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Interview with Trina Tran

Tran, Trina
Sepulveda, Charlene
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Relationships with People and Places; Stories and Storytellers; Tolerance and Respect
Thien-Nga "Trina" Tran recalls two of her favorite stories from when she was younger.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Charlene Sepulveda interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
TT (Trina Tran): One day, um, my dad was, um, read a story to me and it was The Little Red Hen and this, um, little red hen was, was so busy. And, um, one day he asked a cat and mouse and a dog to, um, to help the little red hen to, um, to um make the, cut the wheat. And um, but they said, "Not I," said the duck, "Not I," said the dog, "Not I," said the [pause]. And, um, and then so she said that, "Then I'll do it by myself." And then, she, um, said that, "Who will plant these seeds on my backyard?" And then, um, this, and then those, the three little um, dogs, and dogs said, and, um, cats didn't help so she did it, so she did it. And then, um, she said that, "Who will help me pull the grass out?" But they didn't do it so that's why, um, little red hen do it all by herself. And then later she was tired and she went and got, and she went out and cut weeds, and then she said that, and then she came back in and said, "Who will help me bake the," um, "the bread?" And they said, "Not I," said the duck, "Not I," said the cat, "Not I," said the dog. "Then I will do it by myself." And then she did and he said that when she done and then when the bread was done, and then she asked, "Who will help me eat it?" And then all three of them yelled, "I do, I do, I do!" And she said, "You can't afford, because you didn't help because you didn't help me do anything." And so she ate it and the three, and, um, the duck, and cat and the dog was mad and so they, um, and so they look at the, um, the little red hen eat it.
CS (Charlene Sepulveda): That's a great story Trina.
TT: Thank you.
CS: That was one of my favorites when I was a little girl. \\
TT: \\ It was me too. Mine too. \\ Because The Little Red Hen was the first book that my parents, my mom and dad read it to me.
CS: Really? That's a great story. Do you learn a lesson from that story?
TT: Yeah, it teach you, um, how to um, help your parents with whatever they say and you help them, and it, um, showed you how to make bread. But the three little um, the cat and dogs, and, uh, um, and the, um, cat, dogs, what else? And um, I forgot there's another person, but I forgot. \\
CS: \\ Pig? No? \\
TT: \\ Was a pig? No, it wasn't a pig, it was a cat? A dog? And the um. \\
CS: \\ Mouse? \\
TT: I don't know, I forgot, and so, um, she, and so they didn't help but the only last part was that when she asked who would like to eat the bread and all then all three of them yell, "I do, I do, I do," so that's why that, um, so that's why she ate it and then, um, all three of them, um, sat down and look at her. And then when she was done she went out and go back to work.
CS: You know I love that story because so many times in my life I've felt like the little red hen. [Pause] Do you know what I mean?
TT: Yeah.
CS: Like maybe you need help and you can't get anybody to help you when you need help and then when you're then finished everybody wants part of your success or they want part of the bread.
TT: Yeah, but they couldn't because they didn't help her, they can't afford it because they didn't help her.
CS: So I love that story.
TT: I do too.
CS: Any other stories that you remember?
TT: Um, [long pause], well I remember story about Arnold, You Lucky Dog. And it was this dog and, um, this man and woman. And so there was a man and woman who had a dog and the dog was so lucky. And, um, one day, um, they, they had, they usually take the dog with them but this time they couldn't because they had to go somewhere. And so one day, day they left the dog and they said that um, "We love you but we can't take you because we have to go somewhere for five days and we have bought you a lot of food for five days but don't eat it one time because you might waste it and you, and you might, and then we don't know then you are still hungry." So then one day they went, and, um, then the dog came outside for walk around the corner and the dog, um, was looking for something and so the dog found a, um, a, a ticket, a cane, and a paper. And, um, so then the dog went back home. The dog keep the ticket, and so the dog went back with his ticket. And then he looked and then, one of the mailman got him a newspaper and the dog read it, and the newspaper said that said if anyone find a ticket, if you got a winning ticket, please come to the ticket center and get your prize. And so the dog went to this lady, and, um, so the dog went to this lady and then she look at the ticket and, um, she, she said you are the winner and then she said that this afternoon come, I, um, I will deliver six million thousand dollars into your house. And so the dog went home and then the dog, um, wait for two or three hours later in his backyard, and then there's two men and one woman and deliver, um, six thousand pounds of dollars, money, million dollars, and then, um, the dog said that she he want to decorate the, um, inside the house and outside the garden have flowers and a pool, big pool like a dog bowl pool. And they, um, they started and then, and then, um, decorated inside the house and outside. Inside was a dog couch and pillows and everything was bones and outside was a swimming pool bone and around the yard and backyard there was flowers everywhere and then, um, the dog has, um, a little bit more money and then because he was still hungry and he order 25 pizzas and so they deliver and then, um, it was a lot and he can't eat it all and so he was nice and he, um, invite he friends, dogs to have a party to eat pizza. And then um the dog went home. So the dog was tired. So dog went to bed and sleep a little while. And then he wake up and then it was a mess and he said that he had to start cleaning up until his, um, Laura and David come back home and the dog save them a box of pizza and then when they went home they look at the house and there were lots of flower and the pool and they went inside and they were surprised that the house was, were bones, the couch, the lamp and everywhere and go then they went back home in the house was neat and clean and then the dog went into the kitchen and give the box of pizza for the husband, for, um, the man, Laura and David and the dog started eating and they live happily ever after. And then when they were done eating pizza and then um, the dog tell them, "Do you want to go swimming at the pool?" And they said, "We do not have a pool." So when she came out they see the pool was like a bone and so when they were done and then, when they got dressed out with swimming suits and things and then they went to and they went outside and um, go swimming with the dog and the dog and them were having fun. And then when they came back there was this man who, um, come, came to the house and asked them that the neighborhood around the house and then he was he was surprised that um the house was pretty and then they invite they came, they got dressed and that man in the neighborhood came and look at the room and then they invite, Laura order pizza and then they ate and have fun and then they came back and go swimming and then um the dog told them how they um, got the money and to get all this and then he then the dog said that um, "I was lucky to find a ticket and I did I was about to left it but its was this ticket so I bought it and then this neighbor man, person um, mailman came and give me a letter and said anyone who find a ticket or buy a ticket from the ticket center and come in and see if come in the center and see if you win." And the dog got it first because somebody had throw it and they thought they didn't win but the dog was lucky and the dog pick up so the dog went to the ticket center and then they the lady give read the ticket and she said that um you win and in about two to three hours um, I will deliver money for you and you can do anything with it. And then so the dog came and then he was very excited and he was happy and then, um, when the people, when he, um, tell the whole story to Laura and David and Mr. Gary and then, um, the um neighborhood, he and then they say that you, that um, that um, you were a lucky dog.