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Conversation with Samantha Wall

Wall, Samantha
Raider, Amy
Date of Interview: 
Overcoming obsatcles; Relationships with people and places
Samantha Wall talks about her boyfriend.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Amy Raider interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
Interview Audio: 
SW (Samantha Wall): ( ) We was having a party we're like. I guess I felt sorry for them because people were just walking ( ) and I'm like [laugh] can't they'll just be sitting at their house.
AR (Amy Raider): Oh my god.
SW: And people just come in the door, and just.
AR: ( )
SW: I feel so sorry for them. Yeah every night like every night like even OK when you went to uh the flag football championship thing right? And like the only person in the apartment this weekend and like no one was there and still they were like coming over on Saturday night. I was one of them. And he's like, "I'm not having a party." He's like trying to clean up and no one would leave and he basically just had to get over it. [Laugh] I guess that's how it is, like all those boys living there they have people there constantly. They don't ever have a free moment. I think it's a good place to start. Like, I don't know, like the people I was running against ( ). Yeah ( ) so then I was like going to um when I try to get in touch with him at, he like won't get signal won't ( ) so I call ( ) when I call ( ) [laugh] you know.
AR: Then how are you and Josh?
SW: Good. Um, I don't know. Josh, he's the nicest person in the whole world and I can't like I'm not sick of him or anything, I love him with all my heart but I just need, we need a break sometimes 'cause he's like I don't know. ( ) So a good break would be nice from him cause he's driving me nuts. [Laugh] I don't know, it's just a pain in the butt 'cause he always wants to stay with me every night. It drives me crazy. So like, sometimes I'm like stay in your own room [laugh]. It just gets on my nerves.
AR: ( )
SW: [Laugh] Yes, like I feel like I have no ugh it's so annoying like I just, I need a break. I'm so glad that's he's leaving to go home. He was like do you want me to stay like Thursday and Friday I was like, "No, it's OK just come for Thanksgiving." [Laugh] I was like, I'm like I'm sure your mom wants to see you. He's not getting an apartment until he's living in this dorm until something like the summer time. He's going to go to summer school cause Josh is 19 hours behind. He's like a whole semester behind 'cause his first semester of college he made a one. Made a, well actually it was a point seven and then he like argued with a professor and he gave him a grade like decided to change an incomplete twice. Twice, so you know and then English 1101 they take attendance, and they like that's a very strict thing about that class like you like I know, like in my English class if you missed three classes you failed. So Josh he um, he only went twice the teacher just gave him an incomplete rather than a F which was nice. ( ) Then he had a one GPA so he didn't get initiated into PIKE. He has a hold over because of that. He didn't fail anything but he made like, he made like a D so his major's engineering and he was in like chemistry. Sorry for him it's not that. Well [laugh] now that we have been interrupted twice [laugh] not quite sure where I left off in the conversation. But I know we were talking about Josh's grades [laugh] so I found out that he had 19 hours right now and he's supposed to be a sophomore he only has 19 hours and then he's taking 15 now. And he's doing well so. He's doing good so he should, he'll be a sophomore next semester but he's still a semester behind. He thinks he's going to make it all up in summer school. And I'm like, no, he can't. You know he's going to go to summer school like every year from now on but still, like, even if he does that he'd have to take like a full load in summer school. He'd have to take like at least, three, three classes each session of summer school in order to make it up for, up a whole semester and he would get really tired of that. 'Cause he'd have to go to the class, three classes like every single day all summer and that would drive him crazy so we'll see how that goes over. I can him failing out of summer school. [Laugh] 'Cause I can just see him not getting up and going to class and doing like he's supposed to he's so unmotivated that's one thing I hate about him. He's lazy. [Laugh] But anyways [laugh] that's the end of that.