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Monologue by Candice Stilwell

Stilwell, Candice
Stilwell, Carla
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places; Childhood adventures
Candice Stilwell talks about things she enjoys doing.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Carla Stillwell interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
C2 (Candice Stilwell): [Laugh] Hi my name is Candice Stilwell. Um, I'm Carla's sister, I'm 15 years old. I go to Independence High School, um, I'm real involved in school, I go to all the football games. Um, I'm in DECA at school, um, I have a bunch of friends, um, I love my family a lot. Um, I have a golden retriever named A.J. [sniff] and, um, I play softball. And I like to swim during the summer, 'cause I'm on the swim team. Um, um, I love Christmas, um, Thanksgiving is a good holiday too, um [clears throat], let's see. Um, my favorite movie is probably G.I. Jane, um, I don't know, I just love the way she stands up for women's rights and stuff. Um, I'm into alternative, like rock music. Um, let's see, I hope to be, um, a chef or a fashion designer when I grow up, um, I want to go to Johnson and Wales College here in Charlotte or, um, go to The Art Institute. I'm real involved with Young Life at school, and Campaigners and First Priority, with, um, our Christian club. Um, let me see [pause] on the weekends I like to hang out with my friends, probably go to the movies or something. Um, let's see, I go to church basically any time the doors are open, um, I'm real involved with my youth group at school, I mean at church. Um, let's see, my favorite sport is probably, uh, hockey, um, I love to watch it, people get in fights and stuff. Um, I'm not really a girly girl, I don't like getting dressed up and wearing dresses and stuff, but, um, let me see. I like going to all the football games and watching Chris Leak and, um, seeing all my friends on the football team, um [pause]. My favorite TV show is probably The Osbournes because they're really funny. Um, I like Kelly Osbourne, she's a good singer. Um, let me see. I'm trying to think of some more. Oh yeah I love going to all the wrestling matches at school. Um, my best friend's boyfriend is a wrestler and I think a lot of them on the wrestling team are cute. Um, let me see, oh yeah I'm the youngest of three children. Um, my sister Carla, um, and then my brother Chad, which, um, got married a few years ago, they live, um, here in Charlotte. Carla's going to UNCC, um, I think sh-, I don't really know what she majored in [laugh] I think she wants to be on TV someday or something [laugh]. Um, I love going to the beach during the summer, hang out with my friends, and I love the mountains, I love skiing. Um, I love going on trips. This summer I went on a bunch of youth trips to Maryland and Caswell, and, um, I love meeting new people and [sigh], my favorite food is [sniff] I don't know I like bunch of stuff. I like macaroni and cheese, homemade macaroni and cheese from Grandma, um, I like pizza. Um, I don't really eat a lot of meats, but I love salad, I love Chinese food. My favorite restaurant is King Wah, the best Chinese restaurant around here [laugh]. Has some good fried rice. Um, I live in Mint Hill, a really small town, um, a bunch, all my-. Um, yeah, home of the Patriots, everybody knows what Independence is 'cause we get a lot a recognition and stuff. Um, most all my friends live in Mint Hill, most all my friends go to the same church as I do, Cornerstone Baptist. Um, um, my grandma is a really good cook, she's a really sweet lady, um, we have Christmas at her house every year, um [pause]. I love hanging out with my friends on the weekends and I'm usually at my friend Jodie's house and [sniff], um [laugh], I'm running out a things to say so I'm probably going to say my favorite color is probably like blue or something, um, [clears throat]. I like watching TV, um, I like watching Will and Grace-. [Laugh] -And Friends and The Osbournes is a really good show and I watch Survivor and my favorite singer is probably Avril Lavigne, I like her a lot. I like Good Charlotte, um, I saw them in concert. I like [pause] I like Bojangles [laugh]. I like Bojangles a lot [laugh].