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Monologue by Sanako Ushiki

Ushiki, Sanako
Abe, Noriko
Date of Interview: 
stories and storytellers
Sanako Ushiki retells a story from Arthur about Halloween.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Noriko Abe interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
SU (Sanako Ushiki): Arthur and Arthur's sister, D.W., and his friends are wearing Halloween costumes. And the one of his friends, Rabbit, he suggests that, um, "There is a castle," and, "but that castle looks really, really scary." And, "But, um, one of, one of us will go to the castle." And, next, but, um, hmm, his sister, D.W., she was so brave. So she went to the castle first. And, Arthur, he's worrying about her. Arthur is, um, at the door, but he was too scared to get into the castle. But he's thinking about her, his sister. His friends are outside, and they worried about them. And one of his friends, Cat, she thinks maybe they're in the castle, and in the castle, there is, um, witch. And another friend he thinks Arthur and D.W. must be on a electric bed. And the rabbit thinks they are in jail, so they cannot come back from castle. Arthur is in the castle. And there is a long hallway, and he looks so scared. And he opened the door. But there, he was, um, there was a old lady, and his sister looks, and she looks happy because she is having fun with old lady, because she, um, she is having doughnuts. And there are so many cats under the, under the table. And, um, Arthur and his sister, they really enjoy having fun with, um, with old lady. And their friends are waiting outside.