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Interview with Mrs. J. E. Kimbirl

Kimbirl, Mrs. J. E.
Perry, Morgan
Date of Interview: 
Billy Graham; Church work
Mrs. Kimbirl tells about Billy Graham`s influence on her son`s decision to enter the ministry.
Interview Setting: 
Interviewed at Sharon Towers, Charlotte, N.C.
Levine Museum of the New South, Billy Graham Series
Collection Description: 
One of a series of interviews carried out in preparation for an exhibit on Billy Graham at the Museum of the New South.
Interview Audio: 
MP (Morgan Perry): This is Morgan Perry. It is April 19, 1996, and I am here with Mrs. J.E. Kimbirl. Kim--.
UP (Unidentified person): K-I-M--.
MP: K-I-M--.
UP: B-I-R-L.
MP: B-I-R-L. And she`s going to tell us her story about Billy Graham and the influence he had in her son`s life.
JK (J. E. Kimbirl): Well, I was in the nei--. My family lived in the neighborhood of, with Billy Graham`s parents, and I think we took milk from them. I`m not sure. They had a dairy out on Park Road. And my son was in high school when Billy Graham decided to go into the ministry. And I think he, I think he was standing on the street and--. Did ya`ll know that? And he decided he was going into the ministry, and he did. And he had great influence on a lot of boys in Charlotte. I`ll tell you that. And my son was in high school then, and he did have an influence on him. He was going to be a doctor, and he decided he would go into the ministry-that he had a calling to go into the ministry. And he is in Alabama right now as Executive Presbytery, Southern Alabama Presbytery. Is that enough?
MP: Yeah. What do you think about Mr. Graham as a preacher?
JK: I like him. I think he should stop now. Ruth wants him to stop. [Laughter]
MP: Do you plan to listen to him, his crusade?
JK: I never miss--. I never miss him when I see in the paper that he`s going to be on television. I wondered why he didn`t come back to Charlotte more.
MP: Have you been to a Charlotte crusade?
JK: Sure.
MP: What was it like going?
JK: It was wonderful.
MP: Did you go as just a member of the audience, or did you work with your church?
JK: No, I went as a member of the audience. Um-hum.
MP: And do you remember what it was like to be there or what the other people there were like?
JK: Well, I think he influenced a lot of people to be a Christian. I do think that. I became a Christian when I was a senior in high school, and I wouldn`t take anything in the world for it. I was with two, another couple. And they didn`t go up, but I went up. And, and I wouldn`t take anything up in the world for it.
MP: That`s great.
UP: Had her son kept in touch--?
MP: Had your son kept in touch with or was his experience with Billy Graham one that he would have a reason to keep in touch with Billy Graham?
JK: [Verbal response indicating negative answer]. His relationship with Billy Graham was not so that they kept in touch with each other.
UP: But he will be listening to--.
MP: But he`ll be listening to the crusade. Thank you.