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Monologue by Whitney Wallace

Wallace, Whitney
Cochran, Ruth
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Relationships with people and places; Childhood adventures; Then and now; Stories and storytellers; Overcoming obstacles
Whitney Wallace talks about significant moments in her life, which are displayed in patches on a quilt.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Ruth Cochran interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
WW (Whitney Wallace): ( )Is March 17th and I am going to talk about the quilt that my grandmother and my mother made for me. Um, it was originally supposed to be a quilt for my high school graduation, um, and then it wasn't finished and it was supposed to be for my college graduation and it still wasn't finished so then it became a wedding present. And I finally got the completed quilt, um, around the time that I got married. So I am going to talk about this quilt that my mom and my grandmother made me. Um, the first square that I'm looking at is a, a black and yellow square. And it is, um, says "Wake Forest Counselor Education Program" and that is the graduate program that I am in at Wake Forest. I'm getting my Master's in counseling and I am working with cancer patients doing counseling. Um, the next square says, "Where faith, where faith, hope and love abide, these three but the greatest of these is love," which is first Corinthians 13-13. Maybe it's second Corinthians 13-13, can't remember, um, but this is, like, one of my favorite Bible verses and it was in our wedding and all sorts of things like that. Um, the next square is, uh, it has a picture of a book on it and it has study group on it and the names of several different people. Will, Carla, John, Stephen, Chris, Karen, Whitney, Kelly and Charlotte. And this was, um, my group of friends from high school that I hung out with a lot. And we all got to be really close friends when we were in a study group together for AP US History. Um, let's see, the next square says, um, it is a picture of my grandmother's house. Um, at the top is says, "The Lord's been good to me," and that is the, we always sing that blessing the Johnny Appleseed blessing we sing at her house when we go for Sunday dinner. Uh hm, on there also has egg hunts, dress ups, pound cake, family, chicken pie and walks to the lake. And those were things that we always did with my grandmothers. The next square has caroling and lots music notes all over it and every year my family and all my aunts and uncles and cousins and lots of friends of our family, um, go Christmas caroling, and then mostly to, like, the grandparents of all the families, as well as just some of the elderly people from our church. And afterward, then, uh, we come back to our house for, for uh, for refreshments and popcorn ( ) um, afterwards. But we do that every year. Um, the next square has a picture of a dog on it. It has Tipper and that is my dog that lives at home with my parents. Um, she's adorable we got her my junior year in high school. Um, and she's just, she's just a cute little thing. Um, the next one has a snowman and snowflakes and it says, "Think snow." And my mom put that on there because she and I would love snow and anytime, like, it could barely flurry and we get really excited. Um, the next square has "Mike" on it. And that is for a friend of mine who, um, was my boyfriend for awhile but we were really just more good friends then anything. Um, and he was in a car wreck the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school and in trauma for 8 weeks. Um, he took a really long time to even get back to where he could function and since his family didn't have much, maybe friends and family in Asheville, my family kind of adopted him. And I spent about four hours every day that summer, like, at the hospital with him. Um reading to him, talking to him, moving him around so his muscles and joints wouldn't get stiff, well before he came out of his coma and which he eventually did. Now he's pretty self-sufficient. He's not back to normal necessarily or like the way he was before the wreck, um, but you know he can live independently and has a few, um, speech impediments and things of that sort and also after he, the wreck he developed schizophrenia so that's his main problem right now, which isn't necessarily related to the wreck. Um, the next square says "Ty" on it. And that is my sister and she was born in 1985. She just had her 16th birthday last Saturday. And she is quite active. She plays field hockey in the spring, no in the fall. Um, she swims during the winter and plays soccer during the spring ( ). So she's definitely got the athletic gene out of the two of us. The next square says "253-6068" and that has been my phone number my entire life. Well, obviously until I moved away from home, but um, when I was living with my parents that's always been my phone number and that is, um, that is the phone number my parents still have. Um, the next square has a picture of an angel and it says, "Christmas Eve '94" and I was the angel in the Christmas pageant at church, uh, that year. All the seniors every year do the Christmas pageant ( ) and I was the angel. The next one says, "The Big Picture" and has "Lesha" on it and then it has the date February 23rd, 1992. And that is from when I did, uh, we did a musical at church called The Big Picture and the character was Lesha, Mitchell Carlyle. Uh, the story is Lesha dies and goes to heaven and she watches how her friends handle her death and the part, the story ( ) that God has a plan for all of us and we don't always realize what that plan is. And Mitchell Carlyle is on the w-, on the wings of the picture of the angel. And, um, he was a friend, he was my next door neighbor who was killed by a drunk driver about two weeks after we did this play at church so it definitely I think coincidence, um, and you know made us think about how we dealt with his death. Um, the next square says, "Kidnapped Santa" and it has a picture of Santa Claus on it. And we have a Santa that we stuff with, um, newspapers and stuff like that that sits on our front porch every Christmas. And one year he was kidnapped and we got ransom notes for it and we had to leave cookies behind this bush and all this stuff for ransom and we couldn't get him back. And turns out it was my aunt and this big long story as to what happened ( ) was pretty funny. Um, the next square has "Camp Grier" on it and a picture of some trees and the lake ( ) and that's the camp that I went to every summer when I was younger. Uh, the next, uh, square is a sweet 16 square. The next one, um, this one's about Friends Forever which is another musical that we did at church, um, when I was in probably seventh grade, maybe sixth or seventh grade ( ). Um, the next square is A honor roll because I was on a A honor roll in high school and a couple times in college, not very often. Um, the next square is, uh, for my church and it has my birthday on it, uh, on the day I was baptismed, which, baptismed-baptized, which was on August 28th, 1977. Um, it has the day I was confirmed which is May 17th of 1992 and then it has a list of all the things that I did in church. Um, I was in skits, I gave a couple sermons during youth Sunday. I went on mission trips. I played the bells. I helped with vacation Bible school, I was a tutor, I was ( ), I was in choir. ( ) Youth Sundays and I was the youth representative for the worship. And the next square is for the National Honor Society. I was inducted May of 1994 at school. Um, the square that's right in the middle of the quilt um says "Whitney C. Harris June 10th, 1995". That was my graduation date, um, and then it has the saying, "The tassel has moved so with the lifetime the path has been chosen. Only the journey remains. Godspeed." And there is an actual tassel on it, and that was from my high school graduation. Um, then the next square, uh, it has a picture of the flag from Japan and it has "Imiko 3 - '94" above it and that was when we had a Japanese exchange student come live with our family for a month. And that was in March of 1994. Um then the next square has "Buy the Dress?" On it with a big question mark and that's the joke from my mom. I had a boyfriend in high school who seemed to always break up with me before big dances and sure as the world I would buy the dress and then he would break up with me and I wouldn't have a date for the dance. Um, we thought that it was just because he was too cheap to rent a tuxedo, um, or that he couldn't dance, he was afraid for me to know that. Something, but, um, so buying the dress became kind of a big joke as to whether we should. Um, the next square has a picture of a band uniform on it and it has, "One Cent Penny" which was the band I was in in high school my junior and senior year and, um, it also has Mr. Rob on there because he was our band director. Next to that is a square that has a poodle skirt on it and a car and it says "Grease." And I was in the play Grease in high school in March 20 of 1993. ( ) And I was one of the pink ladies and that was lots of fun I really enjoyed doing ( ). Um, the square right beside of it has "HRS5898" and a car key and car on it and that was my car I got on my seventeenth birthday from my parents and that was my license plate ( ). And I actually totaled that car about two years ago, or a year and a half ago, and I was moving to Winston-Salem to start graduate school and I decided to make a U-turn in the middle of I-85 ( ) luckily I had the airbag ( ). Um, let's see, the next square has another band uniform and has "Concert NC ( ) Band" written on it. And I ( ) two other bands when I was in high school. I was in all three ( ) I also marched in the marching band ( ). Um, let's see, the next square has a picture of a stone fireplace it has Scaly Mountain and the Bleckley's on it. Uh, the Bleckley's are my godparents and they're also my parent's best friends and they have, um, a cabin at Scaly Mountain NC that we go to with them and it has a big stone fireplace. Um, the next square has a picture of the house my parents live in now we moved there when I was 11 years old I believe and it is 46 Ardlene Road. And that's our address there. The next square has "Who's Who" written on it and, um, and that is the, like, "Who's Who among American high school and college students" or whatever. And I was in it in 1995 for high school and 1998 for college. The next square has "KD" on it, um, that was the sorority I was in, in college and it has a white rose and jewels and teddy bears on the square, which, um, were symbols. It also has "( ) of the Year" on it, which I won my senior year in college. And I also won Greek of the year that year as well. Um, next square has Happy New Year and a pillow with a sparkler and it says "Aunt Amy" and "Slumber Parties" and my aunt would always have all the nieces and nephews to her house on New Year's Eve and we would spend the night and have our own celebration there so our parents can go out and not have to worry about finding babysitters. And that's what that square is for. And then there's a square that has "Queen's College Presidential Scholar" and that's where I went to college from 1995 to 1999 and, um, I was a Presidential Scholar while I was there. And let's see, the next square has a picture of a, um, a boat and an American flag and, um, fireworks on it and it has "July 4th" and that's because my dad had just a little metal, um, flat bottomed boat that we would take out on Beaver Lake. And on the Fourth of July we would carry it back and forth, um, the flag back and forth up and down the lake and people would drive by and honk at us ( ). The square underneath that square has, um, "Fall 1994" on it. It has you know a picture of my dress and the name of my date and it has the sun rising over a mountain which we wanted to do the morning after prom and it also has a bowling pin and a bowling ball and a plate with, like, with breakfast and that's because we all went to breakfast after prom and we went bowling all night. ( ) Um, underneath that is a square that says, "Beaver Lake" and has pictures of ducks on it and says feeding the ducks. And that's the duck, that is the lake between my house and my grandmother's house and we would always go down there and feed the ducks. The square right underneath that has "( )" on it and an airplane in July of 1992 and the words "Tall and Short Helen." And that's when I was an exchange student to Russia for a summer and we stayed in ( ) and then we had two Russian girls come stay with us and they were both named Helen and one was tall and one was short so we called them tall and short Helen. And, and that pretty much describes the majority of my quilt that my mom and my grandmother made for me.