what do you don't like to do? Name something you really don't like to do.
BS: I don't, can't remember.
ZC: You can't remember? [Pause] That you don't like to do? [Pause]
BS: I can't think of anything.
ZC: You can't think of anything?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK, um, what do you observe other people liking to do? What do you see that other people like to do?
BS: Sit and gossip.
ZC: Sit and gossip. // [Laugh] //
BS: // Yeah. [Laugh] //
ZC: That's what they love to do?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: What [laugh] else, why do you think they like to sit and gossip?
BS: 'Cause I'm seeing them.
ZC: 'Cause you're seeing them.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: You sit them sitting there // gossiping. //
BS: // Gossip. //
ZC: What else do other people like to do?
BS: Uh, stay on the phone.
ZC: Stay on the phone?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: You do you like to stay on the phone?
BS: No.
ZC: Do you like to sit and gossip?
BS: No.
ZC: // [Laugh] //
BS: // Uh-huh, no. //
ZC: Anything else that you see other people like to do?
BS: Uh, some of them like to give.
ZC: Give? Give what?
BS: You know, whatever they have.
ZC: They like to give?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: OK. Anything else?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: No? OK. What types of activities do they have here at this home for you guys to do?
BS: Oh, uh, play bingo.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, look at movies, and, we go out to eat.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: We go to the movies. And, that's about it.
ZC: That's about it?
BS: Most of them be in the evening.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK. Um, so do you participate // in all those? //
BS: // Oh, yes. //
ZC: Is there anything that they do here that you don't participate in?
BS: Um, no.
ZC: No? You do everything?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Um, we finished recreation. Want to do housing? All right. What do you like about living here?
BS: Because I can go when I get ready.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, privacy.
ZC: Privacy.
BS: And that you can have your own phone in your room, your own TV and.
ZC: You say your own room and TV? I didn't hear you. You said your own room?
BS: Your own TV.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, um, own phone.
ZC: Phone, // OK. //
BS: // Uh-huh. //
ZC: That's what you like.
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Anything else?
BS: And you can have your visitors and they can stay long as they want to.
ZC: OK, all right. Which, what would you improve about here, living here? Your housing.
BS: [Pause] What? Uh, nothing.
ZC: You wouldn't improve anything?
BS: I don't see anything. That's why I'm still here.
ZC: That's why you're still here. How long have you been here?
BS: Uh, four years. It'll be five the 15th of September.
ZC: Uh, OK, all right. Um, oh, and also you talked about children. How many children do you have?
BS: None.
ZC: Nine? None? Oh, you don't have any children. OK, I thought you said you had children.
BS: No.
ZC: OK. Are you married? Single?
BS: No, single.
ZC: You always been // single. //
BS: // Single. //
ZC: Oh, OK. All right. How do you enjoy being single?
BS: I love it.
ZC: You love it? [Laugh] Why?
BS: Because, I do what I want to do, nobody tell me what to do, when to go or when to come back. [Laughter]
ZC: OK. Um. [Laugh] All right. We've finished housing.
ZC: You want education? OK. Um, what was your last year in school? Like how far did you go in school?
BS: Um, 12th, I finished in '57.
ZC: Oh, you finished in '57. So you finished high school?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: And did you go to school after that?
BS: No.
ZC: OK, you finished twelfth grade. All right, um, and, you know, how did you feel about going to school?
BS: I loved it until I got in high school and, um.
ZC: You didn't want to go?
BS: No.
ZC: Why?
BS: When I was young I just like to dress and go to school and then when you get older, you know, I loved it as far as my class but then, you have trouble-.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: -In high school. [Laughter]
ZC: Why did you say that? What did you do?
BS: Because the boys.
ZC: The boys?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: What about the boys?
BS: They always worried me. You couldn't get your homework done.
ZC: [Laugh] 'Cause of the boys? [Laugh]
BS: Oh, I liked it though.
ZC: [Laughs] OK. Um, what would you teach a young person?
BS: To grow up, and get their education.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And be good.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Have a job. Go to college.
ZC: Go to college?
BS: And get you a good job after college. And you marry, have a family and live on.
ZC: What advice would you give young people?
BS: Um, get their education.
ZC: Get their education, why?
BS: Because of things, different things and they can get a good job.
ZC: They can get a good job.
BS: Yeah and stay in church.
ZC: Stay in church.
BS: Yeah.
ZC: OK. What are some things you like to learn, you would like to learn?
BS: How to get rid of the boys.
ZC: How to get rid of the boys? [Laughter] Anything else you want to learn?
BS: Um, no.
ZC: No? Nothing at all? Not to do anything? To learn about something? Like what there is to draw or // to-? //
BS: // No. //
ZC: Nothing at all?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: You don't want to learn to do anything. OK, all right. OK, We're finished with education.
BS: Social.
ZC: Social? Um, what do you, who do you like to spend your time with and why?
BS: Um. [Pause] I'm trying to think who. Could be anybody?
ZC: Yeah, it could be anybody.
BS: My boyfriend.
ZC: Your boyfriend? Uh, so you have, you have a little friend? So you, so you consider him as your, your friend.
BS: Yeah.
ZC: And tell me, can you tell me just a little bit about your boyfriend?
BS: Oh, he's sweet.
ZC: He's sweet?
BS: And he's very kind.
ZC: Very kind.
BS: And he's good to me.
ZC: He's good to you?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: That's good. And, uh, why do you consider him as your friend?
BS: Because he's different from me, I mean, you know, I mostly grew up with him, went to church together.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: That's about all. He's just a good person.
ZC: A good person?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Who, OK, um, who would you like to spend more time with?
BS: My mother.
ZC: Your mother? Is she still living?
BS: No.
ZC: She's dead?
BS: Or my daddy.
ZC: And your daddy. Both of them are deceased?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Your, your father's // living? //
BS: // Living. //
ZC: OK. And why would you want to spend more time with your mom?
BS: Because they always tell you right and tell you what to do when, and she's not mean.
ZC: She's not mean?
BS: No.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And she mostly, I mostly get what I want.
ZC: You mostly get what you want? And why would you want to spend more time with your dad?
BS: Because, uh, he do the same thing.
ZC: He does the same thing?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Anything else?
BS: Um, and he reads the Bible to us and, that's about it.
ZC: That's about it?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Who are you not, who are you, who are the most important people in your life?
BS: God.
ZC: God?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK and, and why do you say that?
BS: Because he always listen to you. And he always answered my prayer.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Does he ever talk back?
BS: Uh, yeah.
ZC: He talks back?
BS: Yeah.
ZC: That's good.
BS: Yeah 'cause my blood pressure had went up and I didn't know and I stay went to the hospital and went and put something on my head.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And most of the people that, that have, I forget the name of it, but anyway they die.
ZC: Aneurysms?
BS: Yeah. That's // what I had. //
ZC: // That's ( ).//
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And the, the Lord saved me.
ZC: Uh-huh. From getting one?
BS: From dying.
ZC: From dying?
BS: Yeah 'cause I was in the hospital and I had it.
ZC: Did you have an aneurysm?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Oh, OK, you survived.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Oh, OK.
BS: And a lot of people don't.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK. Um, anybody else important?
BS: [Pause] Thats about all.
ZC: That's about all? Um, what is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
BS: [Long pause] My daddy.
ZC: Your daddy?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: What did he do?
BS: // 'Cause-. //
ZC: // What's // the nicest thing?
BS: When I was in the hospital see, uh, he said he paid my medical.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And it was over a thousand dollars. And // he paid it. //
ZC: // And he paid it? //
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: And how did that make you feel?
BS: Oh, I was happy.
ZC: You was happy?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Did you expect him to do that?
BS: No.
ZC: Oh, OK. All right. So they that's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
BS: Um, and my other friend, he got me a car when I finished school.
ZC: Your other granny?
BS: Nope, my other friend.
ZC: Friend? OK.
BS: And that's about it.
ZC: And that's about it? OK, we're finished social.
BS: OK, esteem.
ZC: Esteem. All right. That's the last one. Um, who makes you feel important?
BS: [Pause] Um, my daddy.
ZC: Your daddy?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: How does he make you feel important?
BS: 'Cause he'd call me and he'd want to know how everything is and I, but I always, you know, if I don't like a thing or something's happened, he'd say I can call him and he'll be there.
ZC: He'll be there.
BS: Yeah.
ZC: Uh-huh. Now, how old is he?
BS: 70, I mean 90.
ZC: 90 and how old are you?
BS: 63.
ZC: 63? OK. All right. Um, do you think younger people respect older people?
BS: Some do.
ZC: Some do?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. And how, how do they respect them?
BS: They, well, they don't talk back. Like you tell them to do something they don't talk back and they speak to them, um, like they're not hard headed. And some kids are so mean and talk back.
ZC: How do, how do some young people disrespect older people? Is there a way in // which? //
BS: // I // could just tell them to do something, they won't do it. Uh-huh. Um, just everything. Some of them curse. I've heard it done.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Um, what, what do people praise you for?
BS: Oh, um, um [pause] being honest.
ZC: Being honest?
BS: Uh-huh. And respect.
ZC: And being respect?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Anything else, people praise you for?
BS: Um, always giving.
ZC: Always giving?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: Anything else?
BS: No.
ZC: No? OK. What are you most proud of?
BS: I'm living.
ZC: You're living?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK, and why are you proud of that?
BS: Because, um, why am I, um, I'm just proud of it.
ZC: You're just proud of it? OK. If you could change anything in your life what would it be?
BS: Is it like if you want to do something or, uh?
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: Oh, get out of here and go back to my house.
ZC: Go back to your // house? //
BS: // Yeah, // but the doctor don't want me to, not unless somebody live with me.
BS: And see, I'm not going to stay with my daddy. My daddy be gone, um, mostly to the conventions for the church and stuff.
ZC: Uh-huh. OK.
BS: And I'd still be my myself.
ZC: Uh-huh. So you can't-.
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: So you're staying here?
BS: Uh-huh.
ZC: OK. Anything else, you would change about your life or something that you have done in the past, anything?
BS: [Pause] That I could change?
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: I wouldn't, I wouldn't have high blood pressure [laugh].
ZC: Wouldn't have high blood pressure.
BS: Uh-uh [laugh].
ZC: And why, why would you change that?
BS: Why? Because I could be able to go and I could cook. I miss all that. I don't have to work that much, they could leave that out. [Laughter] I could cook and I could drive my car and then I could be by myself if I wanted to.
ZC: Uh-huh.
BS: And, that's it. So I could eat what I wanted. // You know. //
ZC: // [Laugh] // OK. Um, it was a question that I asked you that you couldn't think of. I can't remember which one it was. About, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, tch, um, uh-huh, I can't remember. Anything else? Well, is there anything else that you want to add on to this interview, to say?
BS: That's it.
ZC: Sure? OK. Well thank you so much.
BS: And you're welcome.
ZC: I appreciate it.