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Interview with George Hunter

Hunter, George
Perry, Morgan
Date of Interview: 
Billy Graham; Ruth Bell Graham; Life Servers Band
Mr. Hunter talks about his wife, Wendolyn, and relates stories about the Life Servers Band and a phone call to Ruth Bell Graham.
Charlotte, 1950s
Interview Setting: 
Interviewed at Sharon Towers, Charlotte, N.C.
Levine Museum of the New South, Billy Graham Series
Interview Audio: 
MP (Morgan Perry): This is Morgan Perry. It is April 19, 1996, and I am Sharon Towers with Mr. George Hunter. Mr. Hunter, if you would tell us your story about Billy Graham and begin by stating your full name, please.
GH (George Hunter): [Clears throat]. My name is George Hunter. I guess my big claim to fame is that I married Wendolyn  McNeely who was magnificent. She went to her reward, gosh, eight years ago now. But in the early 30s as she was growing up Charlotte and a member of the Tenth Avenue Presbyterian Church, she was, among other fine Christian girls and boys, a member of the Life Servers Band. I never heard of it before nor since, but it was, played a great part in her development, her growth, Christian growth. Matter of fact, she tells the story that they preached up on the Square in the center of Charlotte. I don`t know to whom or to what success, but they did. When Billy Graham came to Charlotte in-what was it-in the 50s for the big meeting, she was called by the then secretary of the Life Servers Band who had found in the minutes something that was worth telling. It seems that Billy Frank Graham had applied for membership in the Life Servers Band, and after vote of the members, he was turned down because he was too worldly. Isn`t that wonderful? [Laughter]
MP: That`s a great story.
MP: And your story about Mrs. Graham? You said--?
GH: This merely goes to point up Mrs. Graham`s, well, great Christian spirit. Mrs. Graham had been quoted somewhere saying something whereupon a radio preacher announced that he and his group were praying for Mrs. Billy Graham. I suppose that she would see the error of her ways, I don`t know. But it got to my wife. She hit the ceiling and proceeded to sit down and call Mrs. Graham and inform her that such-and-such a radio preacher, and I don`t know who it was, had called his faithful to pray for her and it irritated Wendy. Mrs. Graham assured her that prayer from all sources was welcome, and that she--. It didn`t bother her in the least.
MP: Another good one. Thank you, Mr. Hunter.
GH: Thank you.