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Conversation with Yang Mee Vue

Vue, Yang Mee
Saunders, Anne
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming Obstacles; Relationships with People and Places; Cultural Identification; Stories and Storytellers; Tolerance and Respect
Yang Mee Vue tells how his great great great grandfather died defending his land.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Saunders interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
AS (Anne Saunders): How many 'greats,' is this?
YV (Yang Mee Vue): Um, I don't know, but-.
AS: OK. Well, tell me how many, just tell me what you said about your grand, your great, great.
YV: Grandfather.
AS: Your great, great, great-?
YV: Grandfather.
AS: OK. All right. We're going to stop at three then. But you thought it was more than that?
YV: Like he, like his son always, like [pause]. Let me tell you, like he fought in like, I think it was like the war between Hmong and Chinese.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: Like then Chinese was like, was like greedy and stuff, wanted our land. Like my great, great grandfather, he, he tried to protect all them by like, fighting the Chinese.
AS: Yes.
YV: Like it, it took about like two, two years or so and like, my grandfather, my grand, my grandfather, want, wanted our land back. And then like, this sergeant just came up and had, and like didn't take orders from him and like just went over there and tried, and took an army and went over there and tried to fight them and they got and they like, just, they just fought and fought and like, well, um, they won our land back.
AS: Good! They got, they got your land back. The Chinese didn't get your land. Right?
YV: At first, we, we, we fought them and we got our land back, then they got our land back.
AS: Then they got it? In the end-.
YV: Then like, the sergeant died so like, all Hmong from everywhere was trying to help so like, over, over where we, where my mo, where they, where my great grandfather lived, there were like, lots of mountains and stones everywhere-.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: So they, so they thought about it and they said they was going to hide in the stones and stuff-.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: And it kind of worked and it backed off the Chinese.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: Well, like, there was a traitor of Hmong.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: They thought they was not going to win, but like, we was going to win, but that, that Hmong traitor, he was like, he went, he went and joined the, um, Chinese, and his grandfather joined it, too. So like, they fought and that, and that, and that great, and that dad, that grandfather, was in charge of the, they killed the sergeant.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: The, let's see, they killed my great grandfather-.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: And, at first, like, the, the grandfather asked my great grandfather to join him.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: And my great grandfather was the one that leads, lead the army.
AS: Uh-huh.
YV: And he like wouldn't join them, and they poisoned him with this water and killed my grandfather and the Hmong didn't know what to do, so they backed off and that's how the Chinese got our land.
AS: Ooh! I'm sorry! I hate to hear that. OK Let's stop.