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Monologue by Andrew R. Trull

Trull, Andrew R.
Hamper, Anne Marie
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places; Stories and storytellers
Andrew R. Trull tells a story about a monkey who works in a cheesecake factory.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Marie Hamper interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
AT (Andrew R. Trull): Once upon a time there was a monkey. A monkey named Cecil. Cecil was a good monkey. He worked hard at his monkey job high up in the trees making cheesecake. It was a hard life for Cecil. He toiled in the cheesecake factory, next to his father, Beauregard. One day while taking his break and enjoying a banana, on the south most limb of the tree, by his lonesome, a bird flew up to him. It was a strange bird. It was bird like Cecil had never seen before in his life. The bird looked at him and he looked back at the bird. They stared at each other as Cecil continued to eat his banana. Finally, the bird opened its beak wide and continued to look at Cecil. Cecil shrugged his shoulder-, shoulders, broke off a little piece of the banana and threw it into the bird's mouth. The bird ate it. And then it cawed, at him. "You're a strange bird," said Cecil. "Never thought I'd meet a bird that likes bananas, like a monkey. I guess I'll call you a monkey bird." At that the bird opened its beak a second time and waited for another piece of banana, or so Cecil thought, for as he broke off the banana the bird says, "Really I don't like bananas, I was just curious as to what you were eating." This amazed Cecil, and he said, "I didn't know birds could talk." The bird looked at him and said, "I didn't think monkeys could talk. I guess we both learned something, didn't we?" Then the bird turned and flew away. Cecil didn't think much of it and he went to his job, the whistle blew. And he walked back into the factory and started working next to his dad. He didn't think to say anything to his father because [clears throat] he didn't want his father to think he was crazy like their Uncle Norman. Norman, you see had, uh, spent a little too much time in the factory, it was late, there was drinking involved, anyway. So he didn't say anything to his father about the strange and curious bird that had just been outside. The next day, however, Cecil again was eating his lunch on the same branch in the very same spot he was eating his lunch the day before, when up flew the bird. The bird landed, looked at Cecil and said, "Good day, mate." And Cecil said, "What are you doing back here?" And the bird explained to him that well, he didn't really have much to do during the day. So he thought he would hang around, and since these two were friends now, he'd come and see his best friend. Well at this Cecil introduced himself, and the bird did likewise. And it became a daily routine, the bird visiting the monkey outside the cheesecake factory in the treetops. This went on for weeks. Very soon Cecil knew the rainy season would come, and most of the animals in the high treetops didn't come around much. In fact, the factory was closed for several months out of the year, due to the rains. He was going to mention this to his friend the bird on that very afternoon, and as he sat there eating his lunch looking off in the distance at the clouds as they were darkening on the horizon, his friend never showed up. He waited and waited. The whistle blew, it was time for him to go back to work. He waited a few moments longer and then walked inside, sad. Cecil never had a real friend before, not like the bird who visited him every day. They would sit and talk about goings-on in the jungle, whether or not anybody had seen the magical platypus in the river, of course no one had, it's magical, of course. It saddened Cecil, that his friend didn't show up, with no explanation. Several days went by, the rainy season got closer and closer. Finally on the bulletin board Cecil read that the factory was going to be closed next week due to the oncoming rains. The days passed, still no sign of his friend the bird. [Pause] Then the very last day that the factory was going to be opened before the rains came, in fact, even now the thunder was growing near the factory, Cecil went out for his last lunch before the closing and there was his friend already waiting. His friend had brought several things with him in a small bag. Cecil was delighted to see the bird and ran up the branch and put his arms around the neck of the bird and said, "Where've you been? I've missed you so much, I have so much to talk to you about. What's going on? Where have you been?" The bird explained that while he was flying low near the river he caught sight of the magical platypus and had followed it for several days. He knew where the secret lair of the platypus was, and he wanted his friend Cecil, who he knew was going to be out of work shortly, to go with him and together they would find the magic platypus egg, the golden egg of the platypi. So he had brought along a lunch and a pack and everything they would need to get through the jungle. Unfortunately, however, as they were climbing down the tree the first burst of lightning struck the tree and killed them both. So the moral of the story is, do what you got to do today because there may not be a tomorrow. The end.