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Interview with Dr. Robert McMullen

McMullen, Robert
Perry, Morgan
Date of Interview: 
Billy Graham crusade
A short interview with Dr. McMullen about his impressions of Billy Graham and the crusades.
Interview Setting: 
Interviewed at his home in Sharon Towers, Charlotte, NC
Levine Museum of the New South, Billy Graham Series
Collection Description: 
Billy Graham Series
Interview Audio: 
MP (Morgan Perry): This is Morgan Perry. It is April the 19th, 1996, and I am here to conduct with, an interview with Dr. Robert McMullen concerning his story about Billy Graham. Mr.--. Dr. McMullen, if you could state your name and your address for me.
RM (Robert McMullen): It`s Robert J. McMullen, Jr., 5150 Sharon Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28210. It's been my privilege to attend three different crusades of Billy Graham. I`ve never met him personally, and so he`s not a personal friend. But I`ve been in the pew listening to him and watching him during three crusades. Several things have impressed me about him. One is he always includes the local church and local pastors. He doesn`t come in as someone who`s going to do his thing and then run off, but he ties in with the local Christians and that`s very much appreciated. Furthermore, I`m impressed with the way he handles his finances. The fact that he does not get any money himself from these crusades or from the sale of his books. He`s on salary and, by some business men who chip in for it. And thus, there`s no temptation for him to use this as a money making scheme for himself. And also they have accountants and all that record how much money is taken in and how it is spent down to the penny. This is all very encouraging and very helpful. The three crusades: one was in Washington, one was in Nashville, Tennessee, one was in Atlanta. And I look forward to the one here in Charlotte. I`ve noticed, of course when he was younger, he was--. He spoke with more energy, but he stills speaks with tremendous conviction. He doesn`t go off in all directions; he doesn`t do weird stuff. He`s solid into the gospel, and it`s been a real encouragement to me to see what`s happened to some of my own people in my congregations who have been to his crusades.
MP: Thank you.
UW (Unidentified woman): You know, I have never even been to a Billy Graham crusade, so you all don`t need any input from me. [Laughter]
MP: OK. Well, in that case, thank you.
UW: [Laughter]
MP: Do you plan to attend the crusade in Charlotte this fall?
RM: Yeah, I plan to. I`m not as active with the crusade as with the previous ones, because I`m retired and I have Parkinson`s Disease, and I tire easily. But I certainly am in support of it, and I think it`s going to be a highlight in the spiritual life of this city.